[Easy Fixing] How To Unstick Oil Pressure Relief Valve?

The oil pressure relief valve’s function is vital for an engine as it limits the pressure of the oil to the engine. And sticking the oil pressure relief valve is an annoying matter.

So we are here to solve this issue by showing you the easiest method of how to unstick the pressure relief valve at home by yourself.

Moreover, you will get to know some special suggestions about easy tricks and techniques for the sticking oil pressure relief valve.

So be attentive and read till the end for our experienced technicians’ suggestions.

How To Unstick Oil Pressure Relief Valve

Sticking oil pressure relief valves is a widespread problem in the present situation. But do not panic. Subsequently reading this article, you will be able to fix this problem at your home by yourself. So be attentive and let me start the method.

Here, we will show you the whole process in 3 parts. They are;

  1. Stuck valve opening method
  2. Observing the old oil pressure relief valve
  3. How to reseat the new pressure relief valve again after sticking

1. Stuck Valve Opening Method

In this part, we will tell you how to remove stuck pressure relief valve.

Location of air pressure relief valve

You can find this valve at the oil pump platform and it helps to reach a maximum pressure of oil from the tank to the engine.

Necessary Tools:

  • Two Allen wrenches
  • Relief valve piston puller tool
  • Soak pot for used oil
  • Fresh oil and filter


  • Draining Engine Oil: Firstly, you need to drain the excess engine oil from the oil pump outlet. Drain all the used oil on the oil platform.
  • Replacing Drain Plug: The second task is to eliminate the drain plug. You can use an “Allen wrench” the elimination of the drain plug. Be conscious that it does not lose. Then use a new drain plug.
  • Withdrawing Engine Oil Filter: After the drain plug elimination, you have to remove the engine oil filter. Then use another filter that processes correctly.
  • Removing Used Oil: Remove all the used oil and refill with fresh oil.
  • Removing The Old Valve: Now the main task is removing the old valve. You can use the puller tool to remove the sticking oil pressure relief valve.

Here the stuck valve opening procedure is finished. Then comes the second portion, which is about observation.

2. Observing The Old One

After removing the stuck valve, compare it with the new one. You can see your valve got damaged and need modification. So you should replace the valve.

But if you observe it is not damaged, then you need to soak oil from it and clean it properly with a cleanser. Then again, fix it.

But we will advise you to use a new one because it will disturb you repeatedly for sure when it starts to get stuck the first time.

3. Reseating A New Pressure Relief Valve

  • Preparation Step: Now take a new oil pressure relief valve. Then start the engine. You need two people to do this job. one person is to adjust the pressure relief valve, and another one is to conduct the control panel.
  • Pressure Declining Step: The pressure should be up to 1050psi. Never cross the pressure. Unlock the cap-nut on the oil pressure relief valve and allow it to unwind until the valve becomes free. Now regulate the pressure relief valve, and when the pressure declines to around 200psi, it will reseat. Continue the declining pressure until there is zero pressure. Then shut off the pump.
  • Plug-In The Valve: Tighten the nut on the oil pressure control valve properly and investigate the whole process.

This is how you can easily reseat an oil pressure relief valve, and you will be able to get the proper and smooth function of your engine.

Other Techniques

There are some other techniques that you can use to unstick the oil pressure relief valve without replacing the valve.

  • Using Air Pressure: You can use air pressure to unstick the pressure relief valve.
  • Increasing The Pressure Of Oil: If you increase the pressure of oil, then the stuck oil pressure valve will unstick.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to find out if oil pressure relief valve is bad?

If you can identify your system does not get proper pressure because of leaking of the air pressure relief valve, you can be sure that your relief valve is bad.

What would happen if the pressure relief valve is stuck open?

If the valve is stuck open, it is a sign of failure of the valve. It is a serious reason for damaging the oil filter as well as the engine.
You should know that the oil pressure relief valve stuck close is also a reason for engine failure.

How do you remove an oil pressure relief valve?

You can easily remove the valve by using valve removal tool. For more, you can read the entire step by step process.


If you were attentive to reading, now you should not be scared of how to unstick oil pressure relief valve. Use all the tricks and tips to complete your task appropriately. Stay with us for more fixtures.

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