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How to Fix Ford F150 Ecoboost Overheating Issues?

What is the leading cause of Ford f150 ecoboost overheating issues? The coolant leak is the main culprit. If you cannot maintain it, you will face the problem of overheating.

With the help of a coolant pump, the coolant lets the engine cool. So, coolant issues can cause your engine to be at a high temperature.

Therefore, some possible reasons may create the problem of your vehicle overheating. However, it will be much better if we present what causes a ford f150 to overheat right down below.

F150 Ecoboost Overheating Issues

Nevertheless, these are the possible issues you might find with your Ford Ecoboost engine overheating problems.

Once you know exactly what is causing the issues, it will provide you with a lot of ease while solving the issues.

Let’s have a quick glance over these issues with probable solutions, as well.

IssuesPossible Solutions
Leak in coolant systemResolve the leaks
Broken water pumpReplace the pump
Broken belts and fanChange the belts.
Thermostat failureAccess the damage
Low oil levelAdd more oil

But, you have to perform several tasks before taking adequate measures. First, whenever you feel that there is excess heat in your engine, you should try to take your vehicle off-road. Then, you should never hurriedly open up your car; instead, you should give the machine the time to calm it down a bit.

Besides, you must always try to park your car in the shade. If there is a tree or a garage, it will be a better place for you to solve the issues. Don’t drive a lot once you identify the problem of engine overheating.

Now, let’s explore the reasons and the steps you need to resolve 3.5 ecoboost overheating.

Leak in Coolant System

Leakage in your engine’s coolant has a massive impact on the Ford Ecoboost engine overheating. Coolant usually passes through the coolant pump to the engine. Therefore, if there’s some leakage, it loses its power to supply coolant to the engine.

So, to ensure the smooth circulation of the coolant to the engine, you need to check whether there is any type of leakage; if you find leakage, you have to fill leaks as early as possible. You will quickly identify the leakage on the coolant by noticing some spots on it. If you find the solution confusing, don’t hesitate to go for the mechanic.

Broken Belts and Fan

A broken belt or a fan can also cause 3.5 Ecoboost overheating. Usually, the electric fan lets the engine calm down. When you have a faulty belt, it will stop the dan from functioning correctly. As a result, there may be too much heat in your engine.

Therefore, you need to replace the belts. Besides, you may have to replace the whole fan too.

Broken Water Pump

Yeah, a broken water pump can cause a lot of trouble. Water circulation is badly needed to keep the engine cool. However, the water pump is broken, and there won’t be adequate water supply to the engine.

So, if you are pretty sure about the broken pump, you need to replace the pump with the new one. Yes, you can do a bit of setting instead of returning a new one, but it may not solve the problem permanently.

Thermostat Failure

Thermostat failure is one of the most acute problems guilty by 2014 Ford F150 Ecoboost overheating. If there is a problem with the thermostat, it won’t regulate the temperature. You need an expected amount of coolant flow to run your engine correctly. A thermostat failure stops this.

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You need to remove the older thermostat and replace it with the new one to fix the problem. Besides, consider these things before doing so.

It may take some time too. Once you have inserted the new thermostat, place the element properly.

Low Oil Level

If your vehicle’s oil level remains low, it may not allow the engine to function correctly. Therefore, you need to keep the oil at the standard level to ignore the issue. For this, try to identify the oil level in regular intervals.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Fix an Overheating Truck?

First, you must identify precisely where the problem occurs. Once you are pretty sure about this, it’s time to fix it. Make sure you park your truck in a safer place. If the problem is with the coolant leaks, you should try to fix the leaks. Furthermore, the solution you will take depends on the issues that cause the problem.

Why Is My Truck Overheating When It Has Coolant?

Maybe the leaks in the coolant create problems. The coolant usually helps the engine stay cool even if you drive your truck for a long time. But, when there’s a leak, it gradually soils the capabilities of the coolant to make your engine calm down. So, having a leakage-free coolant is vital here.

Why Is My F150 Overheating?

There is not a single issue that causes the problems. It more likely happens that there’s a leakage in your coolant system. Besides, this type of problem may occur having issues with your truck’s radiator, faulty water pump, low level of oil, and stuff. Sometimes, you may discover a single problem or more at a time.

Do Ecoboost Engines Run Hot?

Though EcoBoost is a powerful engine, it can sometimes run so hot. Therefore, your EcoBoost engine in a Ford truck may run hot for some issues. Sometimes, if you continue driving for a long time, the engine may be hot, along with some issues. These are; leakage in coolant, radiator problems, low oil, etc.

Final Words

As we are so near to the discussion regarding ford f150 EcoBoost overheating issues, it’s your time to notice what caused the problem. Besides, don’t feel harsh if you notice the problem, taking the steps that we mentioned to allow you to fix the problem.

Therefore, you will be able to fix most of the problems independently. But, in terms of difficulty, it will be much better to take your car to the garage. Don’t forcibly drive while you are seeing overheating on your engine. It may cause some serious trouble to your vehicle.

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