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What Does XLT Stand for Ford Truck & Things You Get with It?

What Does XLT Stand for Ford Truck

There are many models from Ford that come with an XLT term and people who look into getting one, might feel confused seeing it being repeated again and again. So, the need to know what does XLT stands for ford models becomes obvious.

And also, the reason why you are reading this piece. Well, we have tried to explain the term, give you a good back story of the reference, features you gonna get with as well as a mini side by side analysis in comparison to XL models.

Hopefully, anyone looking forward to buying one XLT will gather some good information from here today.

Exactly What Does XLT Stand for Ford?

Basically “extra luxurious truck” is what Ford XLT stands for. And this term basically helps in denoting the fact that the model’s lineup comes with a higher trim level.

What Does XLT Stand for Ford Truck

So, it’s clear that the original meaning just refers to an additional luxurious truck. And with that being said, the whole thing was offered on F-serious light trucks for the 1st time during 1969-1970. If you can remember Ranger, it got the XLT suffix. So that people can identify as the new top trim holder. And it was called the Ranger XLT. 

According to Vehiclefreak,

XLT stands for Extra Luxurious Truck and the XLT designation goes back as far as 1970 when the top trim level for the Ford Ranger for the 1970s model was known as the XLT. By 1973, the Ford F-100 also had an XLT model, and the XLT model became the trim distinction to separate it from the basic XL model.

Then by 1973, there was an XLT model with F-100 as well. And it was different from the basic XL model with the trim distinction.

2020 has seen many interiors and exterior modifications for performance benefits with Ford XLT. One good example would be the 3.0 Liter Powerstroke V6 Diesel Engine that you get with XLT. Something you don’t get with the XL package.

There are also

  • Silver painted wheels are made of aluminum.
  • Six wheels included in package.
  • Carpeted floor mats.
  • Setting top speed, seatbelt use, and max volume for radio deciding setting called Cruise control & MyKey.
  • Sync 3 that you activate with voice for entertainment use.
  • Both front and rear bumpers are made of chrome.
  • Tailgate is assisted by power.
  • Side view mirrors that are power glass.
  • Better seat control giving lumbar controls on the front passenger.
  • Manual driving as well.

Now Let’s Have a Look at What is XLT Package in Ford

As you have learned what does XLT mean for ford, you just might become super tempted by a package but wait. In reality, understanding, that the manufacturers assigned different trim levels are pretty confusing. In fact, the Ford XLT truck is the perfect example of this fact.

XLT trim package has nothing to do with bed length actually. This means you are not getting any extra-long truck just because it’s XLT. This is a huge misconception that some have about the Ford XLT trucks.

You are free to go with a short or long-bed pickup truck and still have an XLT package. The trim options are available in F-450, F-350, F-250 and of course, F-150. Also, Ford expeditions, Ford Rangers, and Ford Explorers have the same package available.

Now if we try to have a deeper look, let’s talk about the trim options for XLT ranger. It’s more basic, nothing out of exceptional. Perhaps the sound system, that’s a great one. And then we have the expedition as well as explore. Both come with a few sumptuous extras. For example, the keyless entry mechanism.

18-inch wheels made of aluminum are there with the expedition. You’ll set back around six thousand bucks for an XLT version of f150. But then again, there’s quite a bit you get with it.

One more thing is that with XLT trim level, you would get bumpers of chrome as well as a grille. There are headlamps that can automatically turn on or off. Not to forget the rain lamp wiper activation.

Exploring The Escape XLT Version

The Ford Escape is available in XLT, apart from Limited and XLS trims. The XLT version would offer a 4cylinder engine of 2.5 liters. And it pairs with an A6-speed automatic transmission.

You can have any one of the 4X4 drivetrains or FWD systems. The fuel tank is 16.5 gallons that need unleaded regular gas. And along with these, there are running lights for daytime, leather-made seats, fog lamps, and a radio.

In Case of XLT VS XL – Here’s What You Must Know

A few things might just make it clear why you should opt for XLT and not the XL, or at least if you do pick XL, what’s not coming with it.

First and foremost, you can’t get the engine option of 3.0L Power StrokeⓇ Turbo Diesel V6 with picking XL, which was something XLT does offer we already know. Then both do give 17 inches silver steel wheels, but the XL ones won’t give you aluminum construction here.

Also, instead of having 6 wheels option with XLT, you would get only 4 additional wheel options with XL.

Then, XL models have black vinyl floor covering as their standard option. This means you’ll miss the great color-coordinated carpeted floor that was available with XLT versions. The XL comes with AM/FM stereo, not the Sync 3 we see with XLT.

XLT’s chrome rear and front bumpers, black background mesh as well as surround, and two bar grilles of chrome, you won’t get any of these with XL. Also, the power lock tailgate. Instead, there’s a normal black color two-bar grille pairing with nostrils that are black. And basic key lock tailgate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ford XL or XLT better?

We hope you have given the previous short comparison section between ford XL vs XLT a read, then it should be clear already. If not, definitely the XLT comes with better power and tech features, making it the better one. However, some might like the utilitarian and fleet usage characteristics of XL, and so go for it, which is also a preference we understand.

How do I know if my Ford is XL or XLT?

The grille, in XL, would be black and in XLT it should be chrome made. Also, you’ll notice a black surround with background mess in XLT, while not finding them in XL.

Does XLT come with heated seats?

Yes, there are XLT models that come with front bucket seats. And there are power adjustments with heating features for these.


So, it looks like you know exactly what does XLT stand for ford models. And a few more things that relate to it. Such information and knowledge are necessary for anyone trying to decide whether or not to go for XLT versions. And that’s a wise thing to do, researching and finding stuff. Hopefully, this guide was able to give you some important insights.

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