Ford Explorer Terrain Management System Fault Reasons With Easy Fix

What is the reason for Ford Explorer terrain management system fault? The typical reason can be software bug andsome other, as well. However, it’s not a big deal to fix these issues. You just need the proper methods to fix it.

This article will share some easy fixes that will help you fix any type of terrain management system fault with your Ford Explorer.

Prior to discussing the details, we want to make clear that all of our described solutions have been tested on different Ford Explorer models, and they all work fine.

Ford Explorer Terrain Management System Fault

Our team did deep research on the different types of Ford terrain management system faults.

However, the below table will show you the common fix to the issues:

Terrain Management System FaultsEasy Fixes
Wrench Sign Turn OnDisconnect and then reconnect the battery again.
Pop Up WarningDiagnosed the appeared codes to pinpoint the problem and then took the necessary actions to fix it.
False WarningReplace the sensor that sends a false warning
Software BugUpdate the new versions of the terrain management system
Battery Or Voltage IssuesDisconnect and then reconnect the battery again.

Don’t stop here. Continue your reading to know each fix in full detail.

Fault: Works In All Models

The terrain management system fault occurs in almost every model of Ford Explorer. It usually happens when you disconnect the battery, or it goes dead. It can also occur due to the cleaning of the terrain management system.

However, follow the below 3 easy steps to fix any terrain management system fault in your Ford Explorer:

Step-1: Find Your Negative Battery Cable

First, you have to find the negative battery cable from the terrain management system and then disconnect it. Make sure that your key is out of the ignition. After that, pull the cable up and off. Put some kind of insulator, like a piece of cloth, between the negative battery post and the negative battery clamp.

Step-2: Take A Jumper Cable

Now use a jumper from the positive side to the negative side. That will sort out any capacitors on the inside of the PCMs or any other modules and fully drain them. So, you may see a spark, just put it on and make good contact. Make sure the capacitors are inside that.

Then wait a few minutes. It will retain the memory in the PCM that is actually discharged and starts fresh.

Step-3: Now Check And Finish The Task

After a few minutes, pull the jumper off the positive first. Then pull off from the negative sides too. Now, you need to reassemble the battery terminal by tightening it down. 

We are now ready to check our terrain management system. Before checking, ensure all your accessories are off. Now, turn the key of the terrain management system to the on position. Wait for the cluster to prove out. Start the vehicles when approved. Next, drive it for 15 minutes with heavy foot pedals so that you can relearn it.

The above 3 steps will help you fix any fault that you may experience with a Ford Explorer’s terrain management system. Nonetheless, if the fixing process seems challenging, it is wise to seek professional assistance.

Fix for Wrench Sign Turn On

A wrench sign appears on the right screen, and then the car loses power and begins to shake, this is a terrain management system fault. It is extremely dangerous.

However, the wrench sign turn-on issue usually occurs because of the failure of the throttle body and the terrain management system’s fault. So, when you face this problem, first check the throttle body signals. If there is an issue, then replace the throttle body. You should also balance the cylinders at the same time.

And, if the problem occurs due to the terrain management system fault, you will get a ‘U’ code after the scanning. To fix it, you have to disconnect the battery, wait a short time, and then reconnect it. Next, go through the idle relearning procedure described in the owner’s manual.

How To Fix Pop-up Warning?

A terrain management warning will appear whenever the brake or powertrain computer with throttle signals detects any problem. This can be a problem with the throttle position sensor.

This sensor can sometimes produce false throttle signals, which causes problems with the terrain management system. In that case, replace the sensor.

If you receive this warning, recheck the fault codes by using a scan tool that is able to communicate with all computers in your model. Any codes that may be generated will have to be diagnosed to pinpoint the problem.

We recommend monitoring the wheel speed and throttle position sensor signals when no codes are generated using the scan tool. It will be necessary to replace any sensor that is continually sending incorrect signals.

This issue is likely to cost a lot, depending on how many components need to be repaired or replaced in order to fix it. Shops or dealers may charge $150 to replace the sensor.

2015 Ford Explorer Terrain Management System Failure For Software Bugs

Terrain management system failures on Ford Explorers usually occur at low mileage. An ABS software update completely fixed the problem on earlier models (up to 2014).

To retrieve the fault codes from the system, you will need a scan tool to be connected in order to fix the Ford Explorer terrain management system failure. A software bug would likely be to blame for this issue on this particular model.

New versions of the terrain management system have been updated to fix the failure. So, just update it, and hopefully, you will get released from this terrain management system fault.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Ford Terrain Management System?

The Ford terrain management system can automatically adjust AdvanceTrac settings based on existing road conditions with four selectable modes. It can also shift four-wheel drive as needed. Different TMS modes have different throttle response settings and transmission shift points.
Ford terrain management system is simple to use and works perfectly. You choose from four different surface conditions after dialing in the center console. Ford terrain management starts in standard mode for regular road or highway conditions. It controls engine transmission and brakes to match the conditions of the surface. As conditions change, just turn the dial switch to mud ruts.

How Do I Reset My Terrain Management System Fault? (4 Simple Steps)

Most of the time, the terrain management system fault occurs due to voltage issues. You can quickly fix the problem by just adjusting or resetting the battery. Anyway, to rest your terrain management system fault, just follow these simple steps.
First, press the start button without inadvertently stepping on the brake. Then, rapidly flash the bright lights 5 times in a row. After that, firmly press the brake pedal 3 times. Finally, you will see the Battery light flash three times after this, followed by the Check Engine light flashing five to six times. In order to verify the change, you must drive the vehicle a few miles.
However, it is always recommended that you follow the owner’s manual or take help from a professional to reset the terrain management system fault.

How Do You Put A Ford Explorer In 4 Wheel Drive?

Depending on factors such as traction and torque, the Ford Explorer will decide when to engage the extra wheels. However, you also can manually put your Ford Explorer in four-wheel drive. The mode of 2WD, Auto, 4WD Low, or 4WD High will be indicated by a lever or a knob, depending on the model year of your Explorer.
Turn the knob or lever to the appropriate setting after stopping your Ford in a safe stoppage. Once the drivetrain is functioning correctly, the rest should take care of itself. Then you will have the option of engaging the selected wheels as soon as you begin moving again.

Last Few Words

After reading our article, we hope you are confident enough to fix any type of Ford Explorer terrain management system fault. Just follow the showing steps and methods below carefully to get the job done. Regardless, it is recommended to consult with a professional mechanic before performing any repairs on your Ford Explorer.

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the warranty terms and conditions. If you do anything wrong, you may be in violation of the warranty terms. So, be careful about that as well.

However, if you still have queries, feel free to write to us. Our team is always here to assist you. For more information on automobiles, you can read our other articles.

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