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What Are The 2012 Ford F150 Starting System Faults?

What Are The 2012 Ford F150 Starting System Faults

So, you have a Ford 2012 and sometimes you probably experience an issue regarding starting system failure of your vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s a really frustrating and shocking matter to you and that’s why you’re here trying to look for the answers- What are the 2012 ford f150 starting system faults, right?

Well, usually the starting system is responsible for starting the engine and thus the vehicle as well. So, if this system has come up with issues, the dashboard of your Ford vehicle may show you a message- starting system faults.

Here, the thing is if you don’t know the reasons why this message is screened on the display bar, you can’t fix the issue and ultimately your vehicle won’t start. So, considering this fact, here, in this article, we’ve tried to find out the signs and reasons causing starting system faults of your 2012 ford f150 vehicle.
All right, let’s check out the article!

The Starting System of Ford Vehicle

Well, our main concern is knowing you the starting system fault of your ford vehicle. But, before diagnosing the problem, you should know about its system first. Otherwise, while diagnosing the issues, you may not understand them well.
So, our first piece of advice is to know the starting system of the engine of your 2012 ford f150 vehicle.

The starting system is nothing but an engine system of your vehicle that helps to start the engine. This system comes up with an ignition key. To start your car, you just have to turn on this key and while turning on the ignition key, you need to use solenoids. Using this one will help you to turn on the key quickly.
However, after the starter key is switched on, the current flows and feeds the solenoids. There is also a return spring that helps to switch off the starter key while you are releasing it from the key port.

When the current starts to feed the solenoid, the iron rod movement is closed by the electromagnet attraction. And, therefore, a starting system circuit is also formed as the circuit formation system of battery to starter is completed as well.
The engine starting system comes with an electric motor, a transmission system, and an electromagnetic switch. The electric motor usually creates a torque which then transmits to the flywheel.

Here, the electromagnetic switch of the drive system forces the engine’s drive liver to engage the drive gear with the flywheel’s rim. So, the engine can start. And, when the engine of the vehicle is started, it helps to rotate the drive gear.
Here, the thing is, this drive gear needs to be rotated at idle to prevent electric motor damage. However, if not so, it ultimately damages the motor and your vehicle’s engine won’t start in that case.

A Brief Explanation of The Starting System Fault Diagram

image 1

The diagram of the starting system fault of the Ford Vehicle

Reasons For Starting System Fault of 2012 Ford F150 Vehicle

Most of the time, the Ford vehicle users complain that their vehicle’s dashboard shows a starting system fault message in the display bar. It is especially a common scenario in some of the Ford truck year models including 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, etc.

And, while diagnosing these fault reasons, we have figured out that most Ford vehicle owners report some specific reasons behind showing this starter fault massage. These reasons include ignition key issues, brake sensor issues, battery issues, module issues, etc.

So, based on their complaint, in this section, we will try to explain the reasons with the help of the starting system fault diagram and also will provide some other necessary information to help you better understand the reasons.

1. Ignition key issues

One of the most common reasons causing the 2012 Ford f150 vehicle starting system fault is if there are any issues with the ignition key of the engine starter system.

We have found that the Ford truck owners having f150 2012-year truck model claimed that their trucks won’t start with the ignition keys and no matter what they just got the starter fault message on the dashboard.

Every time they entered the key to start the engine, unfortunately, their vehicle shut down while displaying the same message again and again.

And, some Ford users bring their truck to the dealers and after diagnosing, they said that this happens due to having PATS key code issues recognized by the PATS anti-theft system of Ford. Thus, they prefer to use a second key to fix this issue so the ignition can finally start up the engine.

However, they also mentioned that every time, when they start their trucks with the remote start, it starts the engine and vehicle as well. So, in this case, if you find out that your vehicle won’t get started due to having ignition key issues, using the spare probably will resolve the problem typically.

Besides, you should also notice if there is any rattling noise inside the key. This is because if the key has any bad chip inside it, it will rattle and also won’t let the engine start immediately while turning on the keys and thus displays on the dashboard a start system fault message.
If it happens, you need to open the key fob to reposition the key chip inside it and then have to glue it properly in the right place.

