How To Match Door Lock to Ignition–Fixes & Routes to Try!

How To Match Door Lock to Ignition

There’s no doubt that some things belong to the experts. And one such example would be a complex anti-theft took. However, if it’s a car door lock, and you really need to rekey it, then there are stress-free ways to do that.

No, you don’t have to own mind-blowing skills or intelligence for that. Just some common devices along with persistence for the process and diligence to put effort till the end. Can you promise those things? Well then, we’ve got you!

Don’t worry if your door lock isn’t matching to ignition. Because now we’ll teach you exactly how to match door lock to ignition and have the thing sorted.

Quick Glance at How to Match Door Lock to Ignition


  1. Ask a Locksmith for Code Reading & Cutting New Key.
  2. Matching Door Lock or Ignition Lock to Any Key.

Solution 1: Reading Lock Code To Cut New Key (Need Expert Help!)

This is the best route for someone who would like to have both ignition, as well as doors, keyed same. Especially if you are contemplating, the most affordable way to do that. Most would think of getting a lockset that would match the ignition key.

And then there are also those who would consider a replacement for both door locks as well as ignition. Now what should be a better route, well we have some suggestions to break down.

You Want to Match Door Lock to Ignition Key, So First of All

  • Decide which one would you remove, the passenger door lock or glove box lock cylinder.
  • Take it out and then visit a locksmith.
  • They would easily do the code reading on lock for you.
  • And then ask them to cut a new key.

Alternatively: You Can also contact the dealer with vin and ownership proof. And they shall make you a new key. However, keep in mind that the dealer is more likely to charge you a good amount.

However, if you ask us, isn’t it better to spend money on a small business? You’ll spend around 20-30 bucks maybe, just a thought, it’s all up to you!

Solution 2: Matching Door/Ignition Lock to Any Key!

Another way could be having the door or ignition lock match just any key. Of course, since you don’t have the proper key.

For the Door Locks

  • To know how to match door lock to key, your first task is to find out the method of taking the lock from the door or trunk out.
  • You need to find a proper style key for this task as well, something that would work for this ingestion.
  • Next, you need to match the lock with the ignition one, basically, you need the ignition key. Keep it aside, you’ll use it later
  • When holding the lock with your hands, there’s a chance of internal tiny parts getting lost. So always try to have a bowl or something like that beneath.
  • Then use some sort of tool and pry the metal cover gently off. You want to reuse it so don’t misplace it. Or have anything under it lose.
  • There should be 5 bores or barrels and each of them will have 3 parts that you need to carefully handle next.

For Your Information: These three parts are, a tiny spring atop, beneath in middle a tiny metal piece called driver (it has smaller top diameter compared to the bottom) and at the very bottom, a tiny metal piece again called tumbler with a bullet-like shape.

  • In most cases, tumblers, as well as drivers, would be of varying lengths. Now to make the lock go with any key, you have to observe the key profile.
  • Watching the valleys in a key is most important. It should be the same in amount as the existing barrels. Usually less than or equal to five.
  • Now understand the basic concept. The tumbler needs to sink with the valley that is counterpart in the profile of the key. And once you do that for all the 5 or existing valleys, the key will be able to turn that lock.
  • Here mixing and matching the tumblers according to valleys is the main point. Now it’s very likely that you might end up having some configuration or tumbler that does not allow this mixing and matching. In that case, you can avoid the barrels that don’t match. Just have in mind that the more you leave, the lesser gets its security. However, it still would work.
  • Once you are done with mixing and matching, but that locks back. Make sure, the driver is the opposite length than the tumbler. So that tumbler can dominate here.
  • the tiny diameter end of the driver is where you put the atop tiny spring part. Very gently bend the metal cover plate latches back to the right position. And reattach it with a lock.

You Are Done!

For The Ignition Lock

That was for the door lock, now let’s help you with matching the ignition lock to a key. This will help anyone who cannot re-use their ignition lock. There’s not much information available and so, such a solution should help people in minds.

Note: you want to check some tutorials on getting your ignition lockout from the steering column before trying this.

Once You Have The Lock in Your Head Make Sure There’s No Key Inside of it, Then Do These

  • Here also you’ll apply the 5 barrels principle like before. However, the housing is a bit different with a more complex type of opening.
  • Use a flat tiny screwdriver to get the locking clamp off, you should try prying the end first
  • You should be able to see the center window opening after prying a little bit. You can pry it off to remove it completely next.
  • The 4 ditches or dimples that you can see, need removal. These basically keep the cover plate in its place which also hides the five barrels.
  • And then quite similar to the previous way, you want to have a bowl or container bennah the lock for not misplacing the tiny elements.
  • Get the silver cover plate and discover the tiny spring, driver, and tumbler once again. Follow the mix and match technique that you learned beforehand.

Keep in mind that the ignition lock should work even without filling 5 barrels with the tiny parts. Because right on the bottom of the ignition lock, there’s a lever. And it will come only with the key inside. After that rotating the lock takes place. And that means, the lever staying inside will basically not let the lock turn hence no benefit.

  • But for safety, you should lead and have one set of small parts mixed and matched right. Otherwise, it may fall. And this will cause the steering to lock. That’s a big no during driving.
  • Once you are done with the mix and match technique, just go in reverse with the instruction to get it all back. Don’t forget to notch the lock housing on top of the cover plate to keep it secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can locks be rekeyed?

Yes, it’s possible. And whenever someone loses a key or it gets stolen, they opt for this option. This makes the lock unusable with the missing key.

How much does it cost to get locks rekeyed?

Depends on a lot of matters. And so exactly you cannot tell. However mostly, it should be within 50 to 100 bucks

Is it cheaper to buy new locks or rekey?

Rekeying is defiantly cheaper. Because with re-buying, you are paying for the parts, their installation, as well as the labor that, goes behind it. You can even try looking for the cheapest way to rekey a car vehicle. Going to a dealer might not be great in that case. You want to look for a lockset to get the job done.

Wrapping Up

And that’s basically how to match door lock to ignition if it’s not working all of a sudden for some reason. You always want to have the whole idea of the entire situation. And then jump into such tricky processes.

Getting any parts harmed or causing further problems should be the last thing you’ll want. And if that seems most probable, maybe go to an expert and ask them for help. That way nothing should go wrong.

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