Finding Out How Much Does It Cost to Delete a Diesel Truck

How Much Does It Cost to Delete a Diesel Truck

A few upgrades that are quite popular for diesel engines are DPF and EGR deletes. There are a few benefits that might make you consider deleting a diesel. Of course, there are counter-intuitive to having your exhaust components removed. But you must have your reasons. And if you do decide it, then getting an idea of the cost of having it done comes next.

There are aftermarket kits available for such deletes. And then other sorts of costs are also there. Now how much does it cost to delete a diesel truck, maybe a rough idea? Well, you’ll know, keep on reading…

Exactly How Much Does It Cost to Delete a Diesel Truck?

You should be able to delete the diesel truck in 4500-4850 bucks. This includes the labor, parts, tax, and also shop supplies.

Cost to Delete a Diesel Truck

It should not take more than 2 hours to get the job done. Also, programming should take half an hour only. The cost would include labor, parts, tax, and shop supplies. For the labor, you can expect it to be not more than 1900 dollars.

And for the parts, you can manage between 2500-2700 bucks for most cases. Then for the tax, you must be 205 to 210 bucks, confirm it with the authorities. While for shop supplies, just keep aside 25 to 40 bucks. And that makes a total cost of 4500 to 4850 dollars. So technically you should be able to have the diesel truck deleted in less than 5000 dollars.

Explaining The Cost Deeply

Now it’s also possible you just want to know how much does a DPF delete cost and go with it. Well, from an economy POV, it definitely sounds like something that would increase the economy.

And perhaps because it fills up way faster making it problematic for the engine. So, the need for frequent cleaning and checking comes up next. Overall, the maintenance cost seems too much hassle to deal with, so you simply decide to delete it investing in a DPF delete kit.

Well, if you are willing to go for just a base tuner, it’ll need around 550 to 600 bucks. But for a complete performance kit that should handle DPF delete, pipe, intake, and basically all required items, then expect the cost to be more than 3000 bucks.

While for EGR and DPF delete price, you’ll need to add another 200 dollars. Someone else doing the installation for you would add more to the total cost. It could be more than 1000 dollars.

And if it’s all three, DPF, DEF, and EGR, then it’s basically going for a complete diesel delete.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to delete a diesel truck?

Basically, this means you’ll get rid of a few or even all emissions control gears of the system. And that would be considered as deleting a diesel. Usually, it starts with the removal of catalytic converters, as those are pretty simple to get rid of. You just place a straight pipe instead of the converter to replace it.

Is deleting a diesel worth it?

It’s going to depend on your goals on why you’d consider doing so. Apparently, it’s not a usual thing for anyone to remove their diesel pickup’s emissions equipment. Also, be aware of the fact that this will void the factory warranty that you’ve received.

Is it illegal to delete your diesel truck?

Legally you will be able to get the emission system out of your vehicle. However, this will require you to get recertification from the maker. Also, certification issuing will be necessary. Not to forget the new emission label.

How do you know if my truck is deleted?

The intake horn will show a blue plate if it’s deleted. This spot basically allows the factory EGR pipe to stay connected. Also, there’s usually a huge EGR cooler on the engine’s left-hand side. With valve necessary cables. However, now there should be just two plates on the exhaust manifold instead.

Can a deleted Diesel pass the emissions test?

With the DPF deleted, the diesel won’t be able to pass an emissions test. And this is true for most countries or states regarding laws.


Now you know how much does it cost to delete a diesel truck along with some relevant information on this whole matter. Whatever you decide to do with your truck, please be well aware of the consequences it will bring. Just don’t be surprised because you were unaware of certain happenings. It’s not going to feel nice for sure. Bye!

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