2. Brake sensor issues

Brake sensor issues are another most significant reason for starting system failure. When identifying the issues, we have found out in most Ford forums that the dashboard of the Ford vehicle shows this message due to having an emergency parking brake sensor.

When the emergency brake pedal currently engages, you will see that the gear indicator of your vehicle presents with a P – wrench symbol. It indicates that you have to disengage the parking brake immediately before you have attempted to drive your Ford f150 truck.

During that period, you may see that your vehicle’s dashboard and every warning light is finely lit up, but only the starter system won’t run. And, if so, it doesn’t make even a subtle difference while pulling the brake system into neutral by park neutral position switch (see the diagram mentioned above).

According to some truck owners, when they found out about the parking sensor issues, they quickly removed it. Moreover, they also cleaned the green corroded connector to the brake sensor. But unfortunately, removing the sensor and cleaning the corroded connector only fix the vehicle’s other issues instead of fixing starting system faults issues.

Besides, if the parking brake pedal doesn’t have solid contacts, you will experience network issues. Therefore, according to Ford engineering mechanic contacts, they advised that you should parallel the two primary wires having a high-speed network and also solder them eventually. This is because they claimed that the poor connection is the reason for the starting system failure issue.

3. Battery issues

Fault with the Ford vehicle’s starting system may also happen if there are battery issues. After a certain period, the battery and the electric motor of your vehicle start to suffer, and ultimately, they become damaged.

And, if you diagnose this issue, you will find that it occurs as the engine of your vehicle turns over really too slowly while starting. Besides, the most common reasons behind this having simply loose as well as dirty connections.

Most of the time, while fitting the vehicle’s batteries, the truck owners don’t force the terminals of the batteries fully down and the batteries are also not coated with petroleum jelly which leads to not only loose but also corroded connections.

As we have mentioned earlier, cleaning these corroded connections sometimes won’t fix the starting fault issues. So, it will be better if you take preventive actions.
Some owners also claimed that they experience this problem although their truck has got brand new batteries but only after a week, the starting fault issue has started.

Moreover, in this case, some of them have also tried disconnecting and reconnecting the vehicle’s batteries, maintaining a time interval for 15 minutes where the ignition keys are placed in their positions.

It’s actually suggested by a Ford master technician on a site where he claimed that it might reset the vehicle’s PATS system. And, finally will solve the battery issues and won’t cause the starting system fault of your Ford truck. Well, some Ford truck drivers find this useful and some found out with no help!

Here, one thing you should know is that the most common sources of these issues are worn brushes manifold, burn contacts, worn commutator, etc. inside the solenoids of the engine system.

If you look over the starting system diagram, you will find that starting a motor with AOD transmission helps to power the battery and thus the starting system as well as it feeds the flowing currents. However, if there occurs a misleading of the vehicle’s battery power, you may experience that the lights appear on the vehicles on the dashboard.

Besides, the headlights are also working perfectly, yet, the only issue you will find then is that the engine of your vehicle won’t turn over although you have switched on the ignition keys.
Therefore, to fix these battery issues, you should fit and replace the worse brushes with the new replacement of both brushes and commutator depending on the commutator surface conditions.

4. Module issues

Last but not least issue, we have found out while diagnosing the starting system faults is having module issues. In the engine starting system, there are a lot of control modules that control the starter relays (see above in the diagram).
Well, here, have a look at some involved control modules list given below-

Control moduleAbbreviation
BCMBody control module
PCMPowertrain control module
BJBBattery junction box
DJBDistribution junction box
GDJBGround distribution junction box
PDJBPower distribution junction box

These control modules in the starter relay basically supply the ignition switch to power the battery where also codes are stored in between two modules. However, you need to test the modules for power and to know as well which module is responsible for controlling the starter relays in the engine starting system.

Here, we have also provided a diagram that shows you the starting system fault presenting some module issues.

The diagram shows starting system fault scheme with module issues

Most ford vehicle mechanics when dealing with the starting system faults issues, they claimed that they have figured out some control modules causing this starting failure which include a body control module, power distribution junction box, etc.

