M1-108 Vs M1-108A: Which Mobil1 Oil Filter Should Be Your Pick?

What is the difference between M1-108 and M1-108a Mobil 1 oil filters? The core difference is in the mileage rating.

There are also some other crucial differences between them. To know which one you should choose from, M1-108 VS M1-108a: Which Mobil1 Oil Filter Should Be Your Pick? continue reading till the end.

First of all, you will get an easy table where we show you the basic comparison between these two oil filters.

Then we will present to you the special characteristics of both of the two products. Then you can make your decision easily and appropriately.

Comparing Mobil 1 Oil Filter M1-108 VS M1-108a

Key PointMobil 1 M1-108Mobil 1 M1-108a
Mileage rateLower than M1-108  Relatively higher than M1-108a
FeatureOld versionNew version  
PerformanceExcellent performanceExtended and improved performance
Dimensions (LxWxH) in Inches3.2 x 3.2 x 3.14 x 4 x 4
Weight in Ounces‎7.2 ounces‎0.3 ounces

M1-108 and M1-108a both are excellent oil filters; people are satisfied with both the products.

But you should know M1-108a is the updated version of M1-108. So there are some vital differences between them..

Our Recommended Pick- Mobil1 M1-108a with Some Upgraded Features

Why should you consider this one?

M1-108a is the upgraded version of M1-108. So some extra features are added with all the previous features in M1-108a.

Let’s see some reasons for choosing M1-108A.

Unbelievable Mileage Rate

In the beginning, we tell you that the main difference between m1-108 and m1-108a is the mileage rate.

The mileage rate of M1-108 is 15,000 is quite good. But the mileage of M1-108A is 20,000 miles. Isn’t it just fantastic?

If you want that kind of mileage rate, you should go on with the M1-108A.

Not only mileage but the filtration rate is also impressive. It helps to reduce resistance which increases the filtration rate.

Outstanding Performance

M1-108A is the updated version of M1-108. You have already known the performance quality of M1-108.

So, there is no need to describe how incredible the performance of M1-108A is! Nevertheless, let me tell you about the outstanding performance.

 The manufacturer made the M1-108A with synthetic fibers. This fiber helps this oil filter to clean oil finely. Moreover, it protects the engine and permits a long-lasting engine life.

Able To Tolerate 9Times Pressure

Excess pressure damages the engine. So controlling pressure is essential. 

And the M1-108 can tolerate 9times extra pressure than any normal system.

Very Cost-Effective

After hearing all the premium features and excellent performance quality, you may think the M1-108A is very expensive.

The price of M1-108 is around $20. And You will be glad to know that M1-108 is only $9.97. So, it is a very cost-effective product.

Easy To Install 

The great matter is that the installation process of M1-108 is easy compared to its complex function.

After knowing the function of the M1-108A, people may think installing it may be very sophisticated.

No, it is not a complex matter. Installation of the M1-108A is simple.

Bottom Line

If you want a great mileage and cost-effective oil filter, you should go with M1-108A. Customers love to use this oil filter. The size and weight are comparatively small but not in performance at all.

See What Customers Are Saying!

“This is an excellent filter for a great price for those of us who want to save a few bucks and change our oil at home. I have a wife and two kids that adds up to four cars. I use the highest quality synthetic oil and high-quality filters I need car and can do each car for about half the price of a jiffy lube or lube stop. That pretty much adds up!”

Our Second Pick- Mobil1 M1-108 with Ideal Cost Efficiency

Why should you consider this one?

M1-108 is a great solution to minimize the risk of oil-related engine problems. The price of fuel is rising day by day. So the best solution for utilizing the cost is using an oil filter. So, it will provide you with some outstanding features and deliver great performance. 

Here we will discuss some facts that will show why you should use M1-108 as your oil filter on your car.

99% Filtration Efficiency

M1-108 is one of the best oil filters on the market. It provides 99.6% filtration efficiency. 

So, it will remove all contaminants from oil if you use the M1-108. So this will reduce the engine problem for sure.

The advanced blend media helps it to increase the filtration rate. To clean all the impurities of the oil, you should use this oil filter.

Power Of Preventing Leaks

Sometimes leakage occurs from the impure fuel. As the M1-108 removes dirt from the oil, it prevents leakage from fuel issues.

Besides, in this oil filter, manufacturers use silicone anti-drain back valves which control the leakage. So, it also prevents dry starts.

Provide Ultimate Safety

M1-108 is a safe product to use. It does not expose the oil more. So there is no chance of firing from the M1-108.

You can use the amazing M1-108 oil filter without any worry because it will deliver you the ultimate safety.

Solid Performance

This extraordinary oil filter has a total capacity of 28 grams. So it can hold double dirt and contaminants as the normal oil filter.

So, you can imagine how great the performance quality of the M1-108 is! To check the performance quality, you can check the product on Amazon review.

Most of the customers rated the product as a 5-star product and are pleased with using the product.

Fit Nicely For Most Of The Vehicles

You can get the M1-108 with both spin-on and cartridge. So 97 percent of vehicles have operational coverage with the M1-108 oil filter.

From the Amazon review, you can be sure most customers can use the M1-108 for all of their cars. 

“I am a long-time Bosch fan…But after doing a lot of research, I found out this filter works much better than the Bosch, Royal Purple, Fram, Wix, and a couple of others. They all claim to filter the highest percentages, but you have to look at the test statistics and specifically the microns. This filter works better than any of those others.”

Bottom Line 

If you want an excellent filtration efficiency with great performance, you can select M1-108. Additionally, the power of preventing leakage makes it more acceptable for the customers. As it can fit with most vehicles and is safe to use, customers can buy this oil filter for their cars without any tension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Mobil M1-108A Fit?

Mobil M1-108A has extended and improved performance. It suits Hyundai, Kia (1994-10), Subaru (2004-15), and; many more.

What does Mobil M1-108 Fit?

Mobil M1-108 fits Nissan (1995-16), Mazda (1990-08), Hyundai and Kia (1994-10), Subaru 15208-KA010, and; so many others.

What does the A stand for on a Mobil one oil filter?

In the M1-108A, the A stands for “New Filter Number.” M1-108a is the new version of M1-108. This “A” presents the upgraded version.

Which Oil Filter Is For You?

Both the oil filters are excellent in features, performance, reliability, and efficiency.

If you want better mileage, you should opt for the M1-108A. Or if you want better filtration efficiency, you should buy the M1-108. 

Well, our opinion for this debate of  M1-108 vs M1-108A will be to go on with the M1-108A. 

Because M1-108A is the updated version of M1-108. So, you will get most of the features and performance quality in M1-108A.

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