Ford Ranger Parking Brake Cable Diagram – Location & More!

Apart from the primary brake, there’s a parking brake in almost every truck. And, this part is essential to provide safety when parking on a road. The main duty of a parking brake is to stop and hold a truck on an incline.

To act right, the cables play a big role by passing signals. FYI, in most trucks, the parking cable is tied on the back and the forward-facing.

In order to find these, the Ford Ranger parking brake cable diagram is pretty vital. And so, we’ll talk about this topic in detail along with a portrayal for better understanding. Let’s get to the point!

The Ford Ranger Parking Brake Cable Diagram

In Ford Ranger, there are 3 wires in-which two wires on the rear side and one on the front side. under the truck near the rear wheels, you’ll find the parking brake cable.

All parking brakes on trucks are similar in look covered in black coating and inside got the thin steel wire. This thing is directly connected to the parking brake through some adjuster and components like brake clips to transfer the signal when hitting the lever.

As you know, the black wires of the parking brake can be seen from the outside of the rail frames. Locating the rear-side cables won’t be tough.

Yet, you have to take out the wheels and some components to reach the front side cable using the jack. But, before we talk about the real discussion of the diagram, you must know what is a parking brake cable. 

About Parking Brake Cable

The parking brake cable is a sleek wire used on the truck to engage the parking brake (when the user is hitting the foot pedal). 

Most trucks including Ford Ranger contain 3 wires. Which are:

  1. Front side (connects to the emergency brake pedal)
  2. Rear side on the left (fits the secondary brake shoes)
  3. Rear side onto right (hooks to the rear brakes)

And, the cables of Ford Range parking brake are 53.54″ in length on average, covered with a protective coat of sheath to operate well. 

Explaining The Diagram:

Up to this point, you might get into mix-ups due to a lot of stuff, right? And so, here’s the diagram of ford ranger parking brake cable which might break all the confusion. 

Take a sneak peek! 

image 3
Ford Ranger Parking Brake Cable Diagram

In the illustration, you can clearly see a Ford Ranger parking brake assembly along with the cables. Compared with the ford ranger drum brake diagram, it’s less complicated outlook-wise.

Starting with the front side, the Parking Brake Rear Cable & Conduct is attached to Pedal Pad-Park Brake and Release Handle component (front side).

And the back of this cable (front side) is connected to the Adjuster-Park Brake part. Now, on the rear wheel side, you’ll see 2 wires on the left and right sides.

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Both of them are secured with U-shaped clips to go to each wheel (left & right) securely. That’s how when you press the lever of the parking brake Ford Ranger the truck reacts instantly.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to replace a parking brake cable?

It might take around $250 to $300, in general, to change the parking brake cable by an expert. If adding the labor and part costs, the amount would raise $500 to $590 in total. And also, you have to pay taxes or fees along with extra expenses for a specific truck model.

How long does it take to replace the parking brake cable?

If done by a skilled mechanic, it will take not more than 2 hours. However, the case would be different if done by a noob which is around 3 to 5 hours. Plus, you’ll have to own the tools and gears to replace the parking brake cable faster.

Can you drive with a broken parking brake cable?

According to most, riding a truck that contains a damaged parking brake cable is a bad idea. Don’t try this as it will cause issues during a ride even a serious accident. It might not only damage your brake system but also outcome losing life through brake failure.

Wrapping Up

As it’s a very important component, knowing in depth about the Ford Ranger parking brake cable diagram is beneficial when inspecting, repairing, or servicing it by yourself. We have put effort to describe the whole illustration. 

If you still don’t understand the location and drawing, then be sure to read the user manual though it might some take time. Hopefully, this guide helped you a little bit to learn the parking brake wire of the Ford Ranger. We’ll return with a new topic soon. Good Bye!

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