[Solved] LED Tailgate Light Bar Problems- 3 Causes+ Quick Solution!

LED Tailgate Light Bar Problems

Does your truck’s tailgate light bar is illuminating in low beam or won’t work when switching modes? They’re basic errors that happen if the inside parts are having problems.

To drive at night or in stormy weather at late hours safely, the tailgate light bar is a vital thing that would help greatly in those situations. If these parts turn bad or cause an error, you may meet accidents or mishaps for both you and other drivers due to lack of vision.

For these reasons, a lot of people look for the perfect solutions to all of the LED tailgate light bar problems in good explanation. If you are one of them, then know that the fixing of these errors is super easy. So, Why Not We Head to Finding Those Fixes Today!

LED Tailgate Light Bar Problems – Causes & Easy Solutions!

Annoyed to see the tailgate light bar beaming in low or not working at all? Most of the time, the faulty fuse, bad wire, or battery problem are the reasons that causing these issues. Changing the problematic parts will solve your tailgate light bar troubles. Here’s how you can fix these errors.

Reasons for LED Tailgate Light Bar ProblemsSimple Fixes That Will Works
Blown or bad fuseReplace the fuse
Broken tailgate light bar wireFix the problematic wire
Low voltage of the batteryCharge or replace the battery

So, your truck tailgate light bar is not working (Won’t turn on or change light when switching modes) like normally do. It’s okay to not know how to figure out the root reasons or solutions. For your sake, we have given some culprits of LED tailgate light bar issues.

According to CarTreatments.com,

The purpose of your tail lights are to illuminate the rear of your car. Generally, they turn on when you flip the switch that also turns on your headlights. Many newer models have them on an automatic sensor which turns them on when it detects a drop in ambient brightness.

  • Fuse error that causes the middle bulb’s light to go blank.
  • Wiring issue of tailgate light bar.
  • Battery negative terminator fitted loosely or needs replacement.

Even though you have a 5 or 6 function LED tailgate light bar, it won’t perform rightly while having a problematic fuse, wire, or battery. So, how to get rid of these? Let’s figure it out.

Remove The Bad Fuse To Solve Tailgate Light Bar Issues

Does your truck tailgate light bar isn’t turning on at all or going blank? If so, then maybe the fuse is blown away which needs replacement. Here is what you need to do to fix that:

  1. Pull out the hood of your truck and secure it by hanging the strut.
  2. Now, get access to your fuse box. If your truck’s LED tailgate light bar fuse is located inside the hood and near to the steering wheel or brake pedal.
  3. Next, open the fuse box and locate the LED light bar of the tailgate.
  4. See the conditions of the fuse whether it’s blown away or not. If yes, then change it with a new one.

Quick Tips: Most of the time the fuse of the LED tailgate light bar is located inside the cover of the wire (that is attached to your truck).

Fixing The Problematic Wire Of LED Tailgate Light Bar

Due to dirty or broken wire, the tailgate light bar might cause problems to switch modes. And also, the issue can be solved if you know the LED tailgate light bar wiring diagram. For that we have given some data about it down below:

image 4

Learning the wire’s color and function is important before you go to the fixing process. Now, be sure to inspect the wire and follow the given procedure:

Step-1: Start by, locating the wire of the LED tailgate light bar. After that, notice whether the plug is 4, 5, or 7 pins to know each wire’s function easily by color.

Step-2: Now, see if any wire is broken or filled with dirt.

Step-3: If you find one or more wire issues, then start by cutting the insulation to get the stable stripped wire. Next, connect the two conductors to ensure a good connection. 

Step-4: Do the same thing on other wires (if you see). Be sure not to connect one wire conductor to others as it may cause accidents.

Step-5: Tape them securely so that the connection stays stable without making damage. Adjust them to their place and connect everything back to their place. And, you are done.

Quick Tips: Be sure to remove the negative terminator cable of the battery before starting the process.

Replace The Battery To End LED Tailgate Light Bar Errors

If nothing works out for you to treat tailgate light bar problems, then it’s better to replace the battery or charge it. For beginners, here’re detailed directions:

  • Charge your truck for a while. And then, test whether it fixes LED tailgate light bar low beam or not. if not, then go to the next step.
  • Open the hood of your truck.
  • Secure your hand by wearing a pair of electric-protected gloves. And then, locate the battery which would be in front.
  • Next, detach the negative terminator cable (Black) using the wrench. Be sure to remove the plastic clamp.
  • After that, take out the plastic cover and detach the positive terminator cable (Red). Avoid contacting negative and positive cable with each other.
  • Now, remove the battery from the truck. Mostly it would be 20-24 lbs in weight.
  • Insert the new one in place of the old battery. Try to rub the negative and positive terminator (new battery) with the 100-grit sandpaper or emery cloth.
  • Then, attach the positive cable first and then the negative one.
  • Afterward, close the hood and start the truck to test it. And, you are done.

Pro Tip: Be sure to check the owner’s manual to ensure you are doing rightly.

This May Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did my LED light bar stop working?

The LED tailgate light bar usually stops working if the chassis ground and battery negative terminator cable move from their place. Apart from that, sometimes the voltage of the battery might be the reason why it’s not reacting.
Luckily there’re some ways that help you to solve these types of troubles by following the right direction given above.

Are tailgate light bars worth it?

They are necessary for those drivers who want to drive at nighttime or in bad weather. Thanks to its nice lighting, you along with other drivers will be able to see the backside real quick with no hassle. Besides, they offer powerful and extra lighting to see the dark paths easily.

How do I know if my light bar is bad?

To identify whether the light bar is turning bad or not, you need to check the wires and fuse of tailgate areas. You will as well see the light is beaming low or maybe it won’t beam at all. Whatever signs you see that indicating the light bar is turning bad, be sure to take action.

Overall Thoughts

Feeling confident enough now? To fix the LED tailgate light bar problems? We hope you are. The very first thing you want to do is figure out root causes beforehand you start to fix troubles. Basically, the tailgate light failures can cause the beam to react weirdly.

Thinking of the most possible reasons and fixes, we have tried to present all things in detail for you to get the job done smoothly. And, if you are still having errors with the tailgate light bar, it would be better to fix that with the help of a pro mechanic.

Just don’t wait for a long time doing anything either think of your and other drivers’ safety by taking steps or call an expert. That’s pretty much all for today. See You in Another Article. Bye!

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