What Does SLT Stand For Dodge- Know All In One Guide

If you are a Dodge truck user, then you must have heard the term SLT at least once. But What does SLT stand for Dodge?

Dodge trucks have over 20 models, and each comes with its own customization option. So understanding each term can be pretty tricky. Simply saying, SLT means “Standard Luxury Trim.”

If the stated abbreviation of a Dodge truck has you stumped, you’re not alone. In this slightly condensed article, we talk about the meaning of SLT and what the acronym means. The whole story is a bit longer.

What Does SLT Stand For Dodge?

A Dodge SLT stands for standard luxury trims. Before we go into details and discuss what does SLT stand for on dodge vehicles, we need to understand what trim level means on a truck.

A trim level, also known as a trim package, is a car model variant that includes a pre-selected set of features from the manufacturer.

Looking at it from a height or rank standpoint, truck trims progress from entry to higher levels. As a result, the cars have more and better equipment than lesser tiers of the same model.

Hence, SLT is one of the higher tires of trims for the Dodge. It is simply a primary model vehicle libeled for pulling, but the SLT is an improvement of the ordinary Dodge base truck that includes chrome bumpers, tires, and trim on the truck, as well as power windows, locks, etc. tilt, and a curse.

What Does SLT Stand For On A Truck?

The SLT designation exists on Dodge vehicles as well as many other comparable trucks from various manufacturers, and it refers to the trim level of that specific model.

Because the SLT title is not a formal acronym, it does not spell out a string of words. The SLT is an upgrade over the base vehicle, including features like a larger truck bed and a 5-speed automatic transmission instead of the regular 4-speed automatic.

SLT is more like a luxury upgrade version of the regular versions. It is the truck’s top-of-the-line package, with luxury features like leather seats, a superior sound system, and 4×4 on the suburban, as opposed to lower versions, which typically do not have leather seats or enhanced radio speakers.

What Does SLT Stand For Dodge Ram?

Well, we have already informed what does SLT means for Dodge in short. Now, let’s break down the answer in detail. The SLT package is one of the variants of the Dodge Ram 1500t. It has a distinct outward design than the other Dodge Ram models and more inside equipment.

The SLT version has a homogenous exterior paint treatment with chrome highlights. It has a premium door trim panel, an overhead console, multi-colo-keyed bezel, rear power sliding window, and a traveler or tiny trip computer on the inside.

The top-tier trim level is the RAM 1500 Standard Luxury Trim (SLT). This all-purpose vehicle comes standard with class-exclusive Active-Level Four Corner Air Suspension with automated load leveling for flawless towing capability.

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A 12-inch touchscreen display, heated front and back seats, genuine wood accents, and motorized running boards are all included in the Limited model.

You might also wonder what does SLT stand for on a Dodge Dakota. Dodge Dakota SLT is the “mid-level” Dakota vehicle. When compared to the base ST model, it had the following features: 16 inches sport-styled alloy wheels, fabric seat covers, and power windows, along with door locks with keyless entry. The Dakota SLT is available with any of Dakota’s engines.

How Do I Know If My Truck Is St Or SLT?

The ST usually means the lower base model of the truck, and it comes with all basic features. However, the SLT or the Standard luxury trim has all equipped premium features.

The easiest way to identify ST from SLT will be the windows. SLT will have power windows and power driver seats. But, ST will only have hand-crank windows and manual seats.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the SLT package on a Dodge Ram?

The SLT package on Dodge Ram is the standard luxury trim package which means it has the most premium features like power seats, auto windows, leather seats, premium speakers, and more.

What does SLT mean on a Dodge?

SLT stands for standard luxury trim and is the trim level that is used in Dodge Ram trucks.

Is the SLE or SLT better?

SLT is more luxurious compared to SLE. The SLT usually has more cabin space along with larger wheels and engines compared to the SLE.


You probably use a Dodge Ram every day, but how much do you actually know about the acronym SLT? So, what does SLT stand for Dodge?

Well, by now, you should have already understood the SLT means Standard Luxury Trim, and it is one of the highest available trim levels for Dodge.

For existing Dodge truck users and new users who are thinking of buying a new Dodge truck, the trim level can be confusing to understand. Hence today, our article was written to let you easily understand everything you need to know about SLT and what it stands for.

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