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What Size Leveling Kit Do I Need For F150?

what size leveling kit do i need for f150

Are you wondering what size leveling kit do I need for F150? Well, a right size leveling kit including 2-inches, 2.25-inches, 2.5-inches, 3-inches, etc., is important for the Ford F150 vehicles to maintain a level stance and make these vehicles sturdier and smarter.

Besides, one of the noticeable things about this F150 is the front sits of this truck are slightly lower compared to the rears. This is because they are intended to carry heavy loads in their bed so Ford added extra height in the rear.

Well, there comes the necessity of a leveling kit that’ll raise the front by adding a few inches of height to level the vehicle’s front and rear. Moreover, lifting the rear will also lower the extra stress and prevent sagging because of pulling heavy loads.

Therefore, in this article, we’ve come to let you know what size leveling kit will be best for your F150 vehicle.

How to Choose the Right Size Leveling Kit for the F150 Vehicle?

So, before you know what size leveling kit you need for your F150 vehicle, you should know how to choose the right size. If you know the way, choosing the right size leveling kit will be easier for you. Otherwise, you may select the wrong size that is not designed for your vehicle. So, here are the considerable things-

Know the types of leveling kit

It’s important to know different types of leveling kits since each kit is intended for a specific model F150 truck. However, usually, you will find three several types of leveling kits to choose from for your F150 vehicle and they are-

Strut Extension

As the name implies, Strut extensions are usually placed for the front suspension on the top or bottom of the vehicle’s recent struts with a coil-over strut.

While putting this leveling kit, you don’t need to replace the strut, rather you just have to slide the kit on the strut’s top or bottom which will raise the front suspension of your vehicle.

Besides, the adjustable strut extension leveling kits are also available that let you alter the height as your preferences. However, most of the Strut extension kits offer 2-inches of additional height to the front whereas the adjustable extension kits offer a little extra height.

Torsion Bar Keys

Torsion bar keys are used to raise the suspension of your vehicle. It will also replace the factory-installed bar keys while lifting your vehicle by changing the bar keys’ clock position on one side as well as on another site and adding a little lift height on the suspension system.

The size of this type of leveling kit starts from 1-inches and you will also find this available on 1.5-inches, 2-inches, 2.5-inches, 3-inches, etc. One of the most significant things about these kits is they are much tougher and more durable than factory-installed ones.

Coil Spring Spacer

The coil spring spacers are used usually to raise the vehicle’s body by adding the spacers to both the upper as well as lower spring seats with the coil spring system.

This type of leveling kit will let you maintain a factory ride of your vehicle. Well, while purchasing, ensure that it comes with shock extensions though it depends on your kit height. Otherwise, you have to buy them separately to compensate for your vehicle’s added lift.

These kits are available in the size of 1-inches, 1.5-inches, 1.75-inches, 2-inches, 2.5-inches, 3-inches, ¾-inches, etc.

Consider the make as well as the model of the vehicle

So, now as you know the types of leveling kit, the next thing you need to consider is the make as well as the model of the vehicle.

This is because each type of leveling kit is intended to use on a certain specific type of vehicle. So, before you are going to purchase, you need to ensure whether they are compatible with your vehicle model.

Besides, you also need to measure the front to rear distance to know the differences in height when it comes to raising the suspension for a level suspension system.

For example, if the front is 16-inches and the rear is 18-inches, in that case, you will have to raise the front by adding 2-inches height for a level suspension. And, surprisingly, most leveling kits offer this 2-inches height to the front suspension.

Application of the leveling kit on the vehicle

Although leveling kits are used to make the vehicle level by adding a couple of few inches, they also provide a quality ride as well as smooth handling of the vehicle.

Besides, to maintain a little rake of the ride, to provide more ground clearance, and to lift the larger tires, some Ford users also use this leveling kit instead of using a lift kit as installing a leveling kit is much easier and cheaper.

However, before choosing a leveling kit for the front or rear of your vehicle, choose wisely according to the size and type.

Leveling Kit Size for F150 Vehicle

So far, we have highlighted a couple of important terms you need to think about while choosing the leveling kit size for your F150 vehicle. Now, let’s focus on the main point of our article.

