Need Ford F150 Door Lock Diagram?

Ford F150 Door Lock Diagram

To know the location or maybe to repair a part by themselves, are some of the major reasons why people look for the Ford F150 door lock diagram. Now, it’s not that hard to understand each part of it.

But due to a lack of information on the internet, most can’t find proper chances to know all the parts related to the door lock. And even if you have some resources about it, the illustration and description might feel too confusing and complex to really solve the issues you are having.

Don’t worry as we’re about to explain everything in a simple tone. In this guide, we’ve given some drawings along with facts about the Ford F150 door lock mechanism for you to know the parts well. Now, if you allow us, let’s jump to the topic!

Learn The Ford F150 Door Lock Diagram & Its Parts Names

The location of the door lock is behind the door frame near the door latch side. There are basically tons of parts attached to the door lock that help function it properly. The given diagram might make things simpler for you to understand the part well.  

In the older and latest version of the Ford F150 truck, the door lock style is different. As in the late 90s, trucks have sliders-style door locks, which is different from today’s pin-style ones. On the other hand, some use the power door lock to save time and energy.

And that’s where the problems began for ordinary people to be familiar with the parts. Let’s head to the diagram of each of them.

Slider-Style Door Lock

image 17

As you can see in the diagram, this is a slider-style door lock that holds parts like the handle, lock mechanisms, and other parts.

And, most people only have to use the handle and key to lock or unlock their F150 with this style of door lock. They usually operate when you put on the key.

Pin-Style Door Lock

Thanks to technology and other advancements, the door lock of the Ford F150 starts to change into the pin-style.

image 18

In the above diagram, you can see the latest version of the F150 door lock mechanism that holds the door outer panel, lock & key set, clip, ROD latch, key, and retainer.

So, how does it work? It operates with the help of an actuator (placed below the ROD latch). There is another rod that connects the knob and latches to put them closer to the top side of the door. And whenever it moves, the door gets locked and unlocked after putting the key.

Power Door Lock

Another way to lock and unlock the latest Ford F150 truck is being done with the power door lock. The control option of it is located on the driver and front passenger door panels

image 19
Power Door Lock diagram

It basically works when a driver presses the remote’s Unlock button to open the door. And similarly, clicking the Lock button will result in the truck to safely locked up.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my door lock actuator is bad?

The best way to know if the door lock actuator is bad or not can be done by detecting the signs that indicate the error. Well, a broken door lock actuator might cause it to not operate in the right way, or perhaps you’ll notice some weird noise during usage.

How do you lock the door on a Ford F150?

You can use the key to lock the door on the Ford F150 truck. However, if you happen to have a keyless operation, then the remote control will work when you press the buttons.

How do I fix my door lock not working?

To fix it, you have to find the error first. And the problems might be with the switch, solenoid, wiring, or mechanical parts. Using the scan tool or changing the blown fuse might solve the issues of a door lock. And if nothing works, replace the door lock mechanism.

Wrap Up

So, it looks like you now know everything about the Ford F150 door lock diagram and are able to find the location of control options or parts easily. It’s totally understandable if you find the drawings confusing at first look.

But with the description, you might understand better. Such facts and illustrations are sort of helpful in an emergency situation for anyone who has to deal with the parts. And, it would be better to read the truck manual if you want to go deeper into the matter.

We have tried our best to give you precise content so that you find this informative and useful. Hope it didn’t let you down. Now, time to go. See you in our next article. Bye!

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