[Explained 2008-2021] Tail Light Wiring Diagram Ford F150

Tail Light Wiring Diagram Ford F150

Due to halogen or LED tailgate light bar problems, a lot of people want to make repairs on wires but don’t know which wire stands for what. Usually, the wires of the tail light are mostly dissimilar if comparing with old and latest models of f150.

FYI, a simple repair of tail light wiring from the workshop will cost around $80 to $110 which is something anyone can get and do further things at home. So, if you are also one of those who want to know about the tail light wiring diagram ford f150, then we got the right info for you.

The cables of it might seem confusing at first sight but give it some time and you’ll eventually get to figure them out. Also, you can only identify them based on color codes to known the functions and other details at ease.

Give us your next precious five minutes and learn about each cable through this piece. Are You Ready?

Tail Light Wiring Diagram Ford F150 Oldest Models (2008-2014)

Coming to the oldest models of f150, they have parking light function along with ground with different colors compared to the latest ones. 

From the ford f150 tail light wiring diagram, you’ll find yellow/green wire that indicates parking lights that help it bloom when you parked the truck. Also, the black wire is ground and the left side indicates gray/brown wire. Plus, the pink/orange wire is on the right side.  

2015-2021 F150 Tail Light Wiring Diagram

In recent trucks, you’ll see ford f150 tail light wire colors along with a few extra wires that previous models don’t have.

LED Tail Light Wires FunctionFactory Wire ColorLight Bar Wire Color Codes
Driver Turn WireGreen And Blue TracerYellow
Driver Running Light WireBlue And Gray TracerBrown
Passenger Turn WireBlue And Orange TracerGreen
Ground Wire WhiteBlack
Driver Reverse WireGreen And Brown TracerWhite
Power WireOrangeRed

We have tried to give LED along with Halogen tail light function and color codes in the f150 ford tail light wiring diagram

Halogen Tail Light Wires FunctionFactory Wire ColorLight Bar Wire Color Codes
Driver Turn WireGray And Orange TracerYellow
Driver Running Light WireLight Blue And Gray TracerBrown
Passenger Turn WireGreen And Orange TracerGreen
Ground Wire WhiteBlack
Driver Reverse WireGreen And Brown TracerWhite
Power WireOrangeRed

Take a close look inside your truck’s tail light in the backside of your truck to discover the wires. You’ll find 3 wires in there which are a tail, brake, and a ground wire that fulfills the section.

Locating the ground is one of the easiest to locate as both LED and halogen tail light wires have white, black, or both colors. The ground or negative wire is the same for any lamp. Besides, other wires are hard to locate due to different color codes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are brake lights the same as tail lights?

No, they aren’t the same. But, both brake and tail lights are located on the same spot in the trail selector. Usually, the taillights are turned on if you open your headlights or when switch on your parking brake.

Can you drive with broken tail light?

It’s not a good idea to drive with a broken tail light. If you drive with a problematic tail light, a few police officers probably might give a warning or suggest fixing it ASAP. So, try to replace the bad one and then ride with the proper rail light.

What is the purpose of a tail light?

Most people use the tail lights to ensure the good safety of the truck. Basically, they are a must-have item that helps you ride well at the traffic stops to show light in the rear edge of the truck. In fact, the taillights ensure most trucks see your vehicle in harsh weather such as heavy rain or snow.

Wrapping Up

Thankfully, you now know all the wiring harnesses of tail lights in f150 trucks. Basically, identifying each of the cable’s functions and color codes is simple if you have the knowledge. The tail light wiring diagram ford f150 shall be the best way to figure out the wires.

Based on most f150 trucks models, we have tried our best to present the tail wiring parts function along with color so that you can easily locate all cables. However, are you unfortunately still finding it hard to figure out the wires of tail light? If that’s the case, be sure to call an expert who will help you out.

It’s good to research first before making any changes in tail light wires. Hope this guide solves your struggles and helped you figure the parts. See You Soon Again!

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