P0418 Toyota Tundra- Causes With Effective Solution [Easy Table]

What does P0418 Toyota Tundra mean? P0418 code is an error code that means a malfunction in the secondary air injection system. This is a common problem in Toyota Tundra.

However, there can be some other issues as well. So, in this article, we will discuss in detail the causes of P0418 with the easiest and most effective solution. The easy table in the first portion will give you a total overview of the problem and solutions.

Moreover, the details will help you know about the issue more and make you able to fix the error.

Additionally, at the end, we will provide you with some powerful tips that will help you to avoid the P0418 issue. So pay attention and do not miss the end.

Easy-Peasy Overview For P0418 Toyota Tundra Code

Check out the table below to have a complete view of the P0418 error code Toyota Tundra.

Faulty Secondary Air ValveIdentifying damage and unpleasant noise arriving from the secondary air pump network
The electrical connection of solenoid is badFacing problems at the time of starting.
Extreme cold weatherTroubling during accelerating and increasing warm up face.
Observing burnt wiring or fuse.

After reading the table, you got an outline of what are the causes of the P0418 error. Now you will get to know the details.

 Here we will tell you the causes of the error with the solution to fix the problem quickly. Before starting, let me describe why the secondary air injection system is important.

Now, we will describe the causes and solutions according to the easy table. Read carefully to get rid of this problem.

Faulty Secondary Air Valve

Toyota Tundra secondary air injection system relay location is under the driver’s side. Specifically in the engine container fuse box.

So, the water from the condensation can go to the secondary air valve if there is any leak in the valve.

As a result, your secondary air injection system will be hazardous, which is the most common cause of the P0418 issue.

Solution: The first solution is to replace the leaked secondary air valve. Otherwise, water from condensation will moisten the secondary pump and destroy the secondary air injection system.

Electrical Connection Of Solenoid Is Bad

The second most crucial reason is burnt connectors. If the electron connection of the solenoid is bad, it will supply inappropriate voltage.

Then the connectors will burn, which will be a reason for the pump failing. Then you will face malfunctioning with your secondary air injection system.

Solution: Clean all the dirt from the valve. Too much dirt can detect the electron connection of solenoid, which can cause burning.

Besides, you can replace the valve; it will be the best option.

Extreme Cold Weather

2012 Toyota tundra code P0418 occurs mostly in the cold season. The reason behind this is general science, and the reason is winter makes the engine inactive. So the secondary air pump got stuck, making a hard start.

Solution: You can use a new air pump for better function. Moreover, you can clean up dirt and use fresh oil to increase the engine’s work power.

Solenoid Harness Is Shorted

P0418 Toyota Toyota tundra can also arise from an open harness or short harness. Short or open harnesses can produce fire in the Toyota tundra and damage the secondary air injection valve system.

Solution: After observing that your harness is open or shorted, replace it immediately. 

To replace it, remove the harness and then set a new one.

So now, you know the symptom, causes, and solutions of the P0418 error. Now we will tell you how to prevent the P0418 from damaging your car.

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Prevention Tips

If you know the prevention tips and can apply them properly, you may stay away from the P0418 code.

Avoiding Moist The Secondary Air Pump

You have to know that the secondary air injection system malfunction occurs from the corrosion which arrives when water comes into the valve.

Observing The Checking Valve Regularly

The secondary air injection system is also okay when the checking valve is okay.

So check the valve, and if you can feel the valve is loose, you should replace the valve to prevent malfunctioning in the secondary air injection system.

Maintain Extra Care During Winter

In winter, clean up the dirt from the tube regularly so that you do not need extra time during starting.

Also, always use fresh oil for the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does P0418 code mean?

P0418 code means your vehicle has a secondary air injection system problem. You need to replace the secondary air valve.

How does Toyota’s secondary air injection system work?

Toyota’s secondary air injection system helps to reduce emissions and accelerate the catalyst. It pumps the secondary air to burn the unburnt fuel.

How serious is the P0418 code?

P0418 code is a critical issue because, consequently, the engine can stop working as the secondary air injection system that helps to reduce emissions.

How do I fix code P0418?

The solution of the code P0418 is quite lengthy. You should read the whole article patiently to solve code P0418.

In summary, you need to replace leaked or faulty air valves, maintain proper electron connection and replace open harnesses.


Nowadays, the P0418 Toyota Tundra can be found prevalent when you are among the Toyota Tundra users. After reading this article, we hope you learn the symptoms, causes, and solutions of the P0418 error code.

And the experts given tips will assist you to avoid the problem frequently. You can follow the solutions as well as tips to relieve the P0418 issue. Follow us for more error solving.

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