[Found 7 Causes] P0021 Ford F150+ How To Fix Guide!

What does it mean by P0021 ford f150? It is an OBD-II code in vehicles with the camshaft or variable valve timing systems. It helps the engine to work perfectly at different speeds. Code P0021 starts when the camshaft timing system bypasses the given limit or over advances.

The engine of a vehicle suffers a lot when it starts showing the P0021 code. There can be several reasons for this code to occur. Usually, solenoid failure, clogged oil filter, faulty camshaft, or crankshaft are responsible for this.

Here, you will find the right information about P0021 causes and symptoms. Moreover, important fixing ideas are discussed too.

P0021 Ford F150

Let’s find out all the causes that can trigger this error code.

Solenoid failureFuel Efficiency Lowers
Wrong Engine OilLow Gas Mileage
Clogged Oil FilterMakes Noise
Camshaft Position Sensor FaultySlow Engine Power
Damaged Electrical ConnectionEngine Stalling
Crankshaft Position FaultyEngine Misfire
Advanced CamshaftRough Run

Solenoid Failure

A camshaft solenoid is used to control the oil flow that goes through the camshaft actuator. It maintains the camshaft rotation to help in adjusting the time valve. Fuel efficiency is affected because of a failed solenoid. So, it disrupts the timing system.

It also causes other valves to malfunction. Gradually, fuel consumption becomes higher, and engine performance falls to low.

Solenoid fixing is hard to do alone. So, make sure to take professional help to fix solenoid failure.

Wrong Engine Oil

Every oil is not suitable for the engine. When the wrong oil is used, it causes p0021 code. Also, old oil can be responsible for causing p0021. Make sure to clean up the old oil from your vehicle. The camshaft position sensor fails because of the excess heat caused for old oil.

This problem shows low gas mileage in most cases. To fix this issue first clean out the old oil. Then put the correct oil according to your vehicle.

Clogged Oil Filter

When the oil filter is clogged, oil can’t pass through the camshaft. Even it causes the camshaft to excess or over advance their timing limit. It also has an oil control valve. And when any wrong oil is used, it can cause oil valves to get clogged. It makes the vehicle run roughly.

When the engine doesn’t get proper oil, it makes a rattling sound. It also shows symptoms like bad engine performance and exhausts black fuel.

You should immediately turn off the engine and clean the oil filter or replace it.

Camshaft Position Sensor Faulty

A camshaft position sensor monitors the camshaft position and speed. It sends data to the ECM to control the fuel consumption. It plays a vital role in maintaining the combustion chamber and camshaft timing system’s limit. When the camshaft sensor is faulty it lowers the engine power and increases fuel consumption.

You have to replace the whole sensor. Firstly, locate the sensor and then remove the electrical connection.

After that, twist out the bolt from the retaining ring.

Lastly, take out the malfunctioned position sensor and put in the new sensor.

Tightly put the bolt and electrical connection back. And the engine dashboard light will turn off when it is fixed.

Damaged Electrical Connection

An electrical connection runs the camshaft position sensor. When the electrical connection is damaged, it doesn’t pass data to control the timing system. The engine starts stalling because of damaged wiring.

To fix it, first, disconnect the camshaft position sensor. Replace the electrical connector with a new line. Lastly, connect it with the sensor and check your engine. Damaged connection or cam phaser is mostly seen in p0021 ford f150 5.0

Crankshaft Position Faulty

 A crankshaft position sensor provides data about piston position. They can’t send information causing the camshaft timing to be over advanced.

This can happen for cylinder misfiring and spark plug failure. This results in an engine misfire and rough idle. A faulty crankshaft position needs professional attention to fix it.

Incompatible Camshaft

An incompatible camshaft occurs when the ECM commands to be on lower timing, but it exceeds timing. It greatly affects the timing of the exhaust and intake valve. When a camshaft is over advanced, it causes all the functions of camshaft timing system performance to fail.

Also, it causes harm to the car’s engine and crankshaft position. This traps fuel and air in the system before the ignition. And it shows symptoms like a rough engine run or acceleration. Change the camshaft ASAP.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to fix cam phasers?

It costs around $800-$2500 to fix a cam phaser. This cost will vary according to vehicle model and condition. Make sure to fix it soon. Else, p0021 code ford f150 would affect camshaft timing system performance and even the engine.

How do I fix code P0021?

First, you have to identify the problems to fix code P0021. Commonly replacing the camshaft oil control valve solves the problem. Also, you need to replace old engine oil and any other faulty parts to fix the p0021 ford truck code.

Is P0021 serious?

Yes, P0021 is very serious. It causes severe damage to the engine. Also, shows symptoms like rough acceleration, making sounds, engine stalling, and low gas mileage. It needs immediate attention as this code makes the car unsafe to drive.

What causes P0021?

When the camshaft timing system time limit exceeds or advances, it causes P0021. This issue can happen because of clogged or old oil, advanced camshaft timing, and damaged electrical connection. Moreover, failed camshaft and crankshaft position is also responsible for causing Ford f150 code p0021.


In short, p0021 ford f150 can happen for any of the reasons that are stated above. Look for each problem using a diagnostic device and work on it. Never ignore a minor problem regarding the P0021 code as it can lead to a major issue. Always reach out to a professional if the work seems critical.

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