Why Heated Seat Turns Off After A Few Seconds- Fix Now

Why the heated seat turns off after a few seconds? The most probable reason can be a loose connection under the hood.

Though the issue is not simple to avoid, you don’t need to get panicked. The first thing you have to do is just check the fuse situated under your car’s hood. Here you may get the problem that a thin metal strip might be broken which leads the Heated seat turns off.

 Before going to the quick replacement, try to repair it yourself or via technician. Malfunctioning a heated seat is not a very new issue for the jeep user. Let’s find out the reason behind what causes heated seats to stop working.

Why Does Heated Seat Turn Off After A Few Seconds

Managing your favorite vehicle’s easy and frequently occurring problems is also part of maintenance. Before going to the fixing, you have to diagnose why my heated seat keeps turning off the jeep.

Many probable issues can be responsible for this problem. The issues are listed down:

Probable ReasonPossible Solution
Loose connection of the metal strip under the hoodCheck the connection
The heating element in the black box burnt upReplace the brunt element
Memory seat control module does not workResetting the module

The probable reasons that can lead heated seat switch turn on then off have some easy solutions. In the very first, detect the source of the problem. The handy solutions to the issue are given below:

Loose Connection Of Metal Strip Under Hood

When you find your vehicle’s heated seats are not working, check its fuse. Most of the time, the loose connection of the two parts of the fuse can occur the problem.

To reach the fuse, open the black box from the engine section. If you fail to trace out the fuse from here, take help from the manual that is given with the car. 

Solution: When the fuse comes in your hand, check whether the metal strip has been broken as it is very thin.

If it seems good just leave it and try to find out another issue. But in the case of a broken strip, the fuse has to be replaced. And it may cost somehow 10 to 12 dollars from your reaping budget.

Decayed Heating Element

When the matter ‘why do my heated seats keep turning off’ annoys you, don’t blame your management; rather, check out the heating element once again.

You may notice that the passenger seat heater may function well when the problem frequently arises in the driver’s seat. Sometimes the decaying or burnt heating elements are responsible for this issue.

Solution: If you become sure that the source of the problem is in the heating element, it would be better to replace than repair.

Unstitch the plastic clip that joins the front and back leather. Find out the heating element from the inside. Replace the decaying element with the new one, rearrange the plug like before, and check again. If it seems hazardous, you must take help from the technicians.

Low Response In Memory Seat Control

While detecting the reasons why the Heated seat turns off after a few seconds, don’t ignore the matter of connection.

You will find two buttons for heated seats. Check both by turning it on and off for a while. If there are memory seat control modules, then it can malfunction. 

Solution: In that case, you have to check the computer code. Use the advanced scanner tool to fix it as it controls the heated seats.

  • To do it, but the seat forward to trace out the connector.
  • Detect the electrical connector from the carpet.
  • Switch it off for some time and establish the connection again after 5 minutes.

Hopefully, now the heater starts working again.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my heated seat keep turning off?

It is a very common scenario for the driver’s seat. The heated seat frequently turns off when the object that is used to heat the seat is burnt up. It also can be sorted out. On the other hand, the connection point of the fuse can be loosened or broken out. This occurrence leads the breaker to disconnect and the seat heaters stop working.

How do you reset heated seats?

Sometimes, a loose connection in the heated seat can be resolved by fixing it. To fix it clear all the way to get access to the seat’s connector. With the help of a trim, tool trace out the electrical connector from the carpet. Disconnect the connector manually for a while and reconnect it carefully. Now check the heater whether it works or not.

Is heated seat expensive to fix?

A heated seat repair depends on the types and nature of the vehicle pre-set-up and occurring problem. But the repairing function is a beat time requiring process. Though detecting the issue is hard, the replacement is pretty budget-friendly. But it can involve removing the seat from your vehicle to fix the heated seats.


You never want to go for a trip with an uncomfortable driving seat that is turned off automatically. Heated seats can’t distract you if you have much knowledge on how to manage them.

A thorough diagnosis on why the car’s Heated seat turns off after a few seconds can relieve you as it is the only step you have to pass out carefully. Once you trace out the issue, you can easily fix it by following the given solution. Repair the malfunction of your vehicle and enjoy a trouble-free journey.

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