GMC Terrain Touch Screen Not Working- Get the Exact Reasons and Solutions

Why is my GMC terrain touch screen not working? With the advancement of these technologies, we are dependent on them. The GMC touch screen froze or blacked out anytime, like loose connections or damaged intellilink.

Since this infotainment system is a must to ensure safety and run the GMC smoothly, we need to correct the matter very soon. Actually, we need solutions immediately.

Here you get the detailing problems, reasons, and answers for different GMC terrain versions. Dig deep to know every possible situation and specific solution.

Reasons for GMC Terrain Touch Screen Not Working

The touch screen freezes upReplace the head unit
Touch screen late ResponseReplace wiring
Bad fuseReset the GMC intellilink settings
Bug issueUpdate the software
Touch screen flickersSolve short circuit problems

GMC Terrain System Freezes UP

You may suddenly find the 2018 and 2019 GMC terrain touch screen not working. There can be several reasons behind this problem. This problem is also common for other GMC terrain versions. To solve this problem, you have to follow the checking step-by-step and then solve the issue carefully to solve this problem.

Step-1: First, start the vehicle engine and press the volume knob. Keep pushing till the touch screen is off and then again turned ON. If the touch screen is constantly getting the power, this problem can happen. So, this step can solve this problem. If not, you have to go to the next step.

Step-2: Now check the radio fuse. You will find the primary fuse at the driver’s side under the dash. It is inside the fuse panel. This fuse can be cut or loose.

Step-3: Then check the wiring system located at the back part of the fuse panel. You will find several wires. Check if they are loose. Consider tightening the loose wire. If the problem is not with the wiring, you can understand that the head unit is already damaged. You have to replace the head unit.

Touch Screen Working Late

This problem can occur suddenly. You may see the GMC terrain running well but suddenly starting to fire up lately. Eventually, after trying a few times, you will get a black touch screen all over. Late firing for the touch screen is a start. This problem is seen more in the 2015 GMC terrain touch screen not working.

As mentioned in the previous part, you have to check the vehicle thoroughly when you find an issue like this. But, generally, this problem happens with the loose or disconnected wire.

  • You can check the wiring, but you cannot solve this problem yourself. You can get help from the service center or professional mechanic. They will tighten the loosened wire or reconnect the disconnected wire connection.
  • The problem may arise again. Then you have to replace the wire on which you see the problem. Generally, this problem arrives for the cheap wire type. It is wise to replace it.

Bad Fuse

When the touch screen display and radio of the GMC terrain is dead, it can be caused for the fuse problem. It is a common issue for the 2018 and 2014 GMC terrain touch screens not working.

  • At first, disconnect the battery and again reconnect it. This trick works well to reset the radio and display.
  • If the issue does not solve, you have to reset the radio.

Now, how to reset the GMC intellilink? You have to know the procedure step-by-step. Follow the steps below.

Step-1: Enter the home screen of the GMC intellilink and click on the ‘Settings’ option.

Here you find ‘return to Factory settings.’ tap on it.

Step-2: Under the Factory Settings option, you will have three parts, and they are ‘Clear All Private Data,’ ‘Restore Vehicle Settings,’ and ‘Restore Radio Settings.’ click on ‘Restore Vehicle Settings.’

Step-3: You will see a prompt message for Continue. Press on the Continue tab. Then navigate to the home screen of the GMC intellilink. You will find the system reset done.

Bug Issues

The GMC terrain touch screen can be blown out for the bug attack. It is a common reason for the 2013 GMC terrain touch screen not working. The solution to this problem is updating the software.

Generally, specific updates are available in the system software for each version. Follow the steps below and update the system.

  • Enter the GMC terrain touch screen display from your device.
  • Now, get the ‘Vehicle Software’ option and tap on it. Here, search the Updates options.
  • You will find the ‘Software Information’ tab. Click on it.
  • Now click on ‘System Update’tab. It will start the updating procedure. When you see any prompt message, click on Continue. At last, tap on Finish.

Now you will find your GMC terrain touch screen working.

GMC Touch Screen Switch Off Without Any Reason

Sometimes, you will see that the GMC terrain touch screen is flickering or automatically on or off without any reason.

This problem can arise for the 2012 GMC terrain touch screen not working issue. It is also common for other versions. The reason for this problem is certainly a short circuit.

Check the fuses, wiring, and connectors. You can find the issues. If you do not find any problem, you have to take your vehicle to the professionals to fix it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you reset the touchscreen on a GMC Terrain?

Resetting the GMC terrain touch screen is simple. Enter the settings from the home screen and enter the ‘Return to the factory settings option. Click on ‘Reset Vehicle Setting,’ The resetting will run and complete within some prompt messages.

Why did my radio screen go black?

In most cases, the radio screen goes black for mismanaged wiring. In this case, you have to check all the wirings, connectors, and fuse. If you find loosened wires, immediately tighten them. If the problem is not solved, you have to replace the wire.

Why is the touch screen in my car not working?

The touch screen of the vehicle can disturb for many reasons. The problem can be with the wires or connections. You have to check the fuse and the head unit. When the system becomes old, it can cause problems. Besides, you have to update the software from time to time. Resetting can also be necessary to refresh the system.


GMC terrain touch screen is essential to connect the car to your device via Bluetooth and get the GPS locations, vehicle conditions, and more. Without the help of this option, we cannot have the grab to the car smooth.

Why is the GMC terrain touch screen not working, and what will I do? GMC touchscreen works well, but the problem can arrive anytime, even when running your vehicle. So, knowing the reasons and solutions to problems with the GMC terrain touch screen is essential.

Here, you already get all the answers to your questions. Just follow the procedure to solve each issue, and you can use the GMC terrain intellilink smooth and fresh.

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