[Manual+Electric] Ford F150 Parking Brake Diagram- Explained Perfectly!

Ford F150 Parking Brake Diagram

To prevent your f150 from rolling when the truck is parked, the parking brake plays a nice role. Not only does it help to lessen stress but also relieves tension on the transmission and other parts. It’s a functional part that stops your truck from going anywhere.

Apart from its benefits, you might find error activity due to one or a few parts are damaged which needs to be changed. In that case, you must be aware of the ford f150 parking brake diagram to know each and every part to fix faults with no hassle.

Dealing with parts might seems confusing, still, the diagram of the parking brake will help you figure out the cable or nuts easily. Basically, you will identify the parking brake mechanism and connectors in detail in this guide.

Be with us for the next ten minutes to educate yourself on all the components. Let’s get into the diagram. So, Are You Ready!

Describing The Ford F150 Parking Brake Diagram Of Parts & Types

Number Of PartsParts Name
1Brake Cylinder
2Secondary Shoe & Lining
3Cable Guide
4Self-adjuster Cable
5Parking Brake Lever
6Over Travel Spring
7Adjusting Lever
8Adjusting Screw Slots
9Parking Brake Cable
10Primary Shoe & Lining
11Brake Shoe Hold Down Spring
12Retracting Spring 
13Cam Plate 
14Parking Brake Level Assembly Bolt
15Anchor Pin Plate 

Is your truck parking brake won’t release rightly which led you to fix the error by checking the cable, spring, or lever parts? It’s okay not to know about all parts as the latest models from 2015 to 2021 ford f150 parking brake has many components.

According to Freestone Complete Auto Care,

The parking brake is essential to your safety and those around you. Your car’s brakes are controlled by something called a parking pawl, which is basically a device that locks up your transmission when you put your car in park. Without it, your vehicle would roll away!

You’ll find tons of gadgets such as bolts, lever, pin plate, shoe & lining, and other parts too. One thing you should know is that the old and latest models have 2 types of parking brake systems. And, they are:

  1. Mechanical or Manual Parking Brake.
  2. Electric Parking Brake.
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Diagram Of F150 Parking Brake Types

Manual Parking Brake

It got a separate braking system with a lever or pedal to push using one foot and luckily, it’s not hydraulic or battery powered. This thing works well thanks to the drum-like brake which is located inside the rotor. Besides, it works as an emergency brake too for safe application. 

Electric Parking Brake

With a button or switch on the dash, it doesn’t have an individual braking system like a manual parking brake. It’s basically located under the headlight knob that is controlled by an electronic braking controller module. 

This May Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the parking brake work?

Technically, the parking brake is linked to the rear brake to control it when it’s time to stop the ride. It works like a backup brake system that people use when the truck is stopped in a parking space.
If you pull the parking brake, the cables involve the corkscrew tool that causes pressure on the brake pads. And, that’s how the truck won’t move. Moving the pedal of the parking brake up or down helps to stop the truck.

Do you really need a parking brake?

Every time you have to park your truck will require a parking brake. No matter what type of parking lot you are going to use, flat or hilly surface it will help well. And yes, it does help your truck to ride safely without causing hassle.

Can you drive with the parking brake on?

It’s totally fine to drive your truck with the parking brake on but you surely need to do that rightly. For that, make sure to gently pull or push the parking brake up until your truck doesn’t move. This way your truck’s engine is able to work while the wheels start to spin.  

Wrapping Up

Still, struggling to figure out the parts of the parking brake? Hopefully, that’s not the case and you are able to. The ford f150 parking brake diagram is an efficient way that will lead you to become familiar with the configuration parts and components easily.

As most of the models of f150 have the same components, so, we tried our best to put all the parts that are related to the parking brake. The main function and purpose of these parts are crystal-clear. Yet, if the parts are hard to locate, then be sure to contact an expert mechanic.

Hope this guide helped you to solve all the confusion about the f150 parking brake in detail. See You On Our Next Guide. Have A Good Day

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