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Things To Know About Ford 4.6 Timing Chain Replacement Cost

How much does it cost to replace the timing chain on Ford 4.6? The timing chain replacement cost of the Ford 4.6 is between $1100 and $1600, including parts and labor. It also may require related maintenance or repairs, such as a gasket for the valve cover, which will increase the cost.

Ford 4.6 timing chain replacement cost is slightly higher than other components repair. But, it’ll be more expensive to fix if a defective timing chain damages your car inside. As a result, tackling the issue at the earliest stage is the best to avoid thousands of dollars in repair costs.

What Is The Ford 4.6 Timing Chain Replacement Cost?

We’re talking about the replacement cost of the Ford 4.6 timing chain in the introduction. It’s somewhat more expensive than many other parts of the 4.6 engine, which varies between $1100 and $1600 on average.

It also varies from state to state as other taxes and fees may be added with these replacement costs that are not the same in all states.

The Ford 4.6L engine comes in different models and years; that is crucial to know what your engine is and what the timing chain replacement can cost.

The Ford 4.6L engine models include-

  • Crown Victoria
  • E-Series, Expedition
  • Explorer
  • Explorer Sport Trac
  • Thunderbird
  • Lincoln Aviator
  • Lincoln Continental
  • Lincoln Mark VIII
  • Mercury Cougar
  • Mercury Grand Marquis
  • Mercury Marauder
  • Mercury Mountaineer

Ford 4.6 Timing Chain Replacement Cost By Years & Models

Now, let’s know the cost variances of different years of Ford vehicles made with 4.6L engines.

2002 Ford Explorer

2002 Ford Explorer timing chain replacement cost also increases due to its labor cost. It costs $951 to $1,134, including parts and labor. You can decrease the cost of the parts by shopping around. But, there is a lack of enough expert mechanics to do the job correctly, which increases the total cost.

2002 Ford Crown Victoria

Typically, the 2002 Ford Crown Victoria timing chain replacement cost is between $899 to $1,047. Here, the estimated labor cost is between $568 to $716, and the part cost is around $331.

2004 Ford F150

To replace the timing chain of the 2004 Ford F150, you need to pay $1093 to $1434, which is the same as the 2005 Ford F150. Similarly, parts price is between $106 to $187, and labor price is between $987 and $1247.

2005 Ford F150

On average, the replacement cost of a 2005 Ford F150 timing chain costs between $1093 to $1434. At this cost, parts price is between $106 and $187, and labor price is within $987 to $1247. As the process of timing chain replacement is time-consuming, the labor cost is prohibitive.

2005 Ford Expedition

2005 Ford Expedition timing chain replacement costs $1,301 to $1,522 on average. At this cost, the labor price is between $846 and $1,067, and the parts price is around $455. It gives you a clear view of how higher the labor cost is when replacing the timing chain.

2005 Ford Explorer

The average cost of a 2005 Explorer timing chain replacement is between $951 to $1,134. At this cost, you’re paying $628 to $793 for labor and $323 to $341 for parts.

2006 Ford F150

On average, this model requires $1,374 to $1,643 for the timing chain replacement cost. Here, labor cost is within $1,064 to $1,342 and parts cost is within $347 to $349.

The total timing chain replacing cost is almost the highest among the Ford models. The price range excludes any other applicable fees and taxes according to your location.

2007 Ford Ranger

The 2007 Ford Ranger timing chain replacement cost is between $1,137 to $1,334. If we break down the price, you’re paying $1,137 to $1,334 for labor and $755 to $953 for parts.

Ford 4.6 Timing Chain Replacement Cost Summary

Look at the table below. It’ll give you a quick view of the Ford 4.6 timing chain replacement cost for different models and years.

YearModelCost (Labor + Parts)
2002Ford Explorer$951 to $1,134
2002Ford Crown Victoria$899 to $1,047
2005Ford Expedition$1,301 to $1,522
2004Ford F150$1093 to $1434
2005Ford F150$1093 to $1434
2005Ford Explorer$951 to $1,134
2006Ford F150$1,374 to $1,643
2007Ford Ranger$1,137 to $1,334

When Should You Replace The Timing Chain For Your Ford 4.6L Engine?

You learned much about the cost to replace 4.6 Ford timing chain. Now, let’s know some factors that indicate the urgency of replacing the timing chain.

  • When you get a warning light signal, you can think that your car’s timing chain may be out of order.
  • While getting noise from your car, try to listen to it because the engine is trying to warn about something like timing chain replacement.
  • If your car’s engine isn’t starting after several attempts, something isn’t right with the timing chain.

How To Replace Timing Chain On Ford 4.6L Engine

For the best result, you should contact an expert technician to replace the timing chain for your Ford 4.6L engine. But, you can replace it with enough mechanical knowledge, the right tools, and the user’s manual. If you’re okay with these requirements, follow the steps below:

Step 01: Preparing Your Engine

Let the engine cool down. Next, clean it using the correct degreaser.

Step 02: Detaching The Radiator

To drain its coolant from its system, remove the radiator cap to detach it. 

Step 03: Removing The Drive Belt Components

Please find the routing diagram using its owner’s manual and remove the tensioner belt. Also, remove multi-design or v-belts, water pump, and crankshaft pulley.

Step 04: Removing The Timing Chain

Unbolt the timing chain cover from its engine block to remove it by determining the position of the crankshaft and camshaft.

Step 05: Installing New Timing Chain

Use a good amount of fluid to lubricate the engine’s gear before installing the new timing chain. Then, align it precisely with the old gear’s mark.

Step 06: Reassembling Remaining Components

Finally, reassemble the remaining parts, including the drive belt and cooling system. Next, it’s time to connect the water pumps and the car battery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Worth Replacing A Timing Chain?

As it’s a severe problem for most cars, it’s worth replacing. Also, it depends on the mileage and age of your car. New vehicles come with a lifetime timing chain, but older ones have not.

At What Mileage Should A Timing Chain Be Replaced?

You should replace your car’s timing chain within 80,000 to 120,000 miles if there is no particular issue earlier. The experts recommend checking the symptoms of the timing chain failure for older cars or after 100000 miles.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Timing Chain On A Ford Explorer?

On average, Ford Explorer’s timing chain replacement cost is between $951 to $1,134. In this cost, you need to pay $628 to $793 for labor and $323 to $341 for parts.


A Ford 4.6 timing chain replacement cost varies depending on its model and year of making. Also, it can be different in various locations because of extra fees and taxes. As a result, metropolitan areas typically require higher costs than other areas.

A timing chain itself isn’t costly. Indeed, the labor cost is higher because this task requires disassembling many parts to replace the timing chain.

You can reduce costs by shopping around to get the best deal. But, it’s always recommended and best to service your car at the right time to find out possible issues with the timing chain or other components.

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