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Star White Vs Oxford White – Can’t Pick the Color for Your Truck?

Star White Vs Oxford White

Colors play a vital role especially if you own a truck that needs to cover up the old look with a new shade. And luckily, you’ll meet a bunch of colors in most truck repair centers.

Recently, a lot of people are talking about Star White vs Oxford White that got them into a huge clash to declare the better overall look provider. Both of these shades are perfectly elegant and clean to use in any truck model. But, not all trucks have them in the paint color option.

You’ll most likely find these shades on ford truck’s latest models with no hassle. Coming to the real topic, both of them hold visible difference that makes buyers confuse which one to pick.

So, in this guide, we’ll give a good comparison of these shades along with their benefits and cons. Let’s Get into That!

Star White Vs Oxford White To Find Out The Real Winner!

In the latest models, ford added stunning Star White & Oxford White exterior colors that differ from one another. The Star White is more like a rich yellowish-gray, on the other hand, the Oxford White appears as snowy or cloudy shade.

Color NameHex Color CodeRedGreen Blue
Star White#EFEFE893.73%93.73%90.98%
Oxford White#F1F3F194.51%95.29%94.51%

Just like Abyss Grey vs LeadFoot argument, A lot of people get into fights to select one out of the two shades which are Star White and Oxford White. Seeing these 2 colors in the ford latest paint color addition might feel like they are quite similar.

But, if you think of the color RGB and other constancy matters, these are different along with their appearance. While the Oxford White ford color has a brighter and plain look, conversely, the Star White ford paint might seem more luxurious and glitterier compared to others.

Diagram of Star White & Oxford White Shades

These are some basic comparisons if you just judge them by looking at their color tones of them. But, they also differ if thinking of other factors (dullness, appearance, debris visibility, and so on). So, here we have given detailed benefits and disbenefits of these shades down below.

The Star White Is Gorgeous & Lavish but Will Cost You a Lot of Bucks to Paint

Added by ford in 2022 truck models, the Star White metallic shade rocks in looks to impress others. Although it is a nice color, you should know its plus points and downsides too.


  • Due to its whitey shade, people won’t locate the scratches or scuffs easily.
  • Looks stunning under sunlight that glitters in a metallic tone.
  • The Star White color won’t fade or disappear even after a long time of usage.
  • It holds up better than the Oxford White color and leaves a glossy feel.


  • Doesn’t give 100% protection against UV-ray.
  • The color might show the dirt easily compared to the darker shades. And so, you have to clean the car weekly or daily to prevent that.
  • It may cost a lot compared to Oxford White paint.

The Oxford White Shade Appears Brighter & Plain But Appears Boring In The Truck

With a sweet and light shade of blue mixture, the Oxford White is a member of ford’s paint option around 2010 (in different forms). Now, let’s find out all the good and bad things about this shade.


  • This color looks more like lighter white that gives a formal look in a truck.
  • Unlike its competitor shade, it won’t cost you a lot of bucks.
  • This exterior color never gives heat problems as it won’t absorb the sunlight easily.


  • Sadly, the exterior color is not shiny or glossy at all even under sunlight. It seems formal and traditional contemporary color that looks dull.
  • A lot of people face hardship cleaning on a daily basis due to its visibility when covered in debris.
  • Compared to Star White, it needs effort and struggles to blend the shade due to the non-metallic form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between White and Oxford White?

The basic difference between them is their appearance. While you’ll see the White color like classic or ordinary, the Oxford White appears as crisp and vibrant towards the gray shade. Not only that you’ll find it clean and bright but also, it’ll add a fresh contemporary look to your truck.

Is Oxford White warm or cool?

We find the Oxford White like a simple whitish color that gets in between the warm and cool tone. But, if you look closely, it may seem brighter that has more like a bluish or cream-like tone quite similar to cloud white shade.

Is ford Oxford White metallic?

No, this shade is not metallic. The Oxford White in the ford truck looks like a flat shade that isn’t solid or metallic. It may look plain that won’t shine or reflect even under the sun compared to other shades.

Overall Thoughts

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about the Star White vs Oxford White to decide a perfect match for yourself. For sure, both of these shades own the crown for their excellent color contrast and vibrancy that shines like a diamond under sunlight.

Even if we have given our personal preference, still it’s actually up to you to choose one color that attracts you more than others.

Basically, the Star White is a lovable shade that fills the exterior with nice warmth along with a yellowish tone that gives an autumn vibe that reflects with its charismatic glaze.

On the other hand, the Oxford White has a clean and simple shade with a light blue tone that gives more like a cool vibe and a beautiful coating. For that reason, it’s very hard to pick one out of two. Yes, they do have a few downsides but the goodness covers them up.

Now, it’s you who need to pick one for yourself based on the benefits and color tone preference for your truck exterior. We hope this guide helped you a little bit to figure out the shades positively. Keep Up the Good Work!

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