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Ford F150 Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Ford F150 Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Many owners have been facing problems while operating a Ford F150 air conditioner. It is undoubtedly an efficiently working product that is most likely to malfunction under a few circumstances. But here is the good news! You can fix the issues after figuring out the problems, and your A/C will be able to cool the interior again.

Do you still feel hot after turning on your Ford F150 air conditioner? Is your air conditioning system unable to cool the interior? You may face these problems for various causes. 

The most common reasons for the rise of such problems are a refrigerant leak, blocked condenser, defective blower motor, malfunctioning blend door, and a compressor failure.

Problems With Ford F150 Air Conditioner

Let’s define them one by one in depth:

Refrigerant level

Due to the default refrigerant system, 15% of the refrigerant level is lost each year which is one of the causes to troubleshoot your Ford F150 air conditioner. Without regular maintenance, the refrigerant level goes low, and the system will be unable to release cold air. 

In addition, if the refrigerant level drops out of nowhere, then most likely there is a leak in there. A condenser, worn line, or malfunctioning sealing ring can also create a leak and interrupt the refrigerant level.

Blocked condenser

A condenser removes heat from the refrigerant and releases it to the outer environment. However, dirt, stones, bugs, and dust particles may get stuck on the surface of the condenser and clog it up, which hinders releasing heat from inside. As a result, the ford f150 air conditioner will now be able to cool down the interior effectively.

Defective blower motor

A defective blower motor reduces airflow from your Ford F150 air conditioner. In worst cases, it can even stop the airflow and produce an obnoxious sound. You have to replace the blower motor in such circumstances. 

Malfunctioning blend door

A blend door is responsible for controlling the temperature and airflow of your Ford F150 air conditioner. If it gets jammed, you wouldn’t be able to control the temperature inside. Sometimes a malfunctioning blend door also makes knocking noises.

Collapsed compressor

A compressor consists of moving parts that play a significant role in running the Ford F150 air conditioner. If you leave the compressor without using it for a long time, the internal parts will become faulty and result in a compressor failure. And it is irreparable, eventually, you’ll have to buy a new one. 

How to Troubleshoot Your Ford F150 Air Conditioner?

To troubleshoot your Ford F150 air conditioner, observe the compressor area, level, or refrigerant, whether the condenser is performing properly if the radiator fan works, and whether the A/C has enough cooling power while actively turning on and off the Ford F150. You can effortlessly replace and install a new part if the system requires it to work efficiently.

These five simple steps will guide you in Ford F150 Air Conditioning Troubleshooting-

  • Step 1: Take out the surface of your F150 to have a better view of it. Now, turn on the engine. Let it run idly for 10-15 minutes.
  • Step 2: There is a fan in front of the condenser. It should be running while your air conditioner is on idle. Well, if it’s not, you have a malfunctioning condenser. And your A/C will not perform accordingly. Change and replace the fan to have cold airflow.
  • Step 3: Your perfectly functioning condenser will make a click sound after turning it off and then on. If you can’t hear any clicking near the engine, your condenser is malfunctioning and most likely to blow hot air.
  • Step 4: If there is not enough refrigerant in your air conditioning system, the low-pressure area will not be substantially cold after turning it on for a while. In such a scenario, you have to seal the potential leak immediately to stop losing refrigerant.
  • Step 5: The low pressure during an 80-degree F day of a Ford F150 should be at 56 PSI. Adjust a large tube to the low-pressure side and a small pipe to the high sides, coming out of the condenser to find out the pressure. If the result is below the required pressure, that is, 56 PSI, it could be the cause of not blowing adequate cold air.

Why is my Ford F150 A/C not blowing cold air?

In case you notice that your ford f150 A/C is not fully functional, there might be a few underlying reasons. Lack of such cold air could be due to a leak in the refrigerant. Another cause might be issued with the air conditioning compressor. The third reason for your faulty f150 A/C could be an electrical climate control issue.

Do I Need to Recharge a Ford F150 Air Conditioner?

If your Ford f150 seems to blow warm or room temperature air, the obvious reason is low Freon levels. Under such circumstances, the air conditioner needs to be recharged.

Once you start your truck, the next thing to do is to start your air conditioning system. You have to keep it to the highest level and open the vents. Once this is done, check the valve’s pressure reading. If the reading is under 45 psi, it will indicate low refrigerant on the system. In such cases, you need to recharge your f150 A/C.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What should be the refrigerant level on a Ford F150 air conditioner?

You should fill up the refrigerant in your Ford F150 air conditioner to 55 psi for it to work efficiently. It is considered to be a standard level to run the system safely.

Why am I still sweating with my Ford F150 A/C turned on?

If your Ford F 150 is not blowing substantially cold air, you might sweat even if your A/C is on. Try finding out if there’s any leak on the refrigerant and fix it with a spray. 

Why is my Ford F150 air conditioner producing horrible noise?

A Ford F150 with a faulty condenser and radiator may result in producing horrible noise. This situation will also have an impact on releasing adequate cold air. Troubleshoot your Ford F150 to get rid of such disturbances.

What to do if the radiator fan on my Ford F150 is not turning on?

If you have a malfunctioning radiator, it is best to change and replace the fan. Otherwise, the fan might fuse and interrupt the work process of the entire system.

Why is my Ford F150 consuming too much fuel?

A cabin air filter is responsible for the ventilation system in your Ford F150. And when it becomes dirty, the ventilation process is hindered which causes the A/C to consume more fuel to release cold air. 

Why is a bad smell coming out from my Ford F150 A/C?

Your Ford F150 can emit a weird smell if dirt gets clogged up on the evaporator. Clean the evaporator to get rid of the smell. However, if there is a leak, you have to replace it.

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you in solving problems with your Ford F150 air conditioner, and you can enjoy cold air inside again. Happy traveling!

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