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All About Ford F150 Suspension Upgrade Ideas & Recommendations

What will be best for the f150 suspension upgrade? The best option can be Dana 60 Axle suspension. However, there are several upgrade options for the F150 truck available in the market, and you have to choose the best one.

To help you pick the best one, here we will discuss some important things about upgrading the F150 suspension. We will also discuss the 4 best options for the Ford suspension upgrade to choose from. Stay tuned to know more.

F150 Suspension Upgrade- How To?

In case you are thinking of utilizing your Ford F150 truck as a work truck-, or to crawl off-road, you possibly have to do some kind of suspension upgrade. The F150 suspension up-gradation contains all the things such as leveling kits, towering lift kits, and other suspension parts upgrades.

Some compatible f150 suspension kit and upgrades can increase the ride height; thereby, your ford truck can clear larger wheel and tire combinations.

Whether it is a 2015 f150 suspension upgrade or any other f150 model, a suspension upgrade will give you an excellent thrive in the handling of your Ford F150 truck. In addition, it will allow you to fine-tune your truck’s ride and obtain the best performance from your Ford truck.

If you are wondering how a suspension upgrade will give that, then let’s discuss this crucial topic. We will begin with the Ford f150 rear suspension upgrade and front suspension upgrade.

Ford F150 Rear Suspension Upgrades

It is a well-known truth that generally, all the Ford F150 trucks’ rear factory suspension setup is a little edgy. With sufficient added weight, the rear wheel of the truck can squat. The rear wheels of the Ford F150 trucks will bounce and jounce around like crazy after going over even the tiniest bumps. In a faultless world, there will be no wheel that will squat.

However, we completely anticipate the rear wheels to sag when we hook up a weighty trailer in the real world. But it should not be that way. You can do an F150 rear suspension upgrade to solve this issue. The rear suspension upgrade includes rear shocks, rear blocks, add-a-leafs, leaf springs, helper springs, sway bars, and other upgraded the rear suspension.

Ford F150 Front Suspension Upgrades

Similar to maximum trucks today, the Ford F150 is made for riding like a luxury truck. But increased ride quality signifies decreased load-bearing strength. As a result, once the front wheels squat, the weight of the truck transfers forward, which decreases the amount of traction on the rear wheels. In addition, a lot of weight on the front wheels might throw the steering out and impair the front suspension.

People are used to seeing the front wheels of their trucks sag under the weight of a plow. But there is a solution to this also. You can do an f150 shock upgrade to solve this issue. In addition, you can install aftermarket upper control arms for your Ford F150 front suspension upgrade.

Benefits Of F150 Suspension Upgrade For Towing

Suspension is the most important factor for the best towing experience. The Ford F150 is not good to use as a tow vehicle. Looking at the outstanding max payload and towing capacity on the sticker of this truck will not help your cause because you will still experience large rear-end squat and instability.

Some suspension upgrades like suspension airbags and air suspension kits are excellent options for towing. These f150 suspension upgrade for towing are the best setup you can have on your Ford F150 truck. During towing, they will give you the correct load and balance in your Ford F150 truck. Another great option is the Roadmaster Active Suspension kit.

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It will surely enhance the performance of your F150 truck during towing every time. You will get rid of the rear-end squat during towing. This suspension system significantly improves the traction and handling with sway and bounces.

This suspension upgrade will give your Ford F150 truck the crucial strength that it requires during towing. You can easily install this suspension within an hour, and it does not need any maintenance.

4 Best F150 Suspension Upgrades

The Ford F150 truck is sufficiently economical and versatile to be ideal for daily life riding, but it is not tough enough for off-road riding. To give your Ford F150 truck great levels of off-road performance and allow you to tackle some of the hardest trails and terrain around, you need to choose the best f150 suspension upgrade.

To make your beloved ride harder and more dependable, we have come up with the 4 best options for the Ford F150  truck suspension mod in the below guide.

1. Pro Comp 62203 3.0”- Rust Resistant Rear Suspension Kit

  • Offers the quickest, safest, and cheapest way to balance your truck’s front-end with the rear-end
  • Resist rust and corrosion
  • Comes with the capability of adding bigger tires with increased ground clearance

2. Bilstein 24-239394 Great Handling Front Shock Absorbers

  • It allows for different spring seat positions
  • Provides increased wheel traveling and great handling
  • It is the simplest way to level out your truck

3. Air Lift 57204 Excellent Load-leveling Capacity Air Suspension Kit

  • Comes with an excellent load-leveling capacity of around 5,000 lbs
  • Increases spring rate and massively improves truck stability
  • Lifetime warranty with a 60-day money-back guarantee

4. Ready Lift 69-2300 Ensures Long-lasting Tire Rear Lift Kit

  • It allows for up to 35 inches tall tires
  • Excellent handling
  • Ensures long-lasting tire

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I make my Ford F-150 smoother?

To make your Ford F-150 smoother, firstly, you need to replace the socks. Then, do a suspension upgrade, which is the most important thing. It can be a 2014 f150 suspension upgrade for a 2014 Ford F150 truck or any other Ford truck model’s suspension upgrade. Finally, replace the tires of your Ford truck.

How long does F150 suspension last?

Generally, F150 suspension parts last between 50,000 – 80,000 miles before replacements are needed. Many automobile specialists and makers have determined that the maximum F150 suspension lasts 50,000 miles before replacements are needed.

Will new shocks make my truck ride smoother?

Yes, they will. New shocks would counter the shaking of the cab and load the box on the truck frame. As a result, your truck ride will be much smoother. It will also offer improved road holding and protection. In addition, new shocks can make a truck corner and brakes that seem as if they were new. It can provide them with additional stopping distance, improved control, and more confidence in emergencies.

How do I keep my F150 from squatting?

You can add helper airbags to the rear of your Ford F150 truck to support extra tongue and bed weight. It is a secure and simple way to keep away your Ford F150 truck from squatting. You can also change the leaf springs of your Ford F150 truck to heavy-duty springs or replacement bolts and hangers to keep it away from squatting. Another excellent method is installing a suspension stabilizer.


Ford F-150 series trucks have been the best-selling trucks in the USA for over 40 years. These trucks are known for their ground-breaking and advanced engines, rugged frames, and great fuel efficiency. In addition, they are a strong hauling machine that is perfect for towing and transferring heavy loads.

Although these dependable, hard-working Ford F-150 series trucks will serve you well for several years, their suspension system may ultimately wear out. A defective suspension will give you a tough riding experience and can create dangerous driving situations. In this case, you need an f150 suspension upgrade.

In this article, we have discussed everything about the F150 truck suspension upgrade. We are hopeful now that you can easily do the suspension upgrade on your truck, whether it is a 2011 f150 suspension upgrade or any other F150 model truck.

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