P0316 Ford F150: Solve The Disastrous Engine Misfire

What is the P0316 Ford F150? The engine control module shows warning lights for this code for the issues with the crankshaft or camshaft of the engine. When the crankshaft parameters exceed the limit or range, engine misfire is possible. A continuous engine misfire can damage the engine ultimately.

This error code can appear for ignition and fuel issues regarding crankshaft parameters. If you can find the specific reasons following the symptoms, then it will be easy to solve them. Know the details here to understand the causes of this error code and solve as needed.

Reasons, Symptoms & Solutions for P0316 Ford F150

Faulty spark plugEngine surges High fuel consumption
Faulty spark plug wireLow engine power Lack in acceleration
Faulty coil packsLoud noise Idle engine
Low fuel pressureEngine misfire Engine stalls Hard start
Faulty fuel injectorIdle engine Hard start
Faulty EGRLow fuel efficiency

The engine’s control module determines the ignition timing and fuel delivery situation by using the information of crankshaft position, engine RPM, and camshaft position. This code appears when their parameters are out of the range, and the engine may misfire.

Let’s learn the solution to each reason of error code P0316 Ford F150.

Faulty Spark Plugs

When the reason for P0316 Ford F150 5.4 is defective spark plugs, you will have trouble starting your vehicle engine. The engine may misfire and Surg. You will face a high fuel consumption situation and a problem with the truck’s acceleration.


When you have the symptoms, look at the electrodes of your truck. As the first step for P0316 Ford F150 4.6, checking the spark plugs or electrodes is suggested. Check their shape and position. Newer versions of Ford trucks have very few problems with spark plugs. If you find faulty spark plugs, consider replacing or changing them.

Defective Wires in Spark plugs

When the fault is in spark plug wires, you will reduce engine power, fuel efficiency, and lack of acceleration. These symptoms are apparent for wiring problems. Besides, you will also get the P0316 Ford F150 4.2 code.


Though modern versions of the Ford F150 are long-lasting and damage significantly less, the symptoms demand checking. If you find loose wires connections, consider reconnecting or repairing the connections. If the spark plug wires are damaged, replace them.

Fault in Coil Packs

Coil packs go wrong very rarely. If they are faulty, then you will get several symptoms. The engine will be rough idle and make misfires. You will notice unexpected loud engine noise and a lack of power. Besides, there will be an active gas warning light and check engine light within P0316 Ford F150 5.0.


When the fault is in coil packs, you can clean it thoroughly. But cleaning cannot repair the damaged coil packs. When one coil pack is faulty, you can fix it and run your truck. But replacing the wrong coil pack is the most suggested step. It is because one faulty coil pack can damage others. Though coil packs are expensive, change the defective pack to stop the subsequent engine damage.

Low Fuel Pressure

When the engine does not get proper fuel pressure, it cannot start smoothly for the lack of enough atomized fuel. With the lean fuel mixture, the engine may stall and misfire. The system will show a P0316 Ford f150 Eco-boost with low performance.

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Sometimes, engine misfire for low fuel pressure can show P0301 p0316 Ford F150 as the combined code.


Check the gas tank, fuel lines, battery, fuel pumps, and pressure regulator when you find low fuel pressure. If found faulty, replace them.

Bad Gas

When bad gas is in the engine, it struggles while igniting the fuel to start. So, you will face the complex start engine. The truck can stall suddenly. The motor will burn more gas than regular. You also get the P0316 Ford F150 code.


Drain the gas tank first when you find bad gas in your engine. Then reset the fuel pump. Change the filter before filling the gas in the tank. The fill the gas tank correctly.

Faulty Fuel Injector

A faulty fuel injector fails to atomize the fuel properly to start the engine. Then the engine will be idle and may stall. You will also see a reduction in fuel efficiency. The engine code P0316 Ford F150 will appear.


When there is an air to fuel ratio imbalance, it can clog the fuel injector. If the clogged injector is the engine misfire, then clean the fuel injector. If the fuel injector is damaged, replace it. There may be more than one fuel injector. Consider changing all the faulty fuel injectors.


The bad EGR will reduce the power and acceleration. The engine will also have low fuel efficiency, and it will misfire. Then the OBD code P0316 Ford F150 appears.


When you find the fault in the EGR valve, replace it immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix code P0316?

To fix the P0316 error code, first, you clean the clogged catalytic converter. Check the camshaft position sensors. If found faulty, replace it. Then check the spark plugs, wires, coil packs, fuel injectors, and EGR. If one of them is defective, replace them.

What does the p0316 code mean?

The p0316 error code is a trouble code for fault in the engine’s ignition system. If the engine misfires for a defect in the ignition time of the machine, the system shows a warning light, and this code appears.

How much is it cost to fix a cylinder 1 misfire?

Fixing cylinder 1 misfire is quite expensive. If the issues are with spark plugs, you have to spend $100 to $200. For replacing the ignition coil, you may spend up to $250. Fuel injectors are priced up to $400. You may have to count up to $800 if there are more issues.


The P0316 Ford F150 code is very unexpected. It is hard and expensive to solve this error code’s issues. If you know the facts, symptoms, and initial solutions, you can reduce the cost slightly by doing some simple checks yourself. But it is not wise to consider repairing when you need to replace parts. It can cause severe damage to the engine. Getting expert suggestions is a wise decision.

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