Discover The Ford F150 Headlight Wiring Diagram with Color Code

Ford F150 Headlight Wiring Diagram

The headlight and its wiring harness might seem unclear if looking for the first time. And also, there aren’t enough details about this, and so people get super confused to know the location and wire name.

Yet, if your truck is acting weirdly to beam headlight due to burnt or broken wires, then finding the exact spot of headlight wiring is a compulsory thing before the situation gets worse.

And, that’s where people need the Ford F150 headlight wiring diagram to solve the hassle. But not much information nor proper explanation of it to check.

Chill out, we are here to help you. In this guide, you are going to learn the particular diagram, color code, and clarification of F150 headlight wiring. Hope It Helps!

2015 To Latest Ford F150 Headlight Wiring Diagram

Most of the time the location of the F150 headlight wiring harness is behind the bulbs. And, seeing the given diagram might give you better insights into it.

image 10

Nearly all 2015 to latest models of Ford F150 is made with LED headlight. And, you’ll see 7 colored wires that indicate different parts that help function the headlight (you can see that after locating the spot).

Now, let’s drive into the illustration section along with the Ford F150 headlight wiring color code.

Diagram of Ford F150 Headlight Wiring

The main function of the headlight is being run with the help of wiring harnesses. And, all the wires of it are usually attached to the Battery Junction Box (which stays hot all the time).

As you can see in the 2 diagrams, the BCM aka Body Control Module has up to 6 circuits that are being attached to the fixed areas.

Before explaining the connection of each wire, we want to make things clear about the alphabetical data on the BCM. The A refers to RF/LF Park Limps and B stands for RF/LF Low Beam in both diagrams.

image 11
Diagram of Ford F150 Headlight Wiring

Then again, you will see the C & D figure which indicates the RF/LF High Beam and RF/LF Day Running Lamp. Next to these, the E part refers to RF/LF Turn Lamps.

image 12

Lastly, the F figure represents the RF/LF Turn Outrage.

Park Lamp

The Park Lamp wire has blue with a grey stripe. And, it helps the headlight to shine when in ‘P’ (parking) mode.

Low & High Beam

The Low Beam wire has a light blue/brown shade with a green/blue stripe on the right-front and left-front areas. And there’s the orange/grey with violet/brown stripe cable on RF and LF side, which is High Beam wire.

DRL (Daytime Running Lamp)

You will see the violet/blue wire with a white/grey stripe, which is basically DRL wire. FYI, the previous models usually don’t have this part.

Turn Lamp

And, the Turn Lamp wire has a sunshine yellow/blue with an orange/green stripe that connects to the BCM’s RF Turn Lamp (on right-front and left-front).

Turn Limp Outrage

If looking closely at the drawing, the blue /yellow wire with a grey/green stripe cable that connects to the RF Turn Outrage is this part.

Ground Wire

The black and white/yellow stripe cable is called the Ground wire that completes the headlight wiring harness to operate properly.


  1. LF = Left Front (Driver Side View)
  2. RF = Right Front (Passenger Side View).
  3. DRL color can also be violet with a white stripe.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you connect headlight wires?

To wire headlight wires, you need to do a couple of things. Start by locating the faulty one and then open the hood to disconnect the wiring harness. Then, inspect if any wire is broken and cut it off. Next, strip the wire using tape. And if you want to connect the headlight wires directly to the battery, then do so using a long cable.

What wire do you use for headlights?

Most experts suggest using solid core 16-gauge (1.5 mm2) – 18-gauge (1.0 mm2) wires which are best for headlights. However, in some cases, you can use the 20-gauge (0.5mm2) wires too.

How much does it cost to rewire the headlight?

The overall cost of rewiring the headlight is around $2,400. And, if you include the tax, materials, and other expenses, it may cost higher.

Wrap Up

That is all you should know about the Ford F150 headlight wiring diagram. We as well presented the color code so that you can easily know each type of wire just by looking into that. And, the drawing or visual content will help you determine the location of the headlight wires.

And we would suggest checking the model of your truck and reading the manual if the given illustration seems still not enough. Hopefully, this guide was able to enlighten you with some ideas.

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