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What size floor jack for F150?

What size floor jack for F150

Want to know about what size floor jack for F150do you require to safely lift your Ford truck? Well, according to the experts and Ford F150 users, a standard floor jack having a load capacity of 3 tons or 6000 lbs will be best and go high enough to lift your F150 truck.

With the appropriate size floor jack, you’ll get a more stable base and wider lifting saddle which make it more secure to use with your F150 vehicle. Besides, since it provides enough load capacity with minimum height, fitting the jacks in your F150’s ground clearance will be easier for you.

However, choosing the right size yet, a reliable floor jack to easily lift your vehicle with minimum effort is quite difficult, if you don’t have an idea about it. Therefore, in this article, we’ve come to you to let you find the right one that’ll be a better fit for your F150 heavy beast.

What size floor jack for the F150 truck do you need?

Ford manufactures their trucks like F150 providing heavy-duty features. Therefore, to lift this heavy-duty truck, you will need more than the regularly used jacks like a floor jack or, in other words, a hydraulic jack.

Besides, it will be a wise decision if you invest in a feasible right size jack. It can easily lift your F150 vehicle into the air with less effort where you also don’t have to experience any dangerous consequences.

So, choosing the right size floor jack comes down to competence. It isespecially; if you want more reach under your F150 vehicle and also want low-profile designs for your close suspension seats to the ground.

Therefore, considering these facts, the experts examine the long-reach low profile, flexible, and heavy-duty floor jacks for doing a lot of work underneath your F150 truck. And after examination, they recommend that a 3-ton size floor jack will be best for secure lifting the vehicle. Moreover, they also claimed that this 3-ton size is really suitable for this heavier F150 truck configuration.

Besides, most of the3-ton size floor jack comes with a higher lift range which you can easily install underneath any of your F150 vehicle’s jack points since it offers higher ground clearance. Therefore, it will help you to raise your Ford quickly as the load capacity of the jack can surpass this vehicle’s weight.

Furthermore, a 3-ton rated floor jack with the maximum lift capacity and lift height will be sufficient to safely handle your heavy Ford F150 that will deliver you the margin of safety that you require. So, you really don’t have to worry while working underneath your car.

And, according to the thumb rule, the size of the floor jack should be at least 3-quarters (75% rule) of your vehicle’s total gross weight to lift both fronts and back wheels, yet to lift one wheel, you need to use the 33% thumb rule.

So, if you follow this rule, for your 6000-7000 pounds heavy duty F150 truck, a 3-ton size floor jack is considered the appropriate jack size that is more capable to lift both front tires as well as both back wheels of your truck easily.

What is the best size floor jack for F150?

While looking for the best floor jacks for your F150 vehicle, you might get confused about which one and what size will be best that you need. The reason is you know there are several types and models of floor jacks available in the market manufactured by different renowned brands.

So, it will be a troublesome task for you while make the right choice. Therefore, in this case, you should compare several floor jack options considering their build quality, load capacity, materials, budget to weight rating, etc.

By doing so, you can easily figure out the best one and thus you also can purchase easily without having any confusion in your mind.

So, based on these facts, here, we have provided you with a shortlist of some of the best size floor jacks with a comparison table to make things easier for you. All right, let’s have a quick look at the comparison table of our recommended products.

Arcan ALJ3T- 3 ton rated Floor jackBIG RED- T83002- 3 ton rated Floor Jack
Size (L x W x H)
30″ x 13.5″ x 8″28.5″ x 16″ x 8″
56 pounds78 pounds
Load Capacity
3 tons or 6,000 lbs3 tons or 6,000 lbs
Minimum lift range
Maximum lift range
Price on Amazon

1. Arcan ALJ3T- 3 ton rated Floor jack

Our first recommended best floor jack product after incise research is the Arcan ALJ3T- 3 ton rated Floor jack. If you want a lightweight, dual-piston, and overall well-built quality floor jack, consider this one as your ongoing floor jack that will be an ideal jack tool for your garage work.

This jack comes with a double pump, thus most people think it might be heavier. Yet, fortunately, it’s lighter and weighs only 56 pounds because of its aircraft-grade aluminum body construction. Therefore, you can easily move your jack and lift your Ford vehicle with less effort.

When it comes to its lifting power, this Arcan floor jack has a 3-ton or 6000 lbs load capacity that is sufficient enough to lift the F150 truck. With this 3-ton jack size, you will have a ground clearance of about one and a half feet. For this, you just need to extend this jack to its maximum height while doing any repair work.

Moreover, the ArcanALJ3T also features a 2-piece handle, side-mounted handle, reinforced lift arm, bypass as well as overload valves, a versatile and wide lifting range of about 3.75″ to 18″, etc. to make it more durable and to enhance its control and overall strength. So, you can work safely underneath the vehicle.

2. BIG RED-T83002- 3 ton rated Floor Jack

The next recommended product for the best size floor jack is the BIG RED-T83002- 3 ton rated Floor Jack. If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet,long-performing floor jack for your Ford F150 vehicle, this BIG RED will be the best option for you.

It comes with heavy-duty and well-built steel body construction that makes it super durable. Thus, you can have it for a long time for lifting your vehicle and repairing work as well. Like the previous ArcanALJ3T floor jack model, it also has a load capacity of 3-ton or 6000 lbs which is perfect for lifting not only your F150 but also SUVs, pickup trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

The reason is although they share the same load capacity, the BIG RED floor jack provides a higher minimum as well as maximum lifting range compared to the Arcan Floor Jack which is 5.5″ and 20.5″ accordingly. This lifting range offers you enough space to place it under the vehicle’s jack point for doing maintenance work in your F150 truck.

