Motorcraft Oil Vs Castrol Oil – The One Your Engine Loves The Most?


The whole matter of best oil for increasing engine performance with proper lubrication is something all drivers need in one state. To keep your truck motor free from friction, wear, and balance the temperature, the oil plays a great role.

This thing will help to increase the working speed of the engine so that drivers can ride finely. If you avoid using the right motor oil, it will take no time to harm your truck’s motor. And, not all people find that as they get stuck to pick one specific oil.

In addition to that, a lot of people look for “Motorcraft oil vs Castrol oil” as they are one of the ideal choices for most engine types. And, it’s pretty obvious that you are also here to know the winner of this debate.

One has great ability to keep your engine cool or hot based on temperature while ensuring good lubrication. Then again, the other will be perfect for lessening foaming and deposits of the motor. But, you’ll find some problems using both. 

Don’t worry as we’re about to clear all the misperceptions and give comparison analyses about them. Ready!

Clarification Of The Motorcraft Oil Vs Castrol Oil Argument

Both oils are made and run differently that poles them apart. The Motorcraft oils solve the issue of friction and wear to improve the truck’s engine vastly. But, they cause environmental pollution. Then again, the Castrol oils are preferable for hot and cold temperature states with their efficiency but bad for diesel or gasoline engines.

ParameterMotorcraft OilCastrol Oil
Flashpoint>370° F>355° F
Oil Change TimeAfter 5,000 miles or 3 months6,000 miles
ProtectionNot as good as Castrol oilBest for everyday drives
IngredientsSynthetic blendsPlant-based oils

Similar to the 275 55r20 vs 275 65r20 debate, the Motorcraft and Castrol oils difference is not visible until you use them. As both brands are excellent when it comes to motor oils, the contrast of them is a wide matter.

Is Motorcraft oil good? Yes, they are an excellent choice for engines that easily gets hot due to the busy usage of the truck. The motor oils from the Motorcraft are a blend of synthetic ingredients to give nice grease to the parts of the engine deeply.

image 10
Diagram Of Motorcraft and Castrol Oil Main Ingredient.

In contrast, Castrol made their motor oils using 25% of the “castor bean” and other vegetable oils to let the engine deeply gets moisturize in order to function well. They also help the motor to work fine while being fully protected without causing resistance.

The main differences between them are the formulation, protection, oil change time, and flashpoint if looking closely. And also, both of them are used for different engine types.

Excellent For Lubrication but Don’t Suit on Cold Temperature

As a part of the Ford company, the Motorcraft oils are affordable and great for lubrication of engine parts. And, they are good for most types of vehicles to run constantly with no lag or friction. Not only that they let your engine drive smoothly but also help in rough conditions.


  • They are excellent for both diesel and gasoline engines to lube well.
  • Motorcraft oils only need to be changed every 5k to 6k miles or after 3 months of riding. And they strongly cover 104k miles with no hassle.
  • Grease the engine rightly so that it never faces resistance or heat damage.
  • Works great to keep the engine running without letting it meet foaming or deposits.
  • They make sure long-term service keeps the engine working fine.


  • A lot of users claim they can sometimes cause oil or fuel loss.
  • They may cause air pollution overtimes.
  • Although the price them is quite inexpensive, still there are a lot of affordable options that have better quality.
  • They are not effective for the cold temperature of the engine.

Works Best For Snow & Heat Resistance but Not For Gasoline Engine

From the density to the viscosity, the Castrol motor oils are the best choice for anyone who needs to give grand protection to the engine in any season. While greasing your engine, they ensure no harm such as wear or resistance.


  • The great thickness of oil only needs to change after every 6,000 miles of driving.
  • A lot of people love them for their cost-effective pricing.
  • Their grease effectiveness of them is vast to ensure optimal engine performance.
  • Castrol motor oils are protective, reusable, and long-term usable.
  • They let the cold and hot temp engine really quick without causing friction.
  • Most drivers state that they find improvement in MPG and speed after using Castrol oils.
  • They never give leakage or oil loss during usage.


  • Not a good choice for diesel and gasoline engines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Castrol oil good for Ford?

Yes, truly worth it! The Castrol oil is made to give better CO2 and other necessary elements to ensure no issue of rust occurs when you drive the truck. It as well helps the motor to protect the surface and parts to improve the function well.

Is Motorcraft oil better?

For sure! The Motorcraft oil is created with an ideal formula that ensures your engine runs smoothly and fast. One of the main things it benefits your truck is by keeping the motor cool and grease parts.
As we all know, this oil is synthetic-based that the Motorcraft give to ensure good additives to add shelf life to the engine.

How many types of Castrol oil are there?

Usually, Castrol oil is categorized in 3 sectors so that anyone could get it based on what type they prefer. And they are mineral, part synthetic, and full synthetic oils.

How many types of Motorcraft oil are there?

You will find 2 different types of engine motor oil such as diesel and gasoline in the Motorcraft in the options. And, you’ll find different categories in these 2 types to choose for your engine.

Final Words

Still, having doubts on your decision to select one between Motorcraft oil vs Castrol oil? We hope that’s not your case. Both of them are approved by experts to use in the engine to advance the working and keep parts away from rust.

You can surely pick the Motorcraft oils if your engine needs good loosening, affordable choices, and one that can run at a hot temperature. However, there are a few things you need to face such as disposing and frequent changing of this oil after use.

On the other hand, Castrol oils are a pure plant-based motor lubricant that helps the engine in both hot and cold temperatures. And the price and quality of them are on top of the world. But, they are not suitable for diesel or gasoline engines.  

In our opinion, we find the Castrol oils better than their competitor due to affordability, viscosity, and efficiency. Hope this guide didn’t let you down in order to know all the comparison points of these 2 motor oils. Good Luck On Your Choice!

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