CP3 Vs CP4, Which Is Adequate For Your Engine To Boost Up?

What is the difference between CP3 and CP4 injection pump?

Considering the CP3 and CP4, CP3 can provide you with more horsepower than the CP4.

Moreover, CP3 can inject more diesel than CP4. Are these distinctions enough to install CP3?

If not, check our composition thoroughly to find out the superior option for you.

CP3 vs CP4 is a frequent inquiry of all of us. When we start seeing the differences, we must understand what CP is and how it works.

Let’s start.

Here Are Key Differences Of CP3 vs CP4

HorsepowerCan serve with 800+ horsepower.The maximum limit is 525 horsepower.
EfficiencyLess fuel-efficient.More fuel-efficient.
MaterialHeavy material.Suitable material to reduce the price.
PriceAround $3,500 to convert from CP2Around $2,000 to convert from CP3.

Injection Differences

While contemplating the CP3 vs CP4 injection pump, we can find a set of massive differences.

The CP3 diesel pump can serve a higher injection than the CP4. It can offer 29,000 psi by utilizing the common rail injection system.

Straightforwardly, CP4 can perform twice the CP3 by deploying the twin-piston pumping system.

However, this CP4 model reduces the fuel injection by 20% to 24%. We can also consider this as CP3 vs CP4 Duramax since the engine was that while justifying the deviations was the Duramax V6 engine.

Let’s go back to our psi performance; the eventual psi by injection we get is 24,000, an efficient fuel injection system.

Years Of Introduction

Since 2001, level 7 of Duramax has utilized the CP3 diesel pump as the base injection system. LML CP3 vs CP4 refers to another definition when the consideration is CP4.

It implies that 2019 is the year from which LML v8 6.6 litre engine producers started using CP4. The prime purpose was to stabilize the performance and plummet the fuel consumption simultaneously.

Material And Functional Composition

There are two devices to accomplish the pumping system with two parts to install it. In the case of CP4, the manufacturer designed a compact and lighter version of CP3.

In 6.7 Cummins CP3 vs CP4, the CP4 has an aluminum body. The fascinating part is the design of this pump is the most accessible among all the pump designs, though the functional elements inside the pump correspond to CP3.

Nonetheless, what exists in CP4 does not exist in CP3. The first thing is a lobe cam and a roller that assists the cam while running.

Hence, the summary is the roller rolls, and the joining part of the roller contains an uneven object which urges the cam to move vertically. Because of the movement, the injector pumps the fuel.

Reliability And Durability

Most of the cases of RAM users have reported malfunctioning of their CP4. So CP3 vs CP4 RAM, CP4 was incurring expenses from the users.

And it occurred because of the failure in the cam box and pump system. In the end, the CP4 encounters a problem pumping the fuel in the injector.

Therefore, people are less likely to rely on this modern technology of CP4.

CP4 is losing reliability; CP3 is becoming likeable due to its more comprehensive services.

CP3 does not contain any roller, and the cam to inject fuel that mostly hoists the injection problem. Sometimes, rotation in the roller stops the vertical movement of the roller and prevents injection.

Other than this failure, according to consumers’ and engineers’ reports, no other loss exists.

Pumping And Power Serving Comparison

Regarding the pumping and power serving differences, one theory you must keep in mind is that the more fuel engine consumes, the more power you get.

Here in cp3 vs cp4 Powerstroke, the pump of CP4 is suitable to pump. But it has created massive issues till now due to the weight.

Though it helps to reduce the fuel injection, it can cause you troublesome moments.

CP3 pump vs CP4, certainly the CP3 will serve the best. On the other hand, the pump of CP3 is much heavier than CP4.

And another fantastic amenity is that it has three pumping elements instead of two.

Prices And Horsepower

After considering the RAM cp3 vs cp4, the CP4 is more reasonable than the CP3. And the prices of conversation are $2,000 and $3,500, respectively.

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But CP3 is worth it because of the horsepower it serves. CP3 can aid you with an unyielding horsepower of 800, whereas CP4 can serve 525 HP only.

All this happens because of the robustness of the pumping tools.

Why Is CP3 Better?

We have mentioned the close functions of CP4 and its pumping mechanism. Estimating the CP3 vs CP4 pressure,

Whereas the lobe cam box of CP4, which prompts the fuel injection, can cause the cease of injection; the CP3 has no roller.

Instead, a polygon system works well to inject the fuel and is less likely to be depreciated once in two decades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if I have a CP3 or CP4 fuel pump?

There are plenty of methods you can follow to determine if you own a CP3 or CP4. To begin with, the weight and outer material of CP3 are heavier than CP4.
Secondarily, the CP3 diesel pump consists of 3 pumping elements. The eventual and easiest way is if your vehicle model is from 2019 and onwards, your fuel pump is more likely to be CP4 since, after 2019, all the SUV and truck producers are using this pumping mechanism.

How many miles does a CP3 pump last?

The trendy CP3 diesel pumping machine is known for its reliability and durability. Very few reports are about the failure of CP3, and after taking all into account, experts conclude that a CP3 fuel pump can last for at least 250,000 miles. Few CP3 has reached over 350,000 miles without facing any difficulties.

What does CP3 pump stand for?

CP is the pump that helps a vehicle’s engine inject the fuel into the burning area. It stands for common rail high-pressure pump, and from that, we can guess the abbreviation of CP3. Here, 3 is the model number.

What causes CP4 failure?

A lack of sulfur can cause damage to the pump. And, in the US, diesel contains an unusual level of sulfur which is significantly less. Another most important fact is, that the outer shell of the CP4 is made of aluminum which is less strong than other CP pumps.

Final Verdict

After all the discussion about CP3 vs CP4, you can only convert your CP2 to CP3. If you intend to convert it into CP4, you must change the complete set.

However, it is unwise to change your pump system if you are currently using a CP3 diesel injector or pump.

Moreover, if you face problems with your CP4, it is a golden time to turn it into CP3. Indeed, you will not regret that.

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