P2106 Ford F150: What are the Myths Behind It? Know Today!

What does p2106 ford f150 mean? Well, It’s an OBD-II generic code that is from the engine control module (ECM). And that means the engine is having a major issue, and the throttle power gets limited. 

Whenever your ford f150 faces this code, it can generate a signal which goes to ECM and ultimately trigger ECM to go into failure management mode.

This creates various limitations, including throttle response to limiting speed and activity in the vehicle. It happens when the Throttle Actuator Control Motor gets stuck or jammed, or the harness is open, etc.

Let’s check out why it happens, and the solutions.

Possible Reasons and Solutions Behind P2106 Ford F150

Why does your vehicle show p2106 Ford f150? There are a lot of reasons why p2106 errors may come, and some of those are: 

Motor stuck or jammedThe throttle won’t respond properly
Faulty motorThe vehicle won’t give access to the throttle
Loose wire connectionInterrupts frequently
Open harnessElectricals will fail

Now let’s learn about all the causes and symptoms of p2106 with solutions.

1. Throttle Actuator Control Motor Stuck or Jammed

The actuator control motor isn’t always stuck or jammed as it isn’t open space. However, it can happen if you use the vehicle roughly and rinse with too much water, leading to the actuator and jamming the motor.

It mainly happens due to the dust that enters the motor. This makes the levers clogged day by day, ultimately causing them to get stuck.


First of all, when you face these issues, the vehicle won’t respond to your throttle properly, and it’ll cause your vehicle to halt. In that case, you have to take it to a garage to do the maintenance. However, if you’re determined to work on it yourself, it isn’t too hard. 

All you need is an ECM monitor that reads the error that your vehicle is showing. For diagnosis, open your engine bay and go down below it to find the actuator. Open the area by unscrewing the lead and see if there is any dirt.

Clean it thoroughly and put engine oil in it as it’ll lubricate the motor. It’ll fix the p2106 ford f150 code. 

2. Faulty Actuator Motor

It’s also common for ford f150s to get a failed actuator motor. Well, this only happens whenever the truck gets heavily used, and the motor gets too pressured. It also happens due to too much dirt intake or bigger dust particles than usual. 

Those dust goes inside the motor and clogs the rotor, which initially breaks. There are times when the F150 truck gets a good age, which leads to hundreds of thousands of miles, leading to the motor getting weak and breaking. 


The only solution for this sort of problem is to change the actuator motor. However, you have to figure out the problem at first, and for that, you have to use a monitor to check ECM. Through the readings of the code p2106 ford f150, you can understand that the motor is broken. 

Now, follow the same procedure, go under the engine bay, and find the actuator. Unscrew the lead and open the actuator motor and completely take it off. Place the new motor accordingly to complete the process.

3. Loose Wire Connection

A loose wire connection is one of the sole reasons for the electric malfunctions of a vehicle. Moreover, it is also one of the most common reasons for p2106 ford f150 4.6

There are times when the wire of ECM to the actuator gets loose ultimately causing the vehicle to limit its process and acceleration. Sometimes, the vehicle may halt by showing error lights on the notification board.


For this, you don’t have to do a lot of hard work as all you need to do is reconnect the wires. First of all, see the ECM module and figure out the wires. See if the wires are connected to the exact area where they should remain. 

Most of the time, this is the place where the wire gets loose or breaks, so you have to tighten that certain area or reconnect the wires. It can also happen to the end of the actuator, so check that area too.

4. Open Harness

Open harness cables/wires do not come with leads that protect the wires. So, oftentimes the wires get cut and cause different electrical issues with the vehicle. You’ll find your car not responding to the buttons or other places where direct electricity is required. 

Moreover, you’ll find the error indicator light up and turn off without reason. There are times you’ll see your truck halting due to these issues, and one day the entire electrical will fail.


It’s straightforward. All you have to do is to check the electricals, and for that, you have to follow the wires. The process would be easier because you will figure out the wires that have problems by having an open harness.

Change the wires accordingly to solve this issue and fix your truck to be as good as old.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What does P2106 mean?

P2106 is an OBD-II generic code that is from the engine control module (ECM). It means the engine is having a major issue, and the throttle power gets limited.

How do you fix a p2106 code?

To fix a p2106 code, you have to follow a simple procedure it includes different steps. First of all, you need to use an ECM monitor to figure out the problem, and it’ll be one of those which we mentioned. Then follow the steps we’ve mentioned, and your problem will be solved.

What is throttle actuator control?

The throttle actuator is the media that connects ECU to mechanical parts of the vehicle, which include ignition and throttle.

Final Thoughts

P2106 Ford f150 is a common issue with the actuator in most of the ford f150 trucks. It happens for various reasons, and because of it, the user faces a lot of struggle.

However, you don’t have to worry anymore as we’ve discussed the possible problems and solutions with the symptoms. 

So, even if you face these issues, you can easily follow the instructions and solve them. But be careful. If you don’t have enough experience of working on a vehicle, then avoid working on it. Get a professional do it.

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