Easiest Fixes For P2442 Toyota Tundra Error Code [With Tips & Tricks]

What Does P2442 Mean? Toyota Tundra code P2442 means the secondary air injection system switching valve of the Toyota Tundra is stuck open.

This one-way check valve balances airflow into the exhaust; it can not do the function when this valve is open. So too much airflow occurs into the exhaust and hampers the engine.

Basically, the P2442 code is related to the problem in the emission control system. The secondary air injection system switching valve is a crucial part of the emission control system.

So when it remains open or stuck open, the emission control system function collapses. Here we will discuss causes, symptoms and most importantly solutions to the P2442 error code.

P2442 Toyota Tundra

First, check out the causes and symptoms for a quick overview.

Defective vacuum switching valveDelaying at the time of acceleration of the car
Damage air injection pumpAwful sound comes from the engine
Leakage in the air injection tubesTroubling during starting
Sucking water into the air injection pumpsA warning light may illuminate

Now, you will get to know the solutions according to the causes of Toyota P2442 code.

Defective Vacuum Switching Valve

If you face difficulties during acceleration, it is a symptom of a defective vacuum switching valve. When your switching valve is open, it represents that the vacuum switching valve is defective.

Solution: You should replace or repair the defective vacuum switching valve, also known as a one-way check valve.

In such cases, we recommend you replace the valve because repairing is quite expensive and not a long-lasting treatment.

Damaged Air Injection Pump

Secondary air injection valves can remain open for damaged air injection pumps. It causes too much airflow into the exhaust, which is unsuitable for the engine. You can get an awful sound from the engine.

Solution: We will suggest you to replace the air injection pump. You also can repair it.

Besides, you can clean the pump and test the airflow to check the damage level of the air injection pump.

Leakage In The Air Injection Tubes

Leakage in the air injection tubes is a vital cause of secondary air injection switching valves being open.

If the air injection tube is leaking, the airflow can not reach the exhaust in the appropriate measure to start up the engine. So at the time of starting the truck, you will face trouble.

Solution: The solution for this is simple. Initially, check the leakage. Then take precautions to repair the tube. Otherwise, replace the leaked tube.

Sucking Water Into The Air Injection Pumps

Sucking water into the air injection pump is another vital reason for the defective emission control system. When water enters the pump, it stops working. As a result, the emission control system is hampered.

Solution: You can replace the air injection pump. If you want to know another solution except replacing, you can follow the procedure;

  • You can soak the water with a piece of cloth.
  • If you find any leakage, immediately repair it.
  • Do not allow any moisture in the pump.

Now tell me, do you understand what the P2442 code means? We try to give you some excellent P2442 Toyota Tundra fix so that you can solve the problem of the emission control system.

Magical Tips and Tricks To Avoid Such Issue

We will share some tips and tricks which will help you to protect the emission control system of your Toyota Tundra.

  1. Checking the air filter regularly is obvious to protect the emission control system.
  2. Before buying the car, you must check the performance warranty, which should be a minimum of 24,000 miles for the first 2 years.
  3. The fuel that you use for your engine should not be adulterated.
  4. If you identify that your car emits an excess amount of carbon dioxide, you should test fuel economy.
  5. You should not drive a car with a defective secondary air injection system switching valve and it causes environmental pollution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens when check valve falls?

If the check valve falls, the valve starts to vibrate, and bad noise comes from the engine. You also can observe the reverse flow of the air.

How do you unclog a check valve?

Unclogging the check valve is very easy. Take two wrenches and unscrew the check valve. Do not overtighten or loosen the valve.

How do I fix code P2440?

P2440 is an error code of the secondary air injection system, representing the system stuck open on Bank 2. The fixtures include;

  • Replacing damaged air injection valve.
  • Replacing defective one-way check valve.
  • Pressure sensor repairing or replacement.


You generally find the P2442 Toyota Tundra error code on a Toyota Tundra. So here we focus on 4 main reasons for this problem.

We also show you the solution to the P2442 code for the mentioned reasons. All the solutions are very catchy, and we try to tell them in simple words for your easy understanding.

And the tips that we provide you will really help to minimize the secondary air injection system problems.

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