[Detailed View] Ford F150 Radio Wiring Harness Diagram For 1980-2021 Years

Ford F150 Radio Wiring Harness Diagram

Have you ever found it hard to figure out the wires of radio when trying to install a new one? Or, perhaps facing hard times putting cables on the right connectors due to lack of ideas?

This is a usual situation for people who have zero knowledge of it and can’t able to make difference even if they have seen the ford f150 radio wiring harness diagram. Well, a lot of people like you are also having the same problem which inspires us to make a guide about that.

So, what is the ford f150 radio wiring diagram? It’s a technique that will let you learn about the configuration of electrical parts that install in radio or stereo panels. If everything seems perplexed when dealing with wires, then don’t worry we got your back to sort things out.

Just put your valuable time into this guide for a few minutes and you’ll be aware of the radio wiring harness easily. Let’s Get Into that!

1980-1986 Ford F150 Radio Wiring Harness Diagram

Starting from the oldest f150 radio wiring, the seventh-generation models have a larger single DIN setup. For that reason, their diagram looks like this.

image 10

FYI, installing the 1980-86 models wiring harnesses are very easy and won’t require hard work if cables need repair.

1987-1999 Ford F150 Stereo Wiring Diagram

The next 8th to 10th gen f150 models rock with a unique facility such as the bench-style dashboard or single & double DIN system etc. They do have similar kinds of functions to older versions.

Wire FunctionWire Color
Battery Constant 12v+ WireGreen/Yellow (8th), Green/Violet (9th), LT Green/Pink (10th)
12V Switched WireBlack/Yellow (8th), Black/Pink (9th), Black/Violet (10th)
Ground WireRed/Black (8th), Black/Green (9th & 10th)
Illumination WireBlue/Red (8th), LT Blue/Red (9th & 10th)
L Front Speaker Wire (Positive +)Orange/Green (8th), Gray/LT Blue (9th & 10th)
L Front Speaker Wire (Negative -)Black/White (8th), Tan/Yellow (9th & 10th)
R Front Speaker Wire (Positive +)White/Green (8th), White/LT Green (9th & 10th)
R Front Speaker Wire (Negative -)Black/White (8th), DK Green/Orange (9th & 10th)
L Rear Speaker Wire (Positive +)Pink/Green (8th), Orange/LT Green (9th & 10th)
L Rear Speaker Wire (Negative -)Blue/Pink (8th), LT Blue/White (9th & 10th)
R Rear Speaker Wire (Positive +)Pink/Blue (8th), Orange/Red (9th & 10th)
R Rear Speaker Wire (Negative -)Green/Orange (8th), Brown/Pink (9th & 10th)
Antenna Trigger WireBlue (9th & 10th)

Except for the 8th gen models, the 1992-1999 f150 trucks have better features to use well. Besides, all of them are easy to fit into trucks.

Explaining 2000-2021 Ford F150 Radio Wiring Harness Diagram

Maybe your ford f150 radio not working and you desperately want to look into the wires but don’t know about them very much.

If that’s the case, you should know f150 ford radio wire harness color codes before getting into the diagrams to identify better. So, here is a sneak peek of wires with color codes:

Wire FunctionWire Color
15A Fuse 11 PanelYellow or Black
Power (B+)Light Green or Purple
Ground (Bottom or Left Kick Panel)Black
Fused IgnitionYellow or Black
IlluminationLight Blue, Red, Orange, & Black
Ground (Bottom or Right Kick Panel)Black or Light Green
L Front Speaker (Positive +)Orange or Light Green
L Front Speaker (Negative -)Light Blue or White
L Rear Speaker (Positive +)Pink or Light Green
L Rear Speaker (Negative -)Tan or Yellow
R Front Speaker (Positive +)White or Light Green
R Front Speaker (Negative -)Dark Green or Orange
R Rear Speaker (Positive +)Pink or Light Blue
R Rear Speaker (Negative -)Brown or Pink

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cut my stock radio harness and wire it directly to my new stereo instead of getting an adapter?

Yes, it will work. But, you’ll need an adapter that is compatible to put into the harness. Yet, it is suggested not to cut the wire of the stock radio harness as sit may cause damage if not trimming rightly.

Do you need a wiring harness for an aftermarket radio?

It actually depends on if your truck has a factory stereo or radio that is pre-wired. If your case is similar, then a plastic wiring harness may require to be put in the back of the stereo opening. The cables will help to connect the stereo to your truck’s electric system and speakers.

What does B+ wire mean?

Technically, the B+ wire is a voltage that means the power that comes from the positive terminal of your truck battery. This cable basically holds 12 voltage that runs when your truck engine starts to run.

Overall Thoughts

Still, don’t know about the wires of the radio of your f150 truck? Hopefully, you do now. Well, learning each of the cable’s functions and their colors helps a lot to identify easily. But, due to a lack of knowledge, most drivers can’t figure them out.

We have tried our best to give most of the ford f150 radio wiring harness diagram based on models along with color codes of each cable to let you know everything in detail. And if you can’t yet tell the differences and identify them, then seek help from an expert.

Hope this guide helped you a little bit to figure out the wiring things of the f150 radio. Time To Bid Farewell. Hope You Do Well!

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