Interstate Vs Diehard Battery: Which Is The Better Battery For Your Car?

What is the difference between interstate and diehard batteries? The short answer is that Interstate batteries have a lower discharge rate than Interstate batteries, while Interstate batteries recharge faster than Interstate batteries.

However, there are several different types of batteries available for your car. Out of the lot, Diehard and Interstate stand out. They manufacture batteries for automobiles, trucks, boats, and marine applications. So, which one of interstate vs. diehard performs a better job?

Interstate is one of the most well-known battery manufacturers. They provide a wide range of batteries that will fit any vehicle. DieHard, on the other hand, has been producing batteries since 1967. They have a long history in the battery business.

We’ll go over the differences between these batteries and anything else you need to know about them in this article.

Interstate Vs Diehard Battery Table Comparision

Down below, we will see all the critical differences between Interstate and Diehard batteries, which will make your decision-making easier.

 Key PointInterstate BatteryDiehard Battery
Available ModelsMTZ AGM
Diehard Platinum AGM
Diehard Platinum
Diehard Gold
Diehard Silver
Diehard Red
Diehard Marine
Diehard Powersports
Diehard Heavy Duty  
Avg CCA800 CCA685 CCA
Best UseVehicles that need extreme starting powerMarine vehicles Golf cartsMan lifts
Interstate Vs Diehard Battery Table Comparision

Comparing The Built Technology

When comparing interstate vs diehard AGM batteries, keep in mind that both Diehard and Interstate are 12V AGM batteries.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is a technology that uses a glass plate module, which are improved lead-acid batteries with a voltage of 12V that provide greater power to satisfy the increasing electrical needs of today’s automobiles and start-stop applications.

Interstate batteries may be used as a cranking battery and a source of power for your engine. It has a non-alloy lead plate design that is one of the most reliable. Even for the trolling motors, ATVs, wheelchairs, scooters, an Interstate battery with a 55Amp-hour rate works fine.

Diehard batteries’ energy flow has increased by 60 percent. Its non-alloy lead plate design is one of the most reliable on the market. Their design claims a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Batteries from Diehard are usually constructed using cutting-edge technology and appear to be capable of supplying the power requirements of a wide range of automobiles.

Best Use

Diehard is suitable for usage in a wide range of automobiles. It has versions that satisfy deep cycling demands to models with high starting power so that it can cater to a wide range of vehicle requirements.

You can use them for heavy-duty power trucks, marine vehicles, smaller sedans, and power sports cars.

On the other hand, Interstate offers a wide choice of batteries to meet a variety of needs. They’re recognized for making high-quality batteries for golf carts, man lifts, and backup security systems.

They have a large assortment of batteries for personal and commercial vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles. There are also batteries for RVs, marine vehicles, utility vehicles, and motorcycles.


Let’s start with diehard batteries. If you reside in a colder northern area, it usually lasts for around five years or more. However, if you, as a battery user, dwell in America’s hot southern environment, such a car battery would normally last only three years.

On the other hand, an interstate battery typically lasts three to five years. Even bad driving habits will reduce battery life. Furthermore, the more a battery is exposed to severe environments, the less durable it becomes. But we see people having such reliability on the Interstate batteries for their car, jeep, and van.

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Keep in mind that improper battery maintenance, poor driving habits, and exposure to severe temperatures are all factors that can shorten battery life.

Ease of Maintenance

Interstate batteries are easy to mount and remove in a variety of sizes and use and maintain. Diehard also appears to be low-maintenance, which is great for maximum convenience.

So, no matter which one you choose, you won’t have to worry about maintenance because both batteries appear to be low on maintenance or maintenance-free.

Performance Difference

Duralast batteries have a polypropylene structure that is impact-resistant, reducing the risk of damage caused by vibration. Furthermore, the in-class vent mechanism ensures that gases in the system are vented, reducing corrosion and leakage.

You’ll observe that Interstate batteries often have an average CCA of 800 cold-cranking amps and an average CA total of 1000 cranking amps. Still, Duralast batteries have 720 cold-cranking amps and a total range of 910 cranking amps, making them somewhat more potent in power output.

While talking about diehard vs interstate marine battery, you will notice that The 110.00 Interstate AH marine battery requires no maintenance. It has a long life and is hence suitable for deep discharge applications. So, in short, it works much better for marine vehicles compared to Duralast.

Warranty & Service

The Warranty period of Diehard is a bit more than Interstate. Diehard has a warranty period ranging from 2-4 years (depending on the model you are going for). In comparison, Interstate comes with two years of warranty.

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Both Interstate and Diehard have full free after-sales battery services available for their customers.


Interstate batteries are a bit more expensive than Diehard ranging from $115-$350. On the other hand, Diehard has a price range of  $120-$300.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you still buy DieHard batteries?

DieHard car batteries are now available at Sears and at the auto supply shop chain after Transformco sold the DieHard brand to Advance Auto Parts for $200 million.

Are interstate batteries the best?

Interstate batteries have high ratings and are considered among the finest in the market. These batteries are excellent. Their AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries are highly recommended since they have a reduced cost per same-size battery and are of excellent quality.

Are interstate batteries good?

Interstate batteries have a tough look and provide dependable, high-performance service. Surprisingly, many goods are suitable for a wide range of vehicles. As a result, they are unquestionably good due to their superior quality.

Are diehard batteries still good?

DieHard batteries are designed to provide reliable starting performance in all seasons and conditions. DieHard automobile batteries are engineered to fulfill the vehicle manufacturer’s battery starting and reserve capacities power standards, ensuring that you always have enough power for a rapid start.

Who makes DieHard car batteries now?

On December 23, 2019, Advance Auto Parts, Inc purchased the DieHard brand. DieHard automotive and specialty batteries are currently available at over 5,000 Advance Auto Parts and Carquest Auto Parts locations, numerous professional shops, and Sears Auto Centres.

Which One Wins the Powering Battle?

So, between Interstate vs Diehard, who wins the battle. Because both rely largely on AGM technology, there may not be much difference between these two choices.

The Interstate, on the other hand, is a far better alternative considering availability and battery quality – especially since many customers have complained about Duralast batteries and their endurance.

Despite this, both batteries are well-made, dependable, deliver excellent performance, retain their value, and are long-lasting. As a result, the final decision on which battery to choose is entirely up to you.

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