X31 Vs Z71: Battle for Off-Road Kings

What is the difference between z71 and x31? The code name is the most significant difference between GMC x31 and Silverado z71. Moreover, both two off-road packages are highly recommendable.

You will probably find all the essential features needed to take your pickup off-road. Besides, it will be a better situation if you know precisely what you will have with the two packages.

Whatever, we will deeply cover some highly essential factors regarding x31 vs z71 in this discussion. You will have a side-by-side comparison here. A table and a brief discussion regarding the topic will let you make the best decision while buying these packages.

X31 Vs Z71 Table Comparision

Performance OutputSignificant performance with all sorts of tracks.Has various features that provide the best off-road performance.
Riding PurposeAppropriate for different roads.Bare enough for hillside riding.
Body and MetalMade with heavy and robust elements suitable for all conditions.Brushed metal sill plates.
DesignMarvelous design with compelling features.Has premium looks with the best features.
TechnologyEnsures essential technology for better driving experiences.Perfect inner side technologies.

That’s the table for you. We hope you start to get the concept now. Nevertheless, it needs to be discussed briefly, as we mentioned above.

Though both the 2021 GMC x31 package and the Silverado z71 have some significant similarities, there are some differences as follows.

Performance Output Debate

When you talk about off-road pickup packages, ensuring probable performance is vital. Sometimes, you may need to drive your truck on the worst roads. With the x31 package, you don’t have to worry about performance. In fact, with strong-looking fronts and differentials, you will be able to drive your truck smoothly.

The x31 also provides the necessary hill descent control for off-road driving. GMC x31 package will enable access to the automatic braking system. Nevertheless, the system’s most significant benefit is that your truck will automatically access the brakes when crawling down a hill.

Contrarily, the Silverado z71 is no exception. This package ensures a range of engines. Above all, these engines are effective when you intend to take your vehicles off-road. Z71 package has a turbocharged four-cylinder, which means better engine power. In addition, it has essential features like rugged suspension.

If you compare the GMC x31 with the Silverado z71, performance output must not be a huge difference. The simple reason is that both packages contain the best premium features.

The difference in Riding Purpose

People have different riding purposes. That’s why you need to explore exactly which package is preferable for you. But, as the mentioned off-road packages are intentionally made for suitable off-road driving, you can use any of them.

We have seen a measurable number of upgrades by GMC with their package. Gradually, you will find a more aggressive off-roading set-up with the x31 package. Therefore, if you need to run your truck on extreme roads, you should choose the x31 off-road package.

Meanwhile, the Silverado z71 has impressive all-terrain capabilities. This feature makes the package suitable for driving on all sorts of surfaces. Besides, you will also have better durability when you buy the z71 package for some reason. The recovery hocks available will be decent for riding on different types of roads. As a result, you can choose the package confidently.

Body and Metal Differences

When we talk about the off-road package, it’s essential to mention the body and metal of the truck. Both the x31 and z71 ensure solid bodies. You won’t face any hassle no matter what type of surface you choose to drive on.

The GMC x31 has a high, confident, solid stance, allowing you to operate smoothly even if you are through the worst of the surface. It’s the same thing for the z71 package, even if you talk about x31 and z71. The brushed metal sill plates will give you some significant benefits while riding.

You will get at least 3 wheel options with the z71 package, but, unfortunately, you will get only one with the x31 package. On the other hand, the z31 package offers you two different engine transmission choices.

Technology Contrast Rises High

As we discuss the difference between z71 and x31, you will get some differences based on technology.

Firstly, the GMC x31 comes with several modern technologies like trailering innovations, seamless smartphone integrations, semantic driver alerts, and many others. The process of using these technologies is easy as well.

Secondly, the Silverado z71 comes with compelling visual features. Consequently, you will get almost all the features you expected with the x31 package. It has eye-catching graphics on the instrument cluster. You will also get the mind-blowing z71 badge on the grille.

Design Comparison

You may surely buy a truck that is charming enough. Hence, you will get a solid and beautiful body with the x31 package. You will have the option to access a bunch of models.

There’s everything in the x31 package to ensure a premium look every time you see it. The GMC x31 package comes in different colors, like black, red, etc.

You will also find color variations in the z71 package as well. But, people around the world mainly purchase black ones.

Another thing is the noticeable logo on both packages. The underbody transfer case also makes these packages outstanding to look at.

Oh, the headlights of these two packages are pretty different from each other.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the X31 package worth it?

Compared to the price and everything else, the x31 package is worth it. The customers always have positive feedback regarding this package as it includes almost everything. It doesn’t matter how bad the road you pick; you will have a better driving experience with the GMC x31 package. The grey color wheels also give the truck a premium look.

What does the X31 package include?

The x31 comes standard with a firm off-road suspension that protects the engine from hard mud and other hazards. Besides, it has robust hill descent control with heavy skid pads. Skid pads will let the truck not skid on a wet surface or road. The x31 also includes a four-wheel drive. However, It would be better to mention the high-capacity air filter here.

What is the 2021 GMC X31 package?

The x31 went through a better upgrade in 2021. The significant features are a heavy-duty air filter, n x31 stiff blade, powerful rancho shocks, better off-road suspension, and a 2-speed Autotrac Transfer Case. The fact is, all these features, including the perfect locking differential, will give you a lot of ease while driving it anywhere.

Final Verdict

We have been showing you the exact factors that create differences between the x31 vs z71. You will get different price tags as well for these two packages. We suggest you consider the price as well. Nevertheless, both types of off-road packages are suitable for you.

However, you need to understand precisely where and how you use these trucks. You can go with the z71 package. It will allow you to find the leather seats because you will not get leather seats with the GMC x31 package. To clarify, You will probably have a bunch of similarities and a few differences.

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