Reasons & Solutions to Error Code P0627 Ford F150

When does the P0627 Ford F150 code appear? It appears when there is some malfunction in the fuel pump. The PCM detects the issue in a control circuit unit and shows this error code.

Though this code seems simple for minor symptoms, it can cause serious effects. If you take longer to resolve the issue and resolve the code, the malfunctions can decrease performance and eventual breakdown.

So, check as soon as you get this code in your vehicle system and repair essentials. All the details regarding this code, including the reasons, symptoms, and solutions, are presented here. Let’s know all the facts.

Causes and Symptoms of P0627

Causes for P0627Symptoms
Fault in the fuel pumpIdle engine Engine makes noise
Fuel pump relay faultEngine hesitates to start Engine lights ON
Poor electrical powerEngine lights ON Makes loud noise Engine stalls
Shorted fuel pump harnessWarning lights ON Engine stalls
Faulty fuel pump control moduleAbnormal engine noise The engine gets hard to start

There are several reasons for this P0627-00 Ford F150 code. Here you will find the solution per reasons.

Faulty Fuel Pump Relay

If the fuel pump relay is defective, the engine may hesitate to start. But it is not apparent. Mostly, you will only find the “service engine soon warning light”. When you see the P0627 Ford 6.7 diesel code, you have to check and find if the problem is with the pump relay.


In most Ford F150, the fuel pump relay is situated in the engine compartment. There is a large fuse box that holds this fuel pump. Check the fuel pump by an expert and if found faulty, replace it.

Faulty Fuel Pump

If the fuel pump is entirely defective, you will have a hard engine start or an idle engine. A damaged fuel pump will make a loud noise, sometimes, when you start your vehicle engine. In this case, you will see the engine light ON for longer.


When a fuel pump is bad, your vehicle will not create the right sound at the engine starting time. Generally, it’s like a humming sound as the fuel pump sends pressurized fuel to the engine. Faulty pumps will make a cranking sound. Besides, you can use a test light to check the fuel pump.

If the fuel pump is defective, you have to replace it. You should not try to repair the existing pump. A bad fuel pump can damage the entire system.

Open or Shorted Fuel Pump Harness

When the fuel pump relay in Ford F150 is terrible, it cuts the connections between the fuel pump and engine. When this relay gets overheated, a short circuit situation appears. Then the P0627 fuel pump control circuit open warning light is ON, showing the issue actively. In this case, the engine stalls quickly.


You have to check the fuel pump harness by visual checking process. Check the connectors and signs for corrosion or damage by examining the wires. Check the wire wrapping carefully. Wire wrapping can be cracked or warped. If you find any damage to the wiring harness, repair it or reconnect it. If the connectors or wires are damaged, replace them.

Poor Electrical Connection in Fuel Pump Circuit

When you find a low voltage power situation, there can be various causes behind it. The power to the engine comes from the fuel pump relay. If the relay is defective, it cannot pass enough power to the engine. Besides, there can be faulty, corroded, or loosely connected wires that cause a problem in the power passing into the machine.

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When the problem is with poor electrical connection, first, the DTC P0627 Ford F150 engine light gets ON, and then the engine starts to make noise. It may stall for the low electrical power.


When you find the symptoms and warning lights, check the system of your vehicle. Check the wires and electrical connections. The corroded connectors cause this problem in most cases. Replace the connectors and wires. If the problem is not with the cables, then check the relay. If the relay is bad, replace it.

Defective Fuel Pump Control Module

If the fuel pump’s control module is faulty, you will have difficulty starting your vehicle engine. It can stall suddenly while you are running your F150. You also get abnormal noise coming from the engine. The poor performance and warning lights will show the need to check the car.


Test the fuel pump control module. If found faulty, first, reset it. Then check if the engine warning lights are ON. Replace the fuel pump control module when resetting cannot solve the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the fuel pump A control circuit open mean?

Fuel pump A control circuit is a system that enables the fuel pumps to transfer fuel to the fuel injectors. When this circuit is open, and fuel pressure is low. In this case, the system will show the P0627 error code.

How do I fix code P0627?

As the P0627 fix, you have to check certain parts of the fuel pump system and find the problems. According to the issues with the fuel pump control circuit, you may have to replace defective fuel pumps, faulty fuel pump relay, faulty fuel pump harness, wires and connectors, and faulty fuel pump control module.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on an F-150?

In the Ford F150 trucks, the fuel pump relay is situated inside the fuse panel. The fuse panel is found behind the kick panel of the passenger’s footwell.


The P0627 Ford F150 code is critical to understand as it can stop the car in the middle of your journey. If you are late in solving the issues, other parts of the fuel pump A control circuit can be damaged. It can, in turn, cause severe damage to the engine.

Other than repairing faulty parts, you should replace them because the faulty parts can be defective again even after fixing them.

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