Here, in this section, we have provided a lot of information regarding what size leveling kit needs for the Ford F150 vehicle based on several year models. We have also included here some branded leveling kits while mentioning their size that will help you to choose when you are going to purchase them.

What Size Leveling Kit for 2014 F150?

Our experts have done an incise research and thus have recommended that for 2014 F150 Ford model year vehicles, a 2-inches, 2.25-inches, and 2.5-inches leveling kit size will be a good choice.

However, if you are not towing or carrying anything heavy that will deliver extra stress and cause the sagging issue, in this case, a 2-inches leveling kit is the best option for the 2014 F150 vehicle. Besides, most of the leveling kit types come with this size providing a slight rake while also raising the front to make it level.

And if you don’t want to compromise the riding comfort of your F150 vehicle and also want to raise the front seats at the same time, you can also go for the 2.25-inches and 2.50-inches leveling kit size. These leveling kit sizes not only raise your front suspension but also enough height rides will provide an even more added ground clearance.

Yet, you can also go for 3-inches of leveling kit size if you want to add a little bit of height to fit your bigger tire underneath your F150 truck as per your personal preferences.

Here, look over some popular branded leveling kits for your 2014 F150 vehicle

SL NoLeveling kitsTypesPrice on amazon
1Rough Country 2-inches leveling kitStrut extensions$49.95
2MAX TRAC 2.5-inches leveling kitCoil Spring Spacer$163.75

1. Rough Country 2-inches leveling kit

Our first selection for your 2014 F150 year model truck is the Rough Country 2-inches leveling kit that offers you a superior blend of performance, style as well as hard protection.

This 2-inches kit size also delivers you smooth handling and therefore, you can easily enjoy an OEM quality ride. The installation process is pretty much easier as well and you don’t have to lift your vehicle.

With this 2-inches Rough Country leveling kit, you can raise the front end of your Ford F150 vehicle for 2-inches. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you’re in on or off-road driving, this leveling kit size will provide you an unmatched and even ground clearance thus, offering extra comfort while also preventing off-road obstacles.

It’s a strut extension leveling kit type having a heavy-duty and durable construction that is backed by a lifetime warranty replacement.

2. MAX TRAC 2.5-inches leveling kit

Another choice of the leveling kit for your 2014 year model Ford F150 truck is the MAX TRAC 2.5-inches leveling kit that will provide you a little bit more altitude.

As per the name company claims, it will allow you to run a 33 x 12.5-inches tire that will let you get a little bit more breathing room when sticking to that tire while doing a little off-roading or wheeling. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about rubbing a 35-inches tire with a small level.

Besides, this leveling kit is much more affordable and features a simple design including the strut spacers which are measuring for about 2.5-inches giving you the additional boost over the 2-inches kit.

The MAX TRAC incorporates powdered coated laser-cut steel for the spacer’s construction that has added durability and also prevents any possible corrosion over the years. This leveling kit is also backed by a solid lifetime warranty if you have encountered any issues.

What Size Leveling Kit for 2015 F150?

The recommended leveling kit sizes for your 2015 F150 Ford truck are 2-inches, 2.25-inches, 2.5-inches, 3-inches. Yet, it will be best if you keep the size in between 2-inches and 2.5-inches. This is because this 2.25-inches kit size will offer you the safest amount of height of the front lift for your F150 vehicle.

The strut positioning of the newer model 2015-UP F150 Ford trucks is different and therefore, they require a new front lift System improvement to lift the front end of the 2015 Ford F150 vehicle. And, due to having the front-end CV-Axles geometry, you can’t achieve the exact level stance on your 2015- 4WD Ford F150 trucks.

Because of this fact, some Ford F150 truck users sometimes get confused about which leveling kit size they should install on their vehicle- 2-inch, 2.25-inch, or 2.5-inch?

So, considering this fact, most experts recommended installing a 2.25-inch leveling kit on the F150 truck as it meets geometry requirements while also retaining the factory ride. However, you can also go for a 2.5-inch and 3-inch size leveling kit if you have a craving for extra height.

