P0442 Ford F150: Not That Difficult To Solve

What is Ford code P0442? Well, the code indicates that the Evaporative Emission Control Module (EVAP)has identified a tiny leak. The most common cause of the p0442 ford f150 code is a loose fuel tank filler cap.

This code refers to a number you’ll get when you put your car into an OBDII scanner, and it has something to do with the emissions system.

However, today we’ll go over all possible causes and how to fix them. Let’s see!

P0442 Ford f150

CodeError Code MeaningCausesSymptoms
P0442Evaporative Emission, or EVAP, has a minor leak.1. Bad EVAP canister purge valve.
2. Leak in the fuel vapor hose.
3. Bad or loose fuel cap.
4. Bad fuel tank pressure sensor.
1. The engine light is turned on.
2. The emission of gasoline vapors may generate a distinct fuel odor.  

Below, we will also look into all possible reasons for p0442 ford f150 5.4 and so you can solve all those issues for other sized-engine, as well.

Bad EVAP Canister Purge Valve

The vapor canister purge valve is the most prevalent cause of the P0442 error code on the Ford F150. It usually creates problems with the car’s idle speed when it fails. This is particularly true.

The solenoid will not work if the canister or any of the supply lines are clogged or have holes, and the purge control valve will remain closed. Furthermore, the electrical part of the solenoid might fail, causing the valve to stay closed.

Solutions: A faulty EVAP Canister purge valve cannot be repaired in most cases. As a result, you’ll need to replace it, which is a simple task that you can complete on your own.

Simply remove a few clips and replace them with a new purge valve in the same place.

Leak in the Fuel Vapor Hose

This is one of the critical reasons for p0442 ford f150 5.4. Fuel leaks are most commonly caused by broken or cracked fuel lines and fittings that occur due to regular wear and use.

Leaks from fuel tanks are also prevalent since they might be damaged or corroded. The fuel injection system might also cause fuel leaks.

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Solution: Fuel line leaks cannot be fixed; instead, you need to install a new line. The lines will be too short to attach effectively if sections of the damaged line are cut out and replaced with fittings at the leak.

Bad or Loose Fuel Cap

A faulty fuel cap is another common reason for this code. You will get a notification to tighten the fuel cap. A leaky gas cap can also cause this error number as one Ford owner faced the same p0442 ford f150 5.0.

Well, there is no single explanation for such a problem; nevertheless, gasoline caps can become loose over time as they age.

Solution: It’s a simple remedy that takes a few minutes. If the code persists, tighten the cap and check if the problem disappears. If the code persists, replace the old gasoline cap with a new one.

Bad Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

An insufficient fuel tank pressure sensor can also cause the p0442 code 1997 ford f150 and other models. Overexposure to severe temperatures increases vibration, and corrosive fuel fumes are the major causes. Overfilling the gasoline tank can cause the sensor to fail because fuel will overflow into the charcoal canister and other overflow lines, causing the sensor to be damaged.

Solutions: Cleaning the sensor sometimes solve this problem, but often it doesn’t work, and if this is the case for you, there is no other option than to change the whole sensor with a new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix code p0442?

All of the possible options have already been considered. To summarize, you may need to repair or even replace the gas cap and gasoline tank. Canister of charcoal The EVAP system lines and purge valves will also need to be replaced.

What could cause a P0442 code?

A loose gas cap, a malfunctioning valve, or a leaking fuel tank is some of the possible causes of engine code P0442.

How serious is a small EVAP leak?

It’s not a great way to keep driving with the check engine light on since an EVAP leak may be a severe and ecologically hazardous issue.


You may get P0442 ford f 150 error code due to many reasons. However, the main reason is a lousy EVAP canister. Even if the problems aren’t that serious, they can get quite annoying.

Hence, today we discussed all the reasons that can trigger the p0442 error code in your f150 and their fix. So, if you are suffering from this error code, make sure to read this guide thoroughly, as, after that, you will be able to solve these issues in an instant.

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