They have found out a broken fuse although it’s not blown on the power distribution block causing failure of the starting system of the Ford vehicle. However, when this distribution center of the module was flexed, starter relays are capable of clicking on and off.

Therefore, the Ford truck then tries efficiently to crank over, so it doesn’t have to start the engine with jump leads as well as starter packs. It indicates that you may have a weak battery causing engine starting problems with your Ford F150 vehicle.

Well, if the starting system faults appear on your vehicle’s dashboard due to module issues, here the must thing you have to do quickly is scanning your vehicles for getting all codes in all the control modules as the codes are stored in the modules.

So, you can clear the code to start the engine of your 2012 ford f150 vehicle. Moreover, if you find out the issues with the body control modules of your Ford vehicles, you should immediately replace them with a new replacement.

This is because the BCM module causes this issue as it isn’t either sending or accepting the right signals that ultimately don’t permit your vehicle to start the engine. So, a new replacement of this module is necessary.

Besides, some Ford vehicle owners report that when the mechanics replaced the modules, they never experienced this kind of issue.

The Most Common Signs of Starting System Fault in Ford Vehicle

Okay, so far, we have explained the reasons causing the starting system faults, now we will discuss the signs of starting failure in the engine in Ford vehicles briefly.

1. The engine starter rotates slowly

So, if you experience that your engine starter rotates slowly or doesn’t rotate your vehicle’s engine at all, it indicates that there isn’t sufficient battery power that is required to start your Ford truck’s engine. It ultimately leads to the starting system fault message appearing on your vehicle’s dashboard.

In this case, you should check your vehicle’s battery charge, ignition lock group’s functionality, wires continuity, ground contacts fastening condition, etc. so you solve this starting fault issue.

2. The starter drive gear generates grinding noise

One of the most common signs of starting system failure in a Ford vehicle is that the starter drive gear of your truck will produce annoying grinding noise. The reason is it is not engaged properly and thus is typically worn out.

Therefore, while starting the engine, it accidentally functions the ignition key switch turning on again, and thus, the grinding noise symptom has appeared.

3. The vehicle starts to have some intermittent issues

When you start your vehicle and figure out that its engine doesn’t start as there is no ignition, what will you do then? Probably, you turn on the ignition switch again so it can work and the thing is it actually works just after clicking the switch again instead of working with instant start.

It basically indicates that there is a starter relay problem. It usually sends the flowing full electrical current to feed the solenoid. In this case, if the starter relay becomes damaged, it will cause a starting system fault and also creates a clicking sound while turning on the ignition key.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the starting system fault mean on a 2012 Ford F150 truck?

The starting system fault on a 2012 Ford F150 truck means that there is an internal starter system error that occurs due to having a failed starter, damaged ignition keys, starter relays, etc. in the engine starting system.
Therefore, when turning on the key, it may power all the other accessories but won’t start the engine of the 2012 Ford F150 vehicle.

What is included in the starting system of a Ford F150 vehicle?

The starting system of a Ford F150 vehicle comes with an ignition key switch, a starter motor, a starter solenoid or electromagnetic switch, a starter relay, and a battery.
The ignition key turns on the switch and the current flows to the starter solenoid and then a high current reaches the vehicle’s starter motor to power the battery and the engine starts.

How can you reset your Ford vehicle’s body control module (BCM)?

Resetting the Ford body control module is an easy process. To reset the BCM, you need to disconnect or turn off the vehicle’s battery and then need to reconnect or turn on the battery.
However, while disconnecting and reconnecting the Ford battery, you should wait for 15 minutes. Besides, you can reset the BCM in a Ford F150 vehicle using a forscan.

Final Verdict

So, in this article, we have discussed the topic- What are the 2012 ford f150 starting system faults? -by providing a lot of information that is related to the starter system faults, signs and reasons.

The starter system is one of the most important engine systems and without this, your vehicle’s engine won’t start and function. Besides, if there is an issue with the starting system, it will not only affect starting of the engines but also damage the battery and other accessory parts.
Therefore, knowing the starting system faults of Ford vehicles is really important for you if you want to prevent the starting related issues and also want to avoid an unwanted and problematic situation.

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