Well, we have provided here some of the most popular leveling kits available for 2015 F150 vehicle models.

SL NoLeveling kitsTypesPrice on amazon
1ReadyLIFT 2.25-inches Front Leveling KitStrut extensions$179.52
2Supreme Suspensions 2.5-inches Front Leveling KitStrut Spacers

1. ReadyLIFT 2.25-inches Front Leveling Kit

The first recommended leveling kit on the lineup is the ReadyLIFT 2.25-inches Front Leveling Kit. This leveling kit has earned more customer attention because of its excellent kit quality and proof of the size statement.

Here, the noticeable thing about this leveling kit is that the manufacturer Readylift has featured this 2.25-inches odd and specific lift amount to raise the front end of your Ford F150 vehicle.

The manufacturer specifically designed this size for the Ford F150 year model of 2015 using sturdy and durable billet aluminum materials that make the kit structurally strong and long-lasting. It is super affordable and takes less time while install this kit on your F150 vehicle.

Besides, you can fit this2.25-inch size leveling kit with a maximum tire diameter of about 35-inches. The manufacturer ReadyLIFT offers two warranties, one is a limited 5-year powertrain warranty for 60000 miles and the other is a solid lifetime warranty of the brand.

2. Supreme Suspensions 2.5-inches Front Leveling Kit

Coming in the second recommendation for leveling kit sizes for your 2015 F150 Ford truck is the Supreme Suspensions 2.5-inches Front Leveling Kit. The manufacturer Supreme Suspensions clarifies that this leveling kit size can be used on all 2004-2020 year models of Ford F150 vehicles.

Moreover, along with the 2.5-inch kit size, you can also choose a 2-inch lift and even a 3-inch lift if you want to add some additional lift to raise the body height of your vehicle.

Furthermore, it features bolt-on installation and is very easy to install. And, the installation of the kit takes less time, merely about two hours, which is pretty much faster compared to the other kits available in the market. Not only that but also due to having different lift kit sizes, you can easily install larger custom tires as well as rims.

This front leveling kit is made from the T6 aircraft-grade billet aluminum material which ensures lifetime expectancy and super durability. Besides, lifting your Ford vehicle also improves the ride quality and provides utmost riding comfort.

What Size Leveling Kit for 2017 F150?

Again after doing extensive research, we would recommend you go with the 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3-inch leveling kit sizes for your 2017 Ford F150 vehicle.

However, a 2.5-inch and in some cases 3-inch will be the best leveling kit size option for the 2017 F150 model year vehicle. Yet, this kit size option depends on the F150 vehicle models; it can be either two or four-wheel drive trucks though this is not the case for every kit category.

Therefore, you need to double-check the fitment before you’re going to pull a trigger on the suspension system for your truck. Here, according to the experts and the Ford F150 users, they claim that a 2.5-inches leveling kit perfectly lifts the front end of the 2017 F150 trucks.

Besides, they also report that after installing 2.5-inch as well as 3-inch size leveling kits, they won’t experience any rubbing issue with the tires. This kit size will perfectly remove the factory rake and also provides an even and unmatched ground clearance. And thus, these leveling kit sizes offer you an excellent level stance by raising the front end of your F150 vehicle.

Moreover, you will find 3-inch leveling kit options also a popular choice to some Ford vehicle owners that will deliver 3-inches of lift for the front end. However, the thing is that a 3-inch leveling kit may give you clear clearance but this bigger size kit tends to put your vehicle’s CV joints and axles at extreme angles.

Well, this incident might not be a big deal for two-wheel or for four-wheel drive trucks that spend most of their time on the road. Yet, for the owners who want a fair amount of four-wheeling, a 3-inch leveling kit might accelerate the wear and tear out on those front axels or hubs.

And, because of this, we recommend you stick to a 2.5-inch leveling kit as of your maximum lift height to eliminate factory rake for off-road frequently. However, finally, it is your choice!

