Let’s Fix Code P130D Ford F150 Finding The Reasons

What is code p130d ford f150? P130D is an OBDII code detecting forced limited power because of knock sensor performance. This is very troublesome because it can damage your car.

The knock sensor maintains the combustion process. When it shows P130D, your car engine won’t run smoothly. Commonly a bad knock sensor causes this error code.

Moreover, poor electrical connection and damaged wiring harness can cause this code too. Engine light turning up to alert the driver is a common symptom of all the causes.

In this article, this p130d for ford f150 will be discussed elaborately. In addition, you will find its causes, symptoms, and fixing ideas.

P130D Ford F150

Have a quick overview of the possible causes first.

Bad Knock SensorLower Speed
Damaged Knock Sensor HarnessEngine Misfiring
Poor Electrical Connection In Knock SensorRough Acceleration

Bad Knock Sensor

Bad knock sensor can’t identify fuel consumption. A knock sensor helps in identifying the engine’s higher frequency vibrations. Also, work as a signal transmitter to the ECU ( Engine Control Unit). Its main aim is to achieve maximum energy yield with the help of ignition. It plays a vital role in reducing fuel consumption and increasing torque. A knock sensor can malfunction for lower octane fuel.

Abnormal higher engine temperature, carbon buildup, and ignition time. A common symptom of a faulty knock sensor is the lower speed of the vehicle. Low octane fuel causes the engine to lose power. It can even lose fuel mileage.

2018 f150 2 7 p130d has a bad knock sensor more often. It’s not safe at all to drive with a malfunctioned knock sensor. It can’t be fixed so you should replace it.

In order to replace a bad knock sensor, first look at its exact location. Then carefully unplug the wiring harness and unscrew the knock sensor with a wrench.

Lastly, take out the old sensor and install a new knock sensor. Make sure to spread some dielectric grease on the thread of the new knock sensor.

Poor Electrical Connection In Knock Sensor

Poor electrical connection causes knock sensor failure. The knock sensor contains an electrical connection that helps maintain the sensor work.

This can happen due to a loose wire connection or a damaged wire connection. It will make your car have a rough acceleration.

Also, you would notice irregular engine idle. This is seen commonly in the 2018 F150 2.7 p130d error code.

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You can confirm this problem using an OBDII scanning tool. This will help you in determining electrical power conditions.

However, it is not suitable to fix at home. So, you should try to consult a professional as soon as possible.

Damaged Knock Sensor Wiring Harness

A damaged wiring harness in a knock sensor can start p130d in the ford f150 code. The wiring harness keeps all the wires and connectors in one place safe.

However, it can wear out after long use or from friction. The engine can misfire while starting because of the damaged wiring harness.

Look for the wire harness location and see if it is open or short. If it is opened, make sure to change the whole harness. One or two short wires can be fixed easily.

However, don’t consider it a small problem. It needs to be immediately replaced as without a knock sensor, the engine can’t be monitored properly. Engine misfiring issue for knock sensor is seen commonly in2018 f150 2 7 p130d code.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does P130D code mean?

P130D means force limitation of power due to knock sensor issue. PCM controls and sends a signal to the knock sensor. This PCM sets ford obd2 codes to do self-diagnosis from the failure or malfunctioning part. P130d ford f150 is one of them and it acts when the knock sensor doesn’t work.

What causes P130D?

P130D is caused for a weak knock sensor. The knock sensor is a very essential part that maintains the combustion process. It can cause because of low or poor electrical connection, malfunctioning wiring harness, or failed knock sensor. There can be internal damages for causing a P130D error code.

How to fix P130D code?

P130D code can be fixed by checking all the potential causes. Inspect each part and look for damages. Then make a fixing plan. If it is not crucial try to fix it at home. Take help from a mechanic to fix it.


In short, the p130d ford f150 is easy to detect as it starts showing symptoms on its own. Don’t neglect it as without the combustion process your car won’t run smoothly. Look closely for all the causes of p130d. It’s best not to take risks and fix them at home.

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