Dodge Ram Camshaft Problems with Recommended Fix

Are you looking for the most common dodge ram camshaft problems that anyone can face? Mostly due to lack of lubrication or oil, camshaft problems are seen.

Camshaft helps in closing and opening of exhaust and intake valves. So, while using a vehicle, no one wants a problematic camshaft.

A lot of people don’t know what problems their camshaft has, nor can they identify its reason. With our team’s support, we have gathered all the frequent problems for dodge camshaft. Here, you will also find the reasons and solutions for your malfunctioned camshaft.

Try to be attentive while reading the solutions.

Dodge Ram Camshaft Problems

Common ProblemsPossible Reasons
Dreaded Cam/Lifter FailureLow Oil Pressure & Overuse
Lack Of LubricationLow Or No Engine Oil Pump
Backfire At Time StartingBad Sensor
Lobes Wear OutHeavy Usage & Lubrication Lack
 Lifters Wear OutUsing Old Lifter
Cracked Or Broken CamshaftLoose Rod Or Rotating Part
Loose Bearing CapsImproper Installation
Worn Out BearingsOvertightened Bearings Caps
Clogged Oil PassageDebris Formation
Bad Rocker Arm ActuatorNew camshaft

Dreaded Cam/Lifter Failure

Dreaded Cam/Lifter Failure happens mainly due to low oil pressure. However, excessive camshaft usage without proper lubrication causes lifter failure too. Damaged lifters cause noise due to friction.

Lifter failure needs to be fixed immediately. Otherwise, it can harm other parts. Among all, in the 2012 dodge ram 1500 camshaft problems, lifter failure is commonly seen.

Lack of Lubrication

It is the most common cause of dodge ram camshaft problems. Lubrication lack occurs when there is a low or no engine oil pump. It causes so many problems like increased heat and friction. It damages many parts of the camshaft.

Low oil pressure also causes lubrication problems in a cam. It is the most common cause of dodge ram camshaft problems. Repair the engine oil pump and ensure proper oil flow to remove the lubrication lack.

Backfire At Starting

A bad sensor causes the backfire of a camshaft. Usually, the wrong installation causes a misfire. Also, when the air-fuel mixture combusts outside the engine or camshaft, a backfire occurs.

Check the installation of the camshaft. If it doesn’t have any issue, then visit a professional.

Lobes Wear Out

Mainly due to heavy usage, camshaft lobes wear out. Also, for lack of lubrication, lobes can tear off quickly. Ensure proper lubrication around the lobes while installing the new lobes.

Improper torques are also responsible for this. Lobes wear out is frequently seen in 2011 dodge ram 1500 camshaft problems. This issue can be easily solved when the oil pump is well. So make sure to repair the engine oil pump.

Lifters Wear Out

Lifters can wear out for using old liters with a new camshaft system. A lot of time, due to making the fixing cost-efficient, people don’t use new lifters with the new cam. This can reduce lifter lifespan.

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However, it is possible to use a new cam with an old lifter. Use a new lifter and camshaft to solve this problem.

Cracked Or Broken Camshaft

Usually, a cracked or broken camshaft is caused because of loose parts. The connecting rod with the camshaft or rotating parts became loose.

Within a short period, the camshaft can break or crack up for rough use. In that case, replacement of the camshaft is recommended.

Loose Bearing Caps

Camshaft bearings help in maintaining the rotation feature. And bearing caps are made for die castings of high-pressure aluminum. When the bearing cap is loose, the whole bearing part stops working. These increases dodge ram camshaft problems.

For Improper installation, the bearing cap becomes loose. Reinstall the bearing cap tightly to start the work of the whole bearing parts.

Worn Out Bearings

 Bearings wear out due to over-tightened bearing caps. Bearing needs proper oil for smooth running. When the bearing doesn’t get oil or lubrication, it wears out quicker.

This also happens due to improper torque. When bearings wear out, they need a quick replacement as they are connected to bearing caps.

Clogged Oil Passage

Oil passage can clog due to debris formation or old oil. To identify clogged oil passages, notice three important things: noise, low oil pressure, and high temperature of the engine. Oil passage helps in carrying oil to the whole camshaft contact points. It is the passage to flow the lubrication.

First, remove the oil passage and clean out any debris or old oil. You can use a soft brush, hot water, and detergent to clean out the clogged oil passage.

Bad Rocker Arm Actuator

If the new camshaft lift is not fitted properly, it can hit against the rocker arm actuator. And the arm of the actuator can break apart.

The Rocker arm actuator is associated with controlling the oil flow pressure. A bad rocker arm actuator would affect the whole camshaft system. It causes ticking or clicking noise and misfiring.

A bad rocker arm actuator shows an alert message in the dashboard as “Check” in the engine light. To fix it the new camshaft lift should be reinstallation, so it doesn’t break the rocker arm actuator. This was widely seen in 2009 dodge ram camshaft problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What year did the 5.7 Hemi have cam issues?

In 2011, 2014, and 2019 the 5.7 Hemi had cam issues. It had mainly electrical issues. 5.7 Hemi had lifter and transmission problems in its engine. The transmission was shaky. However, it’s all been solved now.

How much does it cost to replace a cam in a 5.7 Hemi?

To replace a cam in a 5.7 Hemi, it costs around $1435 to $1698. This cost will vary according to the car’s model. However, fixing a camshaft is not worth the money. There will be a risk of the camshaft malfunctioning. So, it’s better to install a new cam in a 5.7 Hemi.

How much HP does a cam add to a 5.7 Hemi?

About 67 HP ( horsepower), a cam can add to 5.7 Hemi. A cam swap and new spring help in increasing the power output. The more the power potential increases HP increases along. Normally, without the camshaft up-gradation, the HP is less.


Don’t worry, dodge ram camshaft problems are fixable. Without a good dodge ram camshaft, it’s hard for a vehicle to run smoothly.

We would recommend immediately taking help from a professional when the camshaft malfunctions. Try to install a new camshaft as when they start having problems; their days are numbered.

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