[Explained] Which Ford Explorer Sport Trac Years To Avoid & Why?

Are you ready to know which Ford Explorer sport trac avoid and exactly why? We know the values of your query. Buying a new vehicle means there are a lot more things beyond money. What if you buy the vehicle or the model you are suggested to avoid? People have different opinions and complaints regarding Ford sport trac.

Though Ford is one of the most popular vehicle brands, you need to avoid some models because of performance or stuff. Whatever, in this writeup, we will explore the years to Ford sport trac that you need to avoid.

Why Ford Explorer Sport Trac Years To Avoid

If you want to get most of the Ford sport trac, you should choose the best models for you. But, as there are enough concerns, you need to know precisely which model year you need to avoid. We will cover up the reasons behind these, but the years first.

Here are the years of the Ford sport trac that you need to avoid. Nevertheless, not all the years that we have shown have to be avoided for a specific reason. There are some performance gaps that the users saw and spread negative feedback about the model years.

Transmission Problems

There are some transmission issues that users noticed with almost every avoidable year of Ford. The problems occur with the transmission, one of the expensive parts of the vehicle.

Because of the transmission issue, the engines often lose their performance for a long time. The fact was so harsh that customers felt good buying a new one rather than repairing it.

Ford with their sport track that time, was struggling a bit. But, if you intend to buy a recent model, you won’t have the issue of lousy engine transmission. So, if you ask us why the 2004 ford explorer sport trac years to avoid, transmission issue will be at the top.

Engine Problems

According to the opinions of many of the customers at that time, the engine problem was so acute. Even if you want to buy a track from the 2001-2007 model, you have to face that sort of issue as well. There is a high possibility of finding engine failure in these problems no matter what type of road you intend to drive.

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Besides, the cost of fixing engine problems is also very high today. You may not want to buy any vehicle with complex issues, especially the engines. The engine issues were more decent with the 2002, 2005, 2007 models.

Therefore, the most acute engine problem is the constant check engine light on most of the time. It always has a bad impact on the engine as well.

Body/Paints Problem

Are you looking for the reasons of 2002 ford explorer sport trac years to avoid? The issues with the body and the paints will hit the right deck. People worldwide are not satisfied with the painting on the body of the Ford sport tack in model years between 2001-2007.

We have examined a lot of cracking paint on the body of these models. So, if you want a sports trac to have a solid body, you need to avoid these models badly.

Electrical Problems

We have also noticed some electrical problems as we are going ahead about Sport Trac years to avoid here. But, the electrical issues are not as acute compared to the engine and transmission problems. Therefore, we don’t have the luxury to avoid these issues.

The most common electrical problems are;

We noticed the issues when analyzing 2004 ford explorer sport trac years to avoid. This is because the electrical problems are most prominent with the 2004 model years.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Ford Explorer Sport Trac Discontinued?

There are many reasons behind this. The most important thing is Ford was somehow struggling with the performance quality with the explorer sport trac. People started to share some negative reviews about the Ford explorer trac probably another vital reason behind the questions.

Is The Explorer Sport Trac Reliable?

It depends on some conceptions. If you just think about the Ford Explorer Trac price, you may feel demotivated. Instead, there are some huge issues with the engine and transmission. Therefore, we suggest you avoid some of the model years because these are not worth it for you though the reliability is undefined.

What year Explorer should I avoid?

In fact, you should avoid anything from 2001-2007 models as customers find some bad issues with the model years. 2002 sport trac problems were very acute along with the other. The issues with transmission, engines, body, etc irritate the customers a lot. So, simply avoid those to get a better experience.


That’s everything for you regarding ford explorer sport trac years to avoid. We hope you will carefully avoid the models to have a better vehicle from Ford. Now, you have a bunch of information that will come into play when you buy a vehicle for yourself. As a result, you will stop the waste of money.

Likewise, this blog may help you consider time while buying any vehicle. Besides, it’s always better to go with the latest models. Do all these discussions sound good?

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