Troubleshoot P0356 Ford F150 Error Code In No Time

What is p0356 ford f150? “Ignition Coil F Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction” is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) detail for P0356, which means the malfunction in the engine circuit of the cylinder#6 wiring. This can happen for various reasons.

But, there can be many other secondary reasons for the ford f150 p0356 error, and today in this guide, we will discuss all these reasons along with the probable solutions you can try.

P0356 Ford F150

First, let’s have an overview of this error code.

Open or short driver circuitEngine misfire
Bad Coil packAbnormal vibrations during driving
Loose coil connectionsLess acceleration
Corrosion in
Malfunction indicator lamp illumination
WiringElectrical system issue

We will look into details for all the reasons and solutions that can cause the error code p0356 ford f150.

Open or Short Driver circuit

One of the most common causes of p0356 ford f150 5.0 is found mostly. The electrical system in your automobile can only function effectively if the wiring is undamaged and unbroken.

When a short circuit occurs, electricity cannot flow properly, which means it will travel somewhere else, perhaps causing damage. Short-to-ground circuits occur when a current passes from the circuit to your automobile’s body.

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This can happen if a wire’s insulation deteriorates or chafes, enabling electricity to flow from the line to your car.

Solution: In the fuse box, place the adapter and breaker. Then use the meter to detect the short.

Open the wiring harness and use electrical tape to fix any chafed or shorted wires. Replace the fuse and do a circuit test.

Bad Coil Packs

Bad coil pack is a common reason for p0356 ford f150 4.6 engines. Ignition coils are prone to failure due to faulty spark plugs or wires. Your ignition coils may fail prematurely if your vehicle’s fuel-to-oxygen combination is either rich or low.

Solutions:  It is not possible to fix a defective ignition coil; it must be replaced.

Loose Coil Connections

Your engine will most likely misfire if an ignition coil isn’t operating properly. When you’re driving at average speeds, a misfiring engine causes jerking or burbling.

When you come to a complete stop, a misfire caused by a defective ignition coil may cause your car to shake, vibrate, or run rough. Coil connection loosening is frequently caused by very harsh driving, and connections loosen over time owing to poor maintenance.

Solutions:  The loose coil connection should be tightened as a remedy to this problem. To keep the coil in place, you’ll need to install the bolts. After that, insert each bolt and spin it clockwise by hand to avoid cross-threading. Use a wrench to complete tightening them up.


Thermal stress caused by extreme heat and excessive vibration that causes sensitive components to fail is two environmental conditions that might induce PCM failure. The PCM ensures that the crankshaft and camshaft are correctly positioned so that your engine can turn over.

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Solutions: Because there are no mechanical elements to wear out, PCMs are not often repaired in the same way that alternators and water pumps are. In general, remanufacturing a PCM entails testing the computer, isolating and correcting any defects discovered and then retesting the computer to ensure that everything is working correctly.

As a result, you won’t be able to perform it yourself and will have to take your automobile to a professional mechanic.

Corrosion in wiring

Moisture gets into a vehicle’s electrical and power supply system, causing corrosion. Electrical systems might be harmed at any point along their length. Moisture is also easily accessed through leaking light connections, fractured lamp housings, and cable and wire abrasions.

Solutions: To make the solution, you will need to mix a teaspoon of baking soda with water. Wipe the rusted wire terminals with the solution using an old toothbrush or bristles brush and rub it well with a dry cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What cylinder is P0356 on?

If the issue occurs on cylinder 6, the P0356 code is usually set at that point. However, depending on the car manufacturer, the definition of code P0356 may change.

How do I fix code P0356?

Repair or replace the ignition coil and any shorted or open wires in the ignition coil driver circuit to clear the code P0356. If the connector has been corroded, you should clean or repair it.

What is ignition coil f primary secondary circuit?

Ignition coil f secondary circuit location the battery, ignition switch, primary coil winding, direct access like a crankshaft sensor, and a switching system such an igniting unit or ECU are all part of the system.

Final Verdict

Even if you don’t have any special diagnostic tools, the p0356 ford f150 5.4 code is typically relatively straightforward to diagnose with the swap test. Other symptoms, such as those listed above, can also be looked for.

So, today we discussed everything that you need to know about the p0356 ford f150, like what causes them and the probable solutions to fix those issues. The most common reason for this error code is problems with the ignition coil, But other reasons like a short circuit and bad PCM can also cause them.

Hence, make sure to read this article carefully to solve this error code without much trouble.

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