Are You Aware of Dodge Ram Rear Door Lock Problem And How to Fix?

In dodge ram rear door lock problem a dead key fob & door lock actuator is the main culprit. Facing the door lock issue is so freighting as we need an immediate solution for security reasons.

We have hunted down all the common door lock problems and their solutions for you. Here, we have made a table for easy problem determination. 

Carefully try to identify your rear lock problems. Let’s get started.

Dodge Ram Rear Door Lock Problem

Common ProblemsEasy Solutions
Faulty Or Dead Key FobBattery Change & Replace Key Fob
Door Lock ActuatorReplace Immediately
Latch Lock StuckManipulate Latch Lock To Make It Smooth
Broken WireChange Wire
Blown FuseReplace Fuse
Body Control ModuleReplace By Professional
Lock Button Not WorkingClean properly
Bad SolenoidReplace Solenoid
Don’t Get Enough PowerWire issue

Faulty Or Dead Key Fob

A dead Key Fob battery is commonly seen when the dodge ram rear door lock not working. A key fob battery needs replacing to start working.

A faulty whole key fob is also another reason for the rear door to stop working. To remove the battery, first, find the notch. Remove the battery using a flat screwdriver. After removing the battery, identify the battery type and replace it with a new one.

Put everything in place and use the key fob. Replace the whole key fob if there is a fault in it.

Door Lock Actuator

An actuator is used for locking and unlocking the door using buttons. When the actuator doesn’t work, it needs immediate replacement. It is a gear and motor-based device. It can stop working for overuse. Fixing the actuator can only be helpful for temporary use.

So, its replacement is mandatory. Firstly, open the door panel to disconnect it properly. After that, replace the old actuator with a new one. 2009 dodge ram rear door lock problem is common because of door lock actuator stops working.

Latch Lock Stuck

Sometimes the door lock latch can get stuck. In a 1999 dodge ram rear door latch stuck problem is commonly seen.

You need to just manipulate the door latch for an easy door opening or closing to fix this problem. Search for a gap or hole in the latch. Then insert a thin and long tool in the gap.

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You can use a pen or key. Push the latch in an upward motion towards the car. Lastly, pull out the thin tool and carefully close the door.

Broken Wire

Broken wire can cause the rear door not to open. Wires are connected with the rear door for the opening function.

Firstly, detect the broken wire and find the same size gauge. Don’t use a smaller wire gauge. Then replace the broken wire carefully.

Also, make sure to switch off the power before changing the wire. This problem is also seen in the 2006 dodge ram rear door lock problem.

Blown Fuse

The fuse is connected to the door lock system. A blown fuse can cause a dodge ram 1500 rear door lock problem.

Fuse helps convert large electrical current into small current suitable for managing lock actuators. When fuses blow, they can’t transfer electricity to the actuator. That’s why when the fuse blows up, the door lock doesn’t work.

Body Control Module

The body control module helps in controlling door locks, alarm systems, and windows. It has a remote control unit to establish capacitance in the door lock.

It can’t be temporarily fixed. So, you should contact a professional to fix or replace a body control module.

Lock Button Not Working

When the lock button doesn’t work, you can’t open or close the door. The lock button can be dirty or jammed due to dirt. Try cleaning it first. If it doesn’t have any dirt build-up, a new lock button needs to be installed.

Sometimes water can enter mistakenly, which causes the lock button to stop working. So, always be careful not to spill over the lock button.

Bad Solenoid

Fault in solenoid causes rear door not to work properly. It helps in denoting electrical current door unlocking and locking. 2010 dodge ram rear door lock not working when solenoid malfunctions. It is located under the door panel. So, you need to remove the old solenoid.

Firstly, open the up door panel. Place the new solenoid and close the panel. If the rear door lock doesn’t fix, take help from a professional.

Not Enough Power

When the wire doesn’t get enough power, then the dodge ram rear door lock problem can be seen.

Mainly, a fuse is responsible for this issue. Make sure all the wire, electric current, and fuse are connected properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my rear door not locked?

Your rear door is not locking because there is a fault in the door locking mechanism. Commonly when the key fob battery dies or the door lock actuator doesn’t work the rear door doesn’t lock. Replacing a key fob battery or lock actuator will help you in unlocking your rear door.

Where is the door lock actuator located?

The door lock actuator is located at the door latch. It’s bolted inside the door frame. To remove the actuator, the electric power connected to the actuator needs to be disconnected. An actuator plays a vital role in maintaining proper door function.

Is there a fuse for power door locks?

Of course, for the power door lock, there is a fuse. Fuse helps in supplying electrical current to the actuator. The actuator maintains the function of the door lock. In short, without a fuse door lock becomes useless.


In a nutshell, we would recommend you to look for each problem before solving the dodge ram rear door lock problem. Don’t fix them temporarily as the door lock problem can take a serious turn.

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