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Ford Remote Start Not Working 2 Beeps: Reasons & Fixes

You may experience Ford remote start not working 2 beeps quite often, don’t you? It may be caused by an activated hood sensor, the brake being pressed, a check engine light on, power issues, or pressing the remote button too quickly.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry now about that. Because our expert team is here to assist you with the actual fixing of this irritating problem. In this article, we will elaborate on all the possible reasons behind the remote not working after 2 beeps with some easy fixes.

So, keep reading on until you reach the bottom line.

Ford Remote Start Not Working 2 Beeps: Fixes That Can Solve The Issues

We already told you that there can be a few reasons for your Ford remote not starting working. The below table will show you some common reasons of remote start not working after 2 beeps:

Possible ReasonsEasiest Fix
The Hood sensor is activeClose the hood and doors
Brake is pressedPull the brake back
The check engine light is onSwitch it off
Power issuesCharged the wires, ignition and tested the fuses.
Damages in brake wireCheck the brake wire, replace it if necessary
Issues in hood switch wireMercury switch under the hood needs to be replaced or repaired
Pressing the button too fastYour button pressing speed needs to be slowed down

Continue your reading. Here the more details about the possible Ford remote start troubleshooting:

Hood Sensor

Two beeps in the remote usually indicate that the hood sensor is open. In that case, you will receive a ‘’Hood Open’’ notification from the system check. There are basically 2 different kinds of switches that you can use to close the hood in a Ford vehicle.

One is the integrated switch, and the other is the hood latch. You can use them both to close and open the hood. Use any of the switches to close your hood if it’s open. Hopefully, after that, your Ford remote will start working.

Power Issues

Remotes that don’t work two beeps can sometimes be the result of a power issue. The IGN and Acc wires should be connected to the RS. You should power the green wires. The red/black wire doesn’t need to be powered mandatorily.

It is recommended that all the wires under the dash be powered. In some cases, the glow plug circuit may not be charging up during RS since some ignitions may not get power. This is another reason for the problem.

Check Engine Light Issues

You may hear 2 beeps from your Ford remote because of the turning on of the check engine light. In that case, you have to turn it off. Locate the obd2 port on your Ford vehicle. You will normally get it on the driver’s side foot area. There will also be a black connector, and you just have to plug the obd connector in.

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It will immediately have power on in the obd2 scanner. After that, in order to scan the vehicle, we need to turn the ignition off. With our ignition on, the vehicle go ahead and hit enter. It will show you the fault code that causes the issues.

Break Issues

Break issues are also a possible reason for not working Ford remote after 2 beeps. If your brake is in pressing mode, then you have to pull it back. For doing that, go to the center of your Ford vehicle. There will be a stick. Take this, press your thumb on this button and pull up all the way on the lever.

After that, your break will be turned off. At the same time, check your break’s wires and the polarity of the key sense wire as well as the key sense wire connector.

Pressing The Button Too Fast

Pressing the buttons too fast can also cause problems with your Ford remote. Usually, you will get 3 seconds to shift one setting to another by using your remote.

If you do that too quickly and frequently, you may hear the 2 beeps, and your remote will cease to work. Gently heat the button to prevent that from happening.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Reset My Ford Remote Start?

At first, on the Ford remote starter, press the Lock button. Once your key is turned on, turn it back to the “off” position (or click the start button again). The cycle should be repeated three more times and four in total. After that, you will successfully be able to reset your Ford remote start.

How Do I Activate My Ford Remote Start?

The FordPass app is required to activate Ford remote start on a compatible smartphone. Then create an account with some basic information and a 4 digit pin. Use your username and password to sign in if you have an existing Ford owner account.
A pop-up will appear if your vehicle is equipped with Ford Pass to connect. Press add to add a second vehicle from the home screen. Next, scan the VIN barcode or type it manually. Then follow the screen directions to activate your ford remote start.

Why Is Ford Remote Start Not Working?

Ensure you have entered the correct Authorized Username in FordPass if your Remote Start is not working. Verify that the Remote Start feature is enabled in your instrument cluster. Also, check that your vehicle is not in Deep Sleep Mode.

Bottom Line

We hope now it is completely clear to you why Ford remote start not working 2 beeps. You can apply our described fixes to get rid of that.

However, to avoid this kind of problem, you need to be more careful and proactive in the maintenance of your Ford vehicle. You can consult with your Ford dealer if you are still unable to fix the problem on your own.

Write to us about your automobile-related problems. Then we will come to you with the best solutions.

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