Here, like the previous F150 year models, we have also compiled some of the best size leveling kits for your 2017 F150 trucks. Well, check them out below-

SL NoLeveling kitsTypesPrice on amazon
1Mammoth 2.5-inches Front Leveling KitStrut Spacers
2YITAMOTOR 3-inches Leveling Lift KitStrut Spacers

1. Mammoth 2.5-inches Front Leveling Kit

Behold the first leveling kit recommendation for the 2017 F150 the Mammoth 2.5-inches Front Leveling Kit. The Brand Mammoth claims that you can use this leveling kit size to raise the front end on the 2006-2018 year models Ford F150 vehicles.

It will allow for a 35-inch tall tire and is also very affordable which makes it a very popular choice for Ford vehicle users. Like the other previous kit, the Mammoth will also feature a very simple design including a strut spacer that is measuring about 2.5-inch tall providing you the additional boost over the 2-inch leveling kits.

As far as materials are concerned, this 2.5-inch Mammoth leveling kit incorporates CNC-machined and is being crafted from aircraft-grade materials- billet aluminum that delivers superior strength as well as more durability.

Besides, this incorporation also has been finished off a black anodized coating that enhances the looks of your vehicle and also provides long-lasting protection to prevent any possible corrosion over the years.

Moreover, along with the strut spacers, it includes all of the necessary hardware and features bolt-on Installation to install the kit. This leveling kit size removes the factory rake, raises the front end to level the front and rear, and thus provides an even ground clearance.

2. YITAMOTOR 3-inches Leveling Lift Kit

Again beholding the second position for 2017 F150 is the YITAMOTOR 3-inches Leveling Lift Kit. Yet, while choosing this kit size remember that it raises the front end of your vehicle by 3-inches despite the front leveling kit being thinner compared to 3-inches.

Besides, due to the vehicle’s geometry requirements for the suspension system, this kit can be used on the 2004-2018 model years of 2WD or 4WD Ford F150 trucks. While perfectly leveling the front end with the rear it also removes factory rake and offers an aggressive appearance to your Ford truck.

Along with these, this leveling kit size provides utmost driving comfort by improving not only ride quality but also steering quality. This big-size leveling kit delivers an extra fender clearance for the large-sized tires as well as wheels.

To increase the kit’s safety, it comes with an anodized surface as it has been crafted from 6061-T6-aircraft-grade and durable aluminum billet materials that are resistant to corrosion. Not only that but also it features a simple kit bolt-on installation that doesn’t require any additional hardware.

Moreover, this leveling kit provides a limited 2-year exceptional warranty as well as a full money-back guarantee.

What Size Leveling Kit for 2019 F150?

The recommended leveling kit sizes for the 2019 F150 vehicle from our experts are 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3-inch like the previous 2017 F150 year model. Here, to raise your truck’s front-end suspension, the best size option is a 2.5-inch leveling kit although you can go for the other kit sizes of your personal preference.

An avid off-roader prefers this 2.5-inch kit size most as it increases ground clearance to protect the vehicle from the ground. Besides, while lifting the front end, it won’t affect but rather maintain your stock driving experience. Thus, it offers smooth handling of the vehicle.

According to the Ford vehicle users, anything over the 2.5-inches front leveling kit size can be rough on the vehicle’s ball joints as well as CV joints if it’s a four-wheel-drive truck that runs almost thousands of miles.

However, some users also suggest a 2-inch kit size that gives a tougher look to your vehicle and we will recommend it if you don’t need any aggressive off-road requirements.

Yet, to improve your off-road performance by sacrificing the on-road ride quality, you should opt for the 2.5-inch and 3-inch leveling kit sizes. This is because these 2.5-inch and 3-inch sizes leveling kits are intended to handle aggressive off-roading by absorbing violent off-road impacts.

Furthermore, our recommended 2.5-inch leveling kit will provide your 2019 F150 Ford truck a flat and dead-level stance while also offering no-rake by eliminating factory imbalance.

SL NoLeveling kitsTypesPrice on amazon
1KSP 2.5-inch Front Leveling KitStrut Spacers
2Dynofit 3-inch Front and 2-inch Rear Blocks- Leveling KitStrut Spacers

1. KSP 2.5-inch Front Leveling Kit

The first recommendation for the 2019 F150 truck’s leveling kit goes for the KSP 2.5-inch Front Leveling Kit. It is also compatible with the Ford year model of 2004-2019 F150 2WD/4WD trucks along with the Ford expedition year model of 2003-2018 and Lincoln-Mark-LT models for the year 2005-2008 which is a very pretty compatible range.

