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Ford F150 Rear Main Seal Replacement Cost: Don’t Risk Expensive Repairs

How much does it cost to replace a rear main seal on Ford F150? Well, it can cost between $700 to $950.

The Ford F150 rear main seal replacement cost can vary depending on the repair shops. It’s a common repair on Ford trucks. The seal helps to keep oil and coolant from leaking from the engine and can fail due to age, wear, or damage. Oil and coolant can mix when this component fails and cause a fire. So, if you notice that your truck is having trouble starting or has a lot of oil-burning smell, it’s probably time to replace it.

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Ford F150 Rear Main Seal Replacement Cost

In most cases, the overall cost for replacement is about $750. However, the price can vary based on the year and model of the Ford F150.

For instance, the 2013 ford f150 rear main seal replacement cost is $820, whereas the 1996 ford f150 it’s about $700. This variance may come as a surprise to some consumers who were expecting that all Ford F150 seals would be priced similarly.

Below we’ve created a table that consists of the cost variance of different Ford F150 models.

Ford F150 ModelsSeals CostLabor CostOverall Cost
1975 – 1979$14.49 to $32.99$670$700
1980 – 1986$16.29 to $52.99$670$710
1987 – 1991$20.49 to $30.49$700$725
1992 – 1996$24.95 to $35.00$670$700
1997 – 2003$12.99 to $36.49$720$750
2004 – 2008$12.99 to $36.49$770$800
2009 – 2014$9.79 to $51.99$800$840
2015 – 2020$12.99 to $52.99$820$870
2021 – present$16.99 to $52.99$900$950

**At the minimum rate, the replacement cost can go down to range of $670 to $920. But, it is completely depending on the mechanical (labor) cost from shop to shop.

Replacement time

Over time, the rear seal wears down and becomes damaged. As a result, it leads to excessive noise and shaking while driving. In fact, Ford says that a rear main seal failure can cause the engine to stop while driving. Therefore, if you face any of these situations when driving your Ford F150, it’s high time to replace the seal. Usually, the replacement is required at around 75,000 miles.

What to look for when replacing

There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind for Ford F150 rear main seal replacement.

First, ensure that you have the right parts. Depending on the year and model of your truck, you may need a specific set. Second, take your time and do it correctly. Replacing a seal is a complicated process that can result in serious damage if done incorrectly. Finally, consult with a qualified mechanic if you have any concerns or queries about the repair.

How to Replace Rear Main Seal Ford F150

It’s a relatively easy procedure that anyone can do with the proper instruments and knowledge. Here are instructions on how to do it:

  • Park your truck on a level surface with the rear end elevated, allowing easy access to the seal.
  • Remove the rear wheel and tire.
  • Now, remove the bumper cover (3 bolts).
  • Remove the four screws securing the upper suspension arm to the frame.
  • Disconnect the battery cable at both ends.
  • Remove the four bolts securing the fuel tank to the frame (2 on each side).
  • Disconnect both hoses from the fuel tank.
  • Lift up and remove the fuel tank assembly from beneath the vehicle.
  • Verify that all seals inside and around the fuel tank are intact before replacement.
  • Locate and remove the seal assembly.
  • At last, replace it with a new seal.

Is it Worth Replacing Rear Main seal?

Replacing this component in the Ford F150s is always a good idea, especially if the engine is making a lot of noise or the vehicle is not performing as well as it used to. Besides, a rear main seal failure can cause a number of problems, the most common of which is an oil leak.

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The cost to replace rear main seal f150 might seem a bit expensive, but it’s a completely necessary task.

How often should the rear main seal be replaced in a Ford F150?

Experts recommended replacing it every 8 years or every 50,000 miles of ride on a Ford F150. This is to ensure proper engine oil flow and prevent leaks. Furthermore, it can also be replaced if it shows signs of wear or damage.

How much does it cost to fix the rear main seal?

The cost of a repair can vary depending on the severity of the issue, but in general, it will run you between $600 and $1,200. This price range includes labor and parts.

How long should a rear main seal last?

On average, a seal lasts around 50,000 miles before it must be replaced. If your truck has undergone major repairs or has had its oil changed more frequently than usual, it may need to be changed sooner. Replacing this part is usually a bit costly, but it will keep your truck running smoothly and reliably.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to replace a rear seal on a Ford f150?

The replacement cost totally depends on the truck’s generation, but, on average, it will cost around $800.

How much should it cost to replace the rear main seal?

Generally, to replace this part the sum of the costs is about $600 to $1000.

Can you replace the main exhaust seal without removing the transmission?

Yes, you can. For that, you’ll need a seal-plus tool or standard repair kit.


Rear main seals play an essential role in the functionality of any Ford F150s. The Ford F150 rear main seal replacement cost can be expensive, but it’s necessary for riding the truck smoothly. Besides, keeping your vehicle’s maintenance and repair schedule in check is important to avoid costly repairs down the road. Thus, make sure to have the truck inspected by a mechanic before making any repairs, as many inexpensive and less risky options are available. Thanks for your time.

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