[Diagram Included] Explore Ford F150 Map Sensor Location Now!

Ford F150 Map Sensor Location

What if you have used the scan tool to locate the error code and it shows the problem with the MAP sensor which needs to be fixed. However, you’d need to locate it. But you don’t know the exact spot of it. If so, then this piece of writing on finding ford f150 MAP sensor location will make things easy to figure out.

Monitoring the total amount of air that enters the manifold, air temperature, and the engine is the main job of the MAP sensor. If this part gets faulty and needs fixation, you need to locate it to take a step as soon as possible. Or else all those essential tasks would hardly be executed.

And, if you are one of those who struggle to figure out the part, then we will help you with solid information. So, let’s get into the main theme. Are You Ready!

Get To Know the Ford F150 Map Sensor Location!

In the latest models of f150, the MAP sensor is located near the air intake manifold. But, the oldest models of trucks have MAF aka Mass Air Flow sensor (works like Manifold Absolute Pressure but not the same).

Truck ModelsLocation Of MAP Sensor
2003 – 2012 Ford F150On the driver’s sides intake tube (between the throttle body & air filter housing)
2013 – 2016 Ford F150On the end of the air intake manifold (nearer to the side fender firewall)
2017 – 2019 Ford F150Top center of the intake manifold

Due to different model construction, the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor might have dissimilar locations. It gives a signal to the engine’s ECU for treating any problem at ease.  

According to the author of Know How Blog,

In fuel-injected automotive engines, a manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor is used to continuously monitor the amount of air flowing into the engine, so the computer can calculate air density, adjust the amount of fuel to spray into the combustion chamber and adjust the ignition timing. In some vehicles, a mass air flow (MAF) sensor is used. While the two are interchangeable, a MAF sensor measures flow rather than density.

Plus, one thing we want to clarify is that the MAP is sometimes considered the MAF, especially in older models. Both of them take care of similar functions. Some ford f150 models have only MAP or MAF sensors while others have both.

image 3
Diagram of MAP Sensor Function On Ford F150

Figuring The 2003–2012 Ford F150 MAP Sensor Location

Between the beginning of the 11th to the 12th generation f150 models, the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor is known as MAF aka Mass Air Flow. And, it is located in the intake tube which basically stands between the throttle body and air filter housing.

If you as a driver open the hood, then look into the driver’s side and bend on the intake tube there you’ll see the MAF sensor above the throttle body.

Finding Out The 2013–2016 F150 MAP Sensor Location

In the late 12th to early 13th gen models of ford f150, the sensor replaces the MAF with something new which we know as MAP with an integrated IAT detector. And, it is spotted at the end of the air intake manifold, quite closer to the side fender firewall.

Showing The 2017-2021 Ford F150 MAP Sensor Location

If you look into the latest generation models of f150, they have a MAP sensor on the top middle of the intake manifold. And it has a wiring harness on the back which makes this detector spot easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you clean the MAP sensor on a Ford F150?

You can easily clean it using a good solution that is suitable for electrical parts. Spray the liquid cleaner on the MAP sensor for not more than 2-3 bursts and with a scrubber wipe out the stubborn dirt easily.
Be sure to remove the negative terminator of the battery before removing the sensor from the intake manifold. 

What are the signs of a bad MAP sensor?

A faulty MAP sensor will show some symptoms that tell you it needs good maintenance or replacement. When it gets bad, you’ll notice weak fuel economy, low speed, bad idle or starting, check engine light turns on, and unsuccessful emissions in your truck.

What is a MAP sensor do?

It is a small part that can support engine components to get air by giving information to the ECU to take steps. This sensor as well counts the air density so that it’s able to regulate the engine’s air mass flow rate. That way other parts get the required air and fuel to balance the combustion.

Overall Thoughts

You had no clue to figure out the ford f150 MAP sensor location, but now hopefully that issue is easily solved. Cause you know how it looks and which part is linked with it at this point after reading the whole thing. Clearly, it’s all about knowing your truck model to locate the spot.

As a driver of f150, it’s very important to know the site of the MAP sensor as you’ll be able to work on it yourself and this helps a lot to reduce cost for DIY purposes. And also, this part is handy to monitor the air entering to engine components. However, if you still don’t figure out this sensor, then in urgent case hire an expert.

We hope, you find this topic interesting and helpful to identify the location with no hassle. Now, it’s time to bid farewell. See You Soon on Our Next Guide!

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