This front leveling kit raises your Ford F150 vehicle by 2.5-inches in the front suspension. However, this KSP kit requires suspension geometry thus after installing the kit; you will need an alignment for your vehicle.

When it comes to the safety of the vehicle, there is nothing to worry about as it is made from billet aluminum having aircraft-grade. The manufacturer incorporates the powder-coated black finish to provide rust and corrosion resistance for a long period of time.

Furthermore, the 2.5-inch kit size gives an overall aggressive look while also offering an additional ground clearance for the large-size tires or rims. Besides, the 12.9-grade solid bolts make the installation process of this kit more convenient.

2. Dynofit 3-inch Front and 2-inch Rear Blocks-Leveling Kit

Here, the second recommendation of this leveling kit lineup for 2019 F150 goes for the Dynofit 3-inch Front and 2-inch Rear Blocks-Leveling Kit. This leveling kit raises not only the front end but also the rear of your F150 truck at the same time. Therefore, you will get both the lift as well as level simultaneously.

It will raise the front suspension by a 3-inch lift and the rear block by a 2-inch lift which indicates that this Dynolift front 3-inch kit raises the front more compared to the rear of your vehicle. This is because the manufacturer already has given some additional height in the rear.

However, installing this kit will provide you with better undercarriage protection while also offering a new height with an aggressive appearance for superior off-road functionality. Besides, it also maintains the vehicle’s level stance with a great off-roading performance that solves the rubbing issue with the maximum tire diameters.

Furthermore, it is crafted from the 10.9-grade bolts billet aluminum materials that are incorporated with the powder coat finish. And also, it comes with an easy kit installation process and offers a 2-year limited brand warranty as well as a free replacement for the missing kit parts.

Pros and Cons of Leveling Kit for F150

While you are going to use a leveling kit for your F150 vehicle, you need to consider the pros and cons of the leveling kit that are given below-

Pros of a leveling kit for F150

  • Installing a leveling kit will raise the body of your Ford F150 vehicle.
  • Enhances the look of your F150 vehicle while also offering an even ground clearance.
  • Raises the front suspension of the F150 vehicle with a level stance.
  • Permits you to operate the front equipment of your F150 truck.
  • Offers smooth and better handling when it comes to handling in corners.
  • Helps to fit the larger tires at the four corners of the Ford F150 vehicle.
  • Maintains the static weight balance of the F150 truck.
  • Provides a quality ride while also avoiding the slag-to-flat effect on some of the truck’s makes as well as models.
  • Improves off-roading performance of the vehicle by preventing off-road obstacles and violent impacts.

Cons of a leveling kit for F150

  • Although a leveling kit enhances the look of your F150 truck, yet, it can’t change the overall look of the vehicle.
  • An accidental non-authorized change such as installing a leveling or lift kit will void the warranty of your newly purchased F150 vehicle.
  • It will cause an unusual and faster wear and tear out of the suspension of the F150 truck.
  • A leveling kit installation will adversely impact the fuel efficiency of your vehicle though it depends on the F150 vehicle’s models and engines.
  • It may let you provide some inaccurate information since a leveling kit installation makes a drastic change to the vehicle’s tires and thus lowers the speed of the vehicle.

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Final Verdict

So, we’re in the wrap-up section of our article where we’ve put vast information regarding the topic- what size leveling kit do you need for F150?

Well, now that you have completed reading the whole article, hopefully, you can decide on your own what size leveling kit you will need for the several-year models of your Ford F150 truck.

A leveling kit basically raises the front end from 1.5 to 3-inches that will serve mainly two purposes; one is eliminating the factory rake and the second is keeping a level stance by squeezing the bigger tires underneath your truck compared to the factory installed one.

However, while choosing the leveling kit, you should know what size leveling kit will be best to fit on your F150 vehicle. So, you can avoid the wrong size selection issue that may let you cost an extra expense for the complete suspension upgrade.

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