Besides, one of the most significant things about this floor jack it features two large rear steel clusters as well as two rear 360-degree swivel casters. So, you can smoothly maneuver this floor jack while lifting your vehicle.

So overall, all these features make this 3-ton size BIG RED a great floor jack for securely raising your F150 heavy-duty truck.

How do you choose the best size floor jack for F150?

Choosing the right size floor jack with maximum load capacity is an obvious thing for lifting heavy-duty vehicles. However, for this, you need to consider some important factors such as materials, the weight of your vehicle, vehicle type, lifting mechanism, height range, etc.

Here, in this part, we have described these factors in detail.


Before you are going to choose the floor jack for your Ford, the first thing you need to think about is which material the jack floor is suitable for safely lifting your truck.

As you may know that most hydraulic floor jacks are heavy machines because of their heavy-duty body construction. Yet, the reinforced lift arms make the floor jack more durable to support the vehicle’s weight.

The floor jacks are usually built from Steel and Aluminum materials. Here, the floor jack that is made from heavy-duty steel is heavier yet more durable, coming at an affordable price. However, the floor jack made of Aluminum is comparatively lighter but less durable and also comes at a higher price.

Moreover, you can also get a Hybrid floor jack that is built from a combination of both heavy-duty steel as well as aluminum materials. So, you can get the best performance of both materials together.

Weight of the vehicle

Another primary factor to consider while choosing a floor jack is the weight capacity of your Ford F150 vehicle. To securely lift your truck, you will require a floor jack having maximum weight lifting capacity.

For this, first, you need to figure out the gross weight as well as the front and rear weight of your truck that is embedded on the sticker located inside your vehicle’s door. Or, you can find this in the manual guide of your vehicle.

Here, you have to remember that you should get more weight lifting capacity than you actually require. However, don’t try to get overboard since the higher the weight capacity, the heavier and slower the floor jack.

Vehicle type

The next thing you need to consider is your vehicle type. This is because which size of floor jack you will require entirely depends on your vehicle type whether it is a heavy-duty or light-duty truck, pickup truck, SUV, etc.

You will see a stark size difference when you are going to compare a compact size vehicle and a heavy-duty vehicle having load capacities of 3-4 tons on average.

Therefore, when you are getting your large heavy-duty truck like Ford F150 off the ground, you will require a more durable, sturdy, and a heavier floor jack. Besides, most of the floor jacks technically have not only heavier load capacities but also higher lifting range.

Moreover, the F150 truck provides a higher ground clearance thus; even a low-profile floor jack can well fit underneath this Ford vehicle.

Lifting mechanism

When choosing the best size floor jack for F150, consider the lifting mechanism of this jack on how they lift your vehicle. The floor jacks are one of the fastest jacks to raise your car but unfortunately, the portability feature is not as convenient since the wheels tend to be heavier.

However, it comes with reinforced longer arms that will slide underneath your vehicle and then will rise again when you are pumping the handle.

Lifting height range

The lifting height range of the floor jack is another significant fact to consider when it comes to choosing the right size floor jack. The floor jack having a higher maximum lifting height range compared to any typical vehicle jack is considered the best size floor jack.

Usually, a typical vehicle jack delivers the maximum height range of about 12-14-inches whereas heavy-duty trucks require at least 16-inches of lifting height to be lifted.

Although the floor jacks come with a less lifting height range than the bottle jacks yet, when choosing look for the one that features a maximum lifting height of more than 16-inches. Here, you can look over our recommended products as they offer a higher maximum lifting height.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a 2-ton size floor jack enough for lifting an F150 truck?

Usually, a 2-ton size floor jack having the load capacities of 4000 lbs is capable of lifting one corner or a wheel for a tire change of your vehicle. However, to lift the F150 truck, honestly, it is not sufficient enough; rather you will require twice which means 4-ton or at least 3-ton size floor jack.
However, while using a 2-ton size floor jack to raise a corner, ensure that you have used a strong jack as well as a good set of strong jack stands.

Aluminum or steel- which material floor jack is worth lifting the Ford F150?

Well, for your heavy-duty trucks like Ford F150, you should purchase a steel floor jack as it is stronger, heavier, and can conveniently support lifting the vehicle, and after all, it’s much cheaper than the Aluminum floor jack.
Yet, if you need a lighter floor jack so you can easily move it when you’re traveling or around your garage while repairing your vehicle, you should go for an Aluminum floor jack.

What are the benefits of using a floor jack?

Floor jacks are safe and pretty easy to use; moreover, they are more capable of lifting a heavier vehicle. Yes, these floor jacks are not that portable like any other style of jack but they feature wheels or clusters to easily move them around your vehicle.
Besides, due to having these wheels and clusters, it is simply easy to fit the jacks underneath the jack point. Therefore, by using a floor jack you can safely lift your heavy vehicle in a very short time. And, once your repair work is done, you can easily lower your vehicle again with minimal effort.

Final Verdict

So, by now, you’ve read the whole article regarding the topic –what size floor jack for F150 you will require. So, after reading this guideline, what’s your opinion? What size floor jack do you think is best to fit your F150 vehicle?

Well, we have already given you our opinion and explanation on why a 3-ton size floor jack is the best-fitted jack for F150 trucks. Besides, we’ve also recommended some of the best size floor jack products to make your purchase easier.

Okay, hopefully, you have understood all of the facts and finally, the next thing is up to you.

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