G80 Locking Differential Problems: Core Reasons You Must Fix

What is one of the most common G80 locking differential problems? Lost traction problem is a common problem that the drivers face several times. But this is not the end.

On the previous Monday, Michel said he experienced the rear G80 differential that had locked the axles together. Actually, the tires were slipping inside due to the sticky surface.

If you do not want Problems: Know the Possible Reasons to experience an unknown problem like Michel, then you must go through to know the possible issues you may face.

G80 Locking Differential

It is pretty good to choose a G80 locking differential to drive over the deep snow. However, though it performs well through any rough surface, it can also cause some unknown sudden problems in your day-to-day life.

G80 Locking Rear Differential Problems: A Quick Overview

ProblemsPossible Reasons
Spinning in the tire  Flawed traction control system to slow up the tires
Vehicles lose the tractionUses of more minor slip inside of the axles  
Less engaged GovlockThe faster spinning of one tire than the other one  
Auto-lock to two axles togetherThe newly used fluid has not matched.  

Generally, the spinning system of the tire is controlled by the computer system. It takes the input signals through the computer. Unnerving vibrations help the brake set up to slow up or speed up the running tires. So, if your traction control system faces any loosened connection, it would result in an uncontrolled spin in the tire.

Limited-slip in the axles is the main reason for losing the traction of the vehicles. Several palates help the wheels in controlled spin where the clutches of the gear are also mentionable.

So, here if you use one axle in your four-wheeler, then you will definitely face this problem soon because it will not let your vehicle’s tires spin smoothly.

But if you drive your truck on a muddy surface, the one wheel can spin up faster than the other ones. Even the faster spin tire may spin at 100 RPM. So naturally, the G80 locking differential will lock the tires to avoid an unexpected situation.

In this case, the Govlock will not smoothly engage in the entire system to drive the truck through the slippery surface.

Moreover, if you are using the new fluid in your Silverado or other model truck, it can stuck the two axles together, which sometimes causes unknown problems for a newbie. Even the dissimilarities found in 4×4 vs. can automatically lock up the two axles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the G80 locking differential work?

The G80 locking differential is designed to lock one tire when it starts to spin individually. Then it enables the other wheels to turn and keeps the correct traction to give a better performance.

How do we identify the G80 differential?

When your truck will reach about 100 RPM, then the G80 differential automatically will lock the two axles together for a while. Then it stays in that position until the other wheels come into the same situation.

How do I know if my G80 is working?

The simplest way to determine whether your G80 is working is that your vehicle’s wheels will have an opposite spinning if you start the vehicle at a slower speed.
So, you have to start the vehicle slowly at first. Then try to measure whether the back wheels are going opposite the front ones. If yes, be sure your G80 is working perfectly.

Who makes the G80 locking differential?

Eaton designed the G80 locking differential to better perform on low traction muddy or deep snow surfaces. Even it helps quickly get off your trucks from rocky roads.

Final Words

Problem-solving becomes more manageable when we know the actual reason for our problem. Perhaps you have gone through the G80 Locking Differential Problems several times, but now you know the exact reasons behind the issues.

As we left not a single possible problem, it will be easier for you to find the right solution for your truck.

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