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[4 Common Reasons] Why Your F150 Dash Lights Not Working?

Are your Ford F150 dash lights not working? Then there might be issues with the dashboard switch, fuse, bulbs, or wires. If any of these parts are damaged or defective, your dash lights will not work.

Did you seem to be tense? Relax and sit back because we will show you some straightforward fixes for your F150 dash lights. Hopefully, after reading our article, you will have a much clearer understanding of why your dash lights stop working.

Do not leave this article until you have read it to the end. There is going to be a lot of valuable information. So, let’s start without any further ado:

F150 Dash Lights Not Working: See The Reasons And The Fixes

Below is a list of the most common causes of your dash lights not working, along with their solutions:

The ReasonsEasiest Fixes
Burnt out dash lights Replace the dash lights
Dashboard switch accidentally bumpedTo test, flip the switch or turn the dial
Blown fuse or damaged bulbsReplace the fuse and bulbs
Broken WiresThe defective wires need to be removed or re-soldered

Here are more details about how to fix when F150 dash lights that are not working. Hence, continue your reading.

1. Burnt Out Dash Lights

Dash lights not working are often caused by burning out in the fuse box. So, we recommend checking the fuse box first whenever you face a problem with your dash light. F150 fuse boxes are located in different locations depending on the model year.

Check the following part to identify where your F150 fuse box is located:

  • Ford F150 Fuse Box Location (2015-2022): Behind a trim panel in the passenger footwell is the fuse box for the Ford F150.
  • Ford F150 Fuse Box Location (2009-2014): Behind the cover in the instrument panel is the fuse box.
  • Ford F150 Fuse Box Location (2004-2008): Fuse box location is below the instrument panel on the right.
  • Ford F150 Fuse Box Location (1997-2003): Under the steering wheel and to the left of the brake pedal behind the cover is the fuse box.

Oh! If you need help with the ford F150 fuse box, check out this F150 fuse box diagram and explanation for all-year models.

You should carefully remove the whole panel when you find the fuse box for your F150. There are different dash styles for different model years F150, and due to this, they have different removal sequences. Nevertheless, your owner’s manual will give you specific instructions on locating and fixing the dash lights.

Replace your F150’s burnt-out dash lights afterward. Hopefully, now it will begin to work again. You might want to consider spending some money on the dealer shop to fix burnt-out dash lights if replacing the dash light is too difficult for you.

2. A Problem In Dashboard Switch

Your F150 dashboard lights may have been turned off if the dashboard switch has been accidentally bumped. As a result, your dash lights will not work. Test your dash lights by flipping the switch or turning the dial to see if they come on or become brighter.

Most of the time, by making this little adjustment, you can resolve any issues related to the dashboard switch. Blown a fuse or a bad light bulb may be blamed if adjusting the switch doesn’t work.

3. Blown Fuse Or Damage Bulbs

If any of your F150 dash light bulbs are fused or blown, the whole unit will fail to operate. Usually, people spend hours and hours trying to find the problem with the dash lights’ switch, wires, and led strips across the bottom of the dash, but eventually, they are unable to understand exactly what is going on.

It is wise to check the bulbs and the fuse of the F150 dash lights before diagnosing other parts. Fuse is the main component that powers your dash lights. Ultimately, if the fuse fails to provide power to the F150 dash lights, they will not work. The same goes for a damaged bulb.

So, change the defective fuse or the damaged bulbs from your F150 dash panels. You should definitely replace them when it happens because of a blown fuse or damaged bulbs to resolve your issue.

4. Broken Wires

Wires that are broken or grounding out may also be to blame for your dash lights not working. In that case, you have to remove or re-solder the defective wires. Wiring the F150 dash lights is not an easy process, so be extra careful when you do it.

First of all, make sure you check under your dash for wires that are directly connected to the body and that they are connected via a grounded object. Never tap into existing factory ground wires to ground an automotive circuit; it’s not the same as house wiring. Connect your ground to the vehicle directly.

Pin 6 is connected to the violet wire with grey stripes on your switch. The LEDs in the switch will receive power from this wire when your lights are on, and they will dim with the other dash lights.

When you turn on the lights, if you have already tapped this wire, you can measure the voltage with your voltmeter – depending on what you set the dimmer to, you should see some voltage.

You can also connect it to the headlight switch and see if the switch lights up when the headlights are on. To control whatever you are switching on via the switch, attach pin 3 to the relay you are using.

Remove the dimmer switch from the dash. Connected the hot wire to the violet wire and the ground wire to a bolt nearby. And that will make your dash lights work again.

If you are still not getting power, there might be a problem with the small capacitor located between the windshield and the center of the dashboard. Wrap a cloth around this capacitor and wait at least 30 seconds. This should light up your LEDs.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Fuse Is For The Dashboard Lights On Ford F150?

Generally, fuse numbered 23 is for the dashboard lights on F150. If you’re having problems with your dashboard lights, check fuse number 23.

How Do You Fix Dash Lights That Won’t Light?

There is a possibility that a fuse has been blown if your dashboard is not lit at all. Putting in a new fuse should make the dash lights work again. A new fuse may fix the problem, but it may also hint at underlying electrical problems

Is There A Fuse For Dashboard Lights?

Fuse boxes contain the fuse for the dashboard lights. Usually, the fuse boxes are located under the hood or dashboard. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual if you can’t find the fuse for the dashboard lights. In order to prevent overloading of the dashboard lighting system, a fuse is designed to trip and disconnect the circuit. This prevents damage to the circuit components.

How Do I Test My Dashboard Lights?

The first thing you will need to do is turn the dash lights on, which can be accomplished by turning your headlights to the run position. You don’t need to turn them to the full notch of headlights. To check the dashboard lights, you should have a dimmer control that’s located on the light switch or on the dash.

Turn this knob and watch the dash lights all go up and come down. Make sure that you are able to see the full spectrum of the tachometer, warning gauges, and speedometer. It should be well lit all around. If one corner or one section is not lit very well, then there is probably something wrong with your dashboard lights.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Dashboard Lights?

How much it will cost to fix dashboard lights will depend on how badly it is damaged or where you will repair them. In general, $900-$1,000 will cost to fix dashboard lights. However, it may vary.

Last Few Words

You should first figure out the exact cause of your F150 dash lights not working before attempting any fixes to them. Then apply the necessary fix from our providing list.

You can contact us for clarification if you are unsure about any of our fixes. Our experienced team will assist you throughout the process.

However, before attempting any DIY fix for F150 dash lights, it is always recommended to check the user manual or consult with a professional mechanic.

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