Bosal Vs Walker Catalytic Converter: What Will You Choose?

What is the difference between Bosal and Walker catalytic converters?. Well, they both offer unique features that are hard to find elsewhere. However, there is one significant downside to both of these devices. Both are expensive!

Bosal’s catalytic converter is supposed to help with emissions reduction due to the air you breathe being replaced by fuel. However, Walker’s cathectic converter is more affordable.

So, if you’re looking for the best catalytic converter on the market, it won’t be going up in value. Instead, it will be going up in value. This article will discuss every aspect of the bosal vs walker catalytic converter.

Bosal Vs Walker Catalytic Converter

Key PointsBosal Catalytic ConverterWalker Catalytic Converter
Build QualityHighComparatively low
Sizes And TypesSizes: 6.5″W x 0.85″H x 1.2″L Types: 2Sizes: 8.0″W x 1.8″H x 2.1″L Types: 2
LongevityMuch longer lastingLess
DurabilityNon-toxic and easy to useNot all

Check the below guide to find the apparent differences between the two best aftermarket catalytic converter brands, which are quite famous in the market.

Bosal vs Walker Catalytic Converter: Build Quality

Both bosal and walker catalytic converters offer unique features that are hard to find elsewhere. When purchasing a bosal converter, the first thing to consider is the build quality.

There are many problems with the build quality of the bosal converter. First, there is no months-long wait time for the product to come to your doorstep. Second, there is no customer support available. Third, the product is not available in all countries. Fourth, the delivery time for the product is very long. The last problem with the build quality of Bosalconverter is that it can be improved without being able to.

This product has all the features of the top brands, but it doesn’t meet the quality level that you would expect from a high-end product.

When looking for a bosal converter, it is essential to look for a built device with high quality in mind. You don’t want a cheaply made device that doesn’t meet your needs or wants. The build quality of the Bosal converter is like no other device on the market. It is sure to please users for years to come. Whereas with a walker catalytic converter, you’ll get all the features with quality but comparatively low. But After all the drawbacks, the majority of people are choosing bosal as the best aftermarket catalytic converter brand.

Sizes And Types Comparison Between Bosal Vs Walker Catalytic Converter

There are two main types of catalytic: those used to replace air emissions due to upgrades or improve car performance and those that are not used to replace air emissions. Bosal has two types: one that is used to replace air emissions due to upgrading or improving car performance, and one that is used to replace air emissions that are not used to improve car performance.

Bosal size is 6.5 “W x 0.85 “H x 1.2 “L, while Walker has it at 8.0 “W x 1.8 “H x 2.1 “L. Bosal is meant for use with a vehicle with a pressure Cooker (PVC) and the like, while walker is not only used but also Seconds or even 3M products.

Bosal Vs Walker Catalytic Converter: Longevity

The Bosal catalytic converter is superior to the Walker catalytic converter in terms of compressive strength and quality. They are also much less expensive to set up, making them a more appealing option for many folks.

But if we talk about life span, then a walker catalytic converter will last up to 10 years. However, with the bosal, the catalytic conversion will last for 5 years. That means that if you are looking to buy one, it is best to go for a walker catalytic converter as it will be cheaper and longer-lasting.

Durability Comparison Between Bosal Vs Walker Catalytic Converter

Bosal’s catalytic converter is made of durable materials like plastic. It’s a mix of steel and plastic that has been used in the past to create other devices like air filters. The converter is non-toxic and easy to use, suitable for busy businesses.

Walker’s catalytic converter is made with stainless steel for strength and durability. This difference in durability is because bosal has only one design feature in their device. Both devices are built to survive many washes and impacts. Because of its durability, bosal is ruling as the best aftermarket catalytic converter brand.

Bosal Vs Walker Catalytic Converter: Prices

The cost of a bosal converter is that it is only compatible with one fuel, air. This means that if you look for reducing emissions, you may be better off looking elsewhere. Additionally, the walker’s catalytic converter is not compatible with only one fuel, which means you’re likely to be reducing emissions when using a walker catalytic converter.

Bosals prices are comparatively 3 times higher than Walker Catalytic Converter because of their product material quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a walker a good catalytic converter?

Yes, the walker is an excellent catalytic converter since it has a more long-lasting life span than a bosal.

Is bosal catalytic converter good?

Undoubtedly, it is good and worth buying. The Bosal Catalytic Converter outperforms the competition in terms of durability and efficiency.

How long does a walker catalytic converter last?

To be safe, you should keep your walker catalytic converter in your car for up to 10 years. The catalytic conversion with bosal, on the other hand, will last for 5 years. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing one, we will recommend that you buy a catalytic walker converter because it will be less expensive and last longer.


Bosal vs Walker catalytic converter is becoming a common query for product line buying. While many different catalytic converters are on the market, bosal’s catalytic converter is slightly more expensive and has a short life span.

Additionally, bosal’s catalytic converter is not consistent in its performance, with sometimes some days being better than others. When choosing a vehicle, both options have advantages and disadvantages. We are hoping that after reading this article you’ll get a clear understanding and will be able to choose which you should purchase.

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