Baer Vs Wilwood- Which Braking Kits Should You Consider?

Baer or Wilwood Brakes – which brand’s brake kit is suitable for your vehicle? Generally, hot rod installers prefer Wilwood, and custom shops install Baer. But if you may tell us, Wilwood is the better choice.

It’s because Wilwood features metric bolts. As a result, it’s harder to install them compared to Wilwood with sea bolts.

To make things more clear, that’s why we will make a side-by-side Baer vs Wilwood discussion. After walking through the whole comparison, you can understand the point we are trying to make.

Wilwood Vs Baer Brakes- Comparison table

Here’s a brief comparison between the two braking system brands:

Comparison FeatureBaerWilwood
DurabilityMore durable compared to Wilwood braking kitsLess durable compared to Baer parts
PerformanceBest for custom hot rodding, and best OEM replacement  Best aftermarket braking kits
ManufacturerMade in CanadaMade in the US
Installation DifferenceDifficult to install due to metric boltsEasy to install due to sea bolts
Extra Protection FeaturesDoesn’t use safety wireUses safety wires
PriceBudget-friendly optionA bit expensive

Construction Material Comparison of Baer and Wilwood Breaks

Baer comes with the best construction for custom hot-rodding. First of all, its brake system comes with quality high-silicon content iron materials. Mainly, the brake system is designed to replace OEM disk brake rotors.

Also, most of its braking systems are cross-drilled and zinc coated. They use an anodized aluminum center hat bolted to the rotor ring to match all the sturdy items. The Eradispeed series is one of the best models they have, and it has a 2-piece design within a commendable price range. And considering the price point, the construction quality is pretty decent.

Moving on with the Wilwood disc brake. We have to say, the manufacturer does an outstanding job putting all products together. They even have full kit products and separate parts. The rotors are lighter compared to their competition. They tend to be lighter than the Baer brake kits.

Wilwood has a bit of an advantage in terms of construction because of the setup. But baer offers a cheaper option if you want to go for high-end custom hot rodding.

Durability Comparison Between Baer and Wilwood Brake Kit

Both brands have cross-drilled and slotted brake kits. Now. Cross drilling is not a necessity in modern days. For some people, the cross-drill design may seem a problem. There’s a slight chance that you have to sacrifice durability. Not to mention, they are notorious for cracking.

For Baer, the ceramic disk with zinc plating adds strength to the design. According to our research, there have been no crack issues with their products so far, and that did surprise us a bit.

Also, there are hairline cracks on the 2-piece braking rotor. However, the hairline cracks won’t affect the lifespan or strength of your breaking kit. There’s extra material on the shoulder to prevent hairline cracks from deepening.

Overall, both brands offer a durable and study-breaking kit that doesn’t let off gaseous heat. Also, they use zinc plating to make the products corrosion resistant.

However, you get a positive response even on long-term driving with Wilwood brakes. Mainly the ionized coating keeps the brake kit away from corrosion. What’s more, you can easily clean the product without worrying about stains or scratches.

When you have durability and performance hand in hand, there’s no need to worry about the riding experience.

Performance Output Comparison between Baer and Wilwood

Baer is a top choice for custom hot rodding; for one simple fact, they are available in larger sizes. Small diameter rotors tend to heat up quickly. Heating can obviously affect longevity. Luckily, the upgraded rotor size packages with excellent Baer brake calipers are the best thing about them.

You can use the capilers in a wider point. The result is impressive, you get an increase in break leverage. However, the brakes will cause noise as it features a metallic construction. Not to mention, installing Baer brakes has always been a huge problem.

On the other hand, it would have been better if the brake kit had a better thermal capacity. But Wilwood impresses with the overall product performance. It includes all the mounting components and cylinder output.

Nowadays, they have 6-piston calipers combined with PolyMatrix pads and durable rotors that generate maximum braking power. Well, Wilwood brakes are easy to install. Just follow the instruction materials, and you can effortlessly install them.

Disc Rotor Types Comparison Between Baer and Wilwood

Baer and Wilwood both brands feature drilled and slotted disk rotors. Well, Wilwood rotors  are typically narrower than Baer. But thanks to the disc design, Baer rotors dissipate more heat.

The Main Difference Between Baer and Wilwood

Baer brakes are best for high-end custom hot rodding. Also, Baer brakes are pretty progressive on the pedals.

Usually, Baer setup includes metric bolts. That’s why the setups are pretty hard to Install. On the other hand, Wilwood brakes have sea bolts, making the installation pretty easy.

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So, what’s the key difference between the two? Baer gives you a streetcar-type feel with its performance output. But you will get an aircraft-type feeling with Wilwood.

Why’s that? It’s because Baer never uses safety wire and focuses more on the brake pedals feel. On the contrary, Baer focuses on the feel of the brake.

Not to mention, Baer baking systems are manufactured in Canada, and Wilwood is manufactured in the US.

Price Difference Between Baer and Wilwood

Wilwood’s braking system is expensive compared to Baer. Now, that’s obvious as Wilwood generally emphasizes the full system. That doesn’t make Baer bad. It depends on what type of vehicle you have and what type of riding style you are comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are better baer or wilwood brakes?

Both brands make high-quality braking systems. If you are making a custom wheel or motorsports card, Baer is a good choice. The same is true for Wilwood as it’s widely compatible with different car models.

Are Wilwood brakes made in China?

Only their rotors are made in China, and the rest of their products are manufactured in the US.

Are Wilwood brakes street legal?

No, Wilwood brakes are not street legal.

Final Words

So, which brand makes a better braking system? It comes down to your preference. If you are looking for a break from custom wheels, Baer is the right choice. They can dissipate more heat, thus making it a good choice for moto racing. Not to mention, they are pretty hard to install.

But if you want a better feel while braking, smooth performance, and an easy braking system to install, consider choosing Wilwood.

If you consider the overall performance, Wilwood is the better choice. However, both brands are best on their own. So, Baer vs Wilwood – which one to pick? It’s up to your choice and desired vehicle type.

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