Does Modifying Add Exhaust Drone Damper Weights? Why & How!

What do exhaust drone damper weights do? Drone damper aims to delete or reduce the irritating exhaust drone sound and vibration. It adds a little to the vehicle, but this extra weight does not cause any problem.

But does it work? It works to a certain level. In most cases, people found these weights less efficient. Then we can go for other options to solve the drone noise issue.

Here, you will know what exhaust drone damper weights do, how they work, why we add drone dampers, the best options to mitigate the exhaust drone, etc.

So, explore the page and find the best drone damping option for your vehicle.

How Do Exhaust Drone Damper Weights Work?

Exhaust drone damper weights can be rubber, metal, aluminum alloy, or steel. These weights act like sound or vibration dampers by reducing the resonance coming from the exhaust muffler. The use of damper weight keeps the car parts still and stops the vibration.

Exhaust drone damper varies in weight. It can be 3 grams to 20 kg or more. It depends on the requirement.

Sometimes, we need to add damper weight on different sides of the car or truck. In these cases, we will need low weight damper to add them on two to four sides. They work together to mute the sound and stop the vibration by minimizing the frequency.

How to Add Exhaust Drone Damper Weight

There are different types of drone damper weight, and they can be added in different ways. Some dampers are wielded in the car or truck bracket, and some are hung on exhaust pipes or required parts.

Generally, small damper weights are wielded into the factory pipe inside the bracket. This factory setup is ideal for pickup trucks or SUVs.

To add the damper weight which is required to hang, you may need to make a hole in the exhaust tube of the car. So, first, drill two holes on both exhaust sides and put the tube from damper weight through the hole. You have to wield the pipe ends to seal the weight damper here. After wielding, you have to attach the bolt through the tube.

Actually, the process of adding the weight damper depends on the type of damper, and the process is given in the instruction. You may attach the damper weight with bolts, hex nuts, locks, etc.

Why Do People Need to Add Dampers?

When the engine exhaust system vibrate, the vibrating frequencies may be incompatible. This vibrating resonance and sound are called the exhaust drone that can occur at steady car speeds.

This exhaust drone is pretty irritating, repetitive, or reverberating. You can also get the exhaust drone sound when accelerating or idling the car. The exhaust drone sound becomes so annoying that you may have a problem driving the vehicle. That’s why people need to add drone dampers. There are other options within the drone damper weights to damper the exhaust drone, including the muffler.

The Ideal Exhaust Drone Damper Options to Choose

The addition of exhaust drone damper weight is a traditional method of damping the drone sounds. Is it effective?

From the customers’ reviews, it has been found that the exhaust droner damper weight works very little. It may reduce the vibration slightly but cannot completely suppress the sound. So, what is the best idea to dampen the exhaust drone?

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A good quality muffler, a resonator, or noise insulation works better than drone damper weights among different drone damping options. Some effective exhaust drone damper options are-

  • Noise insulation cannot change the frequency, but it can make things quiet and minimize the vibration.
  • Resonator tips– The resonated exhaust tips are specially designed to modify the exhaust tone  by adjusting the frequency.
  • Replace the muffler– The stock muffler may not be able to suppress all the exhaust drone sound and vibration. In that case, you can replace it and get a damper with different chambers that can help in reducing the sound waves.
  • Add extension to exhaust pipe– If you can extend the length of the exhaust pipe three to four feet, it can reduce the sound frequencies and make it hard to hear.
  • Replace the exhaust system-When nothing is working efficiently, and you can replace the entire exhaust system and add a new system that cancels the drone.
  • Add liner in the hood- It is a DIY process to dampen the drone. You can add a liner on the car hood made of sound damping material.
  • Add soundproofing mat- People sometimes purchase a soundproofing mat and add it against the bare metal. These mats work well.
  • Add sound minimizing upholster– There are some specially designed upholster for car seats that can mitigate the exhaust sound.
  • Add closed-cell foam and MLV– The MLV is specially engineered mass-loaded vinyl, reducing the exhaust drone sound when added with closed-cell foam. Together these foam and vinyl work great and cancel the drone sound from reaching your ears.
  • Add HMF- It is hydrophobic melamine foam that can block the drone sound to an appreciable level.

All these options work well in damping the exhaust drone sound. Sometimes, you may need to add more than one of these options to get a better result.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you dampen an exhaust drone?

To dampen the exhaust drone, you have to alter the exhaust sound frequency. You can clamp weights into the exhaust pipes or tubes. You can use solid steel or lead-made weight clamps before and after the muffler. It will dampen the sound. There are other options to dampen the exhaust drone, like noise insulator, resonator, etc.

Why are there weights on my exhaust?

The exhaust system vibrates and makes noise while running the vehicle engine. This vibration makes annoying resonance. Putting weight into the exhaust pipes can dampen this sound and vibrations. That’s why there are weights in your car exhaust.

What is an exhaust damper?

The exhaust creates disturbing sounds and vibrations that annoy the drivers when running the car or accelerating the vehicle. An exhaust damper minimizes or completely reduces these sound and resonance and make the driving smooth. The exhaust damper can be drone damping weights, noise insulators, resonant tips, etc.


Exhaust drone is annoying sounds and vibrations. It makes noise and misuses the driver while running the car. It also vibrates the vehicle to an unbearable level. It is essential to use drone dampers to make the journey smooth.

People use the exhaust drone damper weights first. They are worth trying for the first time, but most people get unpleased with the result. That’s why you should know other effective drone damping options.

From this article, you already know several drone damping options, and you can take any option your need.

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