Don’t Panic If You Find P0020 Ford F150?

Your engine shows up a p0020code,and you keep wondering what that actually means? Well, the p0020 code ford f150 indicates that the Camshaft Position’s Bank 2 is either open or encountered a short circuit. It usually takes place when the PCM identifies that the voltage coming from the Variable Valve timing circuit is either shortened or failed.

In this article, we will sort out the confusion along with showing the symptoms, causes, and solutions addressing this p0020 engine code ford f150. So if you want to fix it yourself, this article will surely help you.

P0020 Ford F150- Fixes Finding the Cause

First, we are going to add a table that gives you a brief idea of the causes and symptoms of the p0020 ford f150 5.0. Next, we will elaborately discuss the problems along with the solutions.

Defective Variable Valve Timing Control Circuit  Check Engine Light remains ON
Short Circuit in OCV/Solenoid ValveRough movement during high speed
Lacks accuracy in oil flowing of the Control Valve SolenoidPoor fuel economy
Intermittent Loss Of ContinuityLoss of power at a noticeable rate
Failed PCMGets rough while operating/starting
Resistance Runs Out Of The SolenoidEngine may stall

Defective Variable Valve Timing Control Circuit

One of the very notable reasons for the p0020 ford f150 5.4 is faulty variable valve timing. It is basically a technology that helps to increase the power efficiency for different running points of the engine. When the VVT faces an open or short circuit, the voltage runs out for a certain amount of time. That is when the PCM detects it, and thereby this code shows up.

If the VVT turns out to be defective, inspect the system wiring and connectors to ensure that they are tight and snug. If they turn out to be defective, you need to repair them.

Short Circuit in OCV/Solenoid Valve

It probably indicates a wiring issue when the Solenoid Valve faces an open or short circuit. That makes the solenoid short to ground, resulting in this code showing up.

In that case, turn On your engine and check whether the OCV solenoid is operating smoothly. If it fails to run properly, replace it with a new one.

Lacks accuracy in oil flowing of the Control Valve Solenoid

The oil flow in the Control Solenoid tends to get contaminated or malfunction. As a result, this code shows up. Turn off your engine and check the oil control valve to fix this. Inspect carefully if there is any damage or corrosion.

Sometimes the oil-flowing connector gets loose, which leads to malfunctioning, so make sure to check that. Clean the connector if it gets dirty. Replace if necessary.

Intermittent Loss Of Continuity

This is also another issue that takes place due to the breaking of wiring. As a result, the continuity gets interrupted, and you see this code.

To fix this, check whether the continuity is stable for the oil control valve. If you notice a loss in continuity, make sure that there are no traces of wire breaking, corrosion, or unstable connections. Go for replacement if necessary.

Resistance Runs Out Of The Solenoid

The solenoid resistance might run out of factory spec, so you need to check that. Compare the solenoid resistance value with that of the values mentioned in the user’s manual. If the values turn out to be off the limits, replace the solenoid.

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Another way is to check how the solenoid is getting activated- is it activating due to ny direct connection or not. If so, check the wiring between the solenoid and the ECM and ensure that there are no open or short circuits.

Defective PCM Or Software Needs An Update

The PCM might deliver prompt commands to the valve that is for oil flow control but it doesn’t follow accordingly. In that case, there must be a problem that lies with the PCM. In that case, check whether the software is updated.

At times, updating the software helps you to get rid of this code. However, if the problem still persists, consider replacing the PCM.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section of the article will cover the major queries addressing this code. So if you are still having queries and are confused about this code, consider going through this section.

How do you fix a p0020 code?

A p0020 code means a faulty intake camshaft position for Bank 2. You need to replace the Variable Valve Timing Circuit to fix this code.

What causes a p0020 code?

When the PCM discovers that the voltage from the Variable Valve Timing Circuit is either short or open, then this causes a p0020 code.

Where is the camshaft sensor located on a ford f150?

The Camshaft Sensor on a Ford f150 is located either in the timing cover or the engine’s cylinder head. It includes a cylindrical portion that inserts into the head.


Hope all your queries will come to an end about p0020 ford f150 after this article. We have covered all the symptoms that show up specifically for this code. Now you will learn to determine and diagnose this code by yourself.

We have also added the initiatives/solutions that you must adopt to get rid of this code. That will help you to fix this issue for good.

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