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Ford F150 Compass Not Working? See Our How To Fix Guide!

Ford F150 Compass Not Working

Your Ford f150 compass not working can be due to a bunch of different reasons. Maybe the fuse has died and due to the blown thing, you are facing trouble. Or perhaps it’s just a scream for calibration. Whatever your scene is, we will try to give you a solution according to that, and hopefully, you’ll be able to get out of this mess real soon.

Also, there’s nothing to worry about even if you have neverfixed vehicle issues before. At least find out what has happened and maybe that way deciding the next step would be easier. You can’t just simply replace it, or call someone who’ll charge for a simple checking up. First try to deal with it on your own, and we will be helping out, so chill…

Give us your attention for the next 6 to 10 minutes. Let’s go through each point about solving this situation one by one.

Why Ford F150 Compass Not Working

Reasons for Compass Not WorkingQuick Fixes to Try
Compass accuracy problemCalibrate it by clicking the compass recessed button
Faulty compass fuseReplace the damaged fuse with a new one
Loosen up or unfitted resistorsFit the resistors and circuit board by re-soldering

A Bit About Its Mechanism

Some of us might just not know about this thing’s mechanism. Before we get technical and try solving whatever issues the compass is facing, let’s first find out about its mechanism. It should help someone who has absolutely zero clues about these truck components.

So, basically, there should be a compass needle. And this thing rotates with ease while getting a force effect from the magnetic field of the earth. Based on that, it should align itself. The earth’s magnetic south pole will attract the needle’s magnetic north pole.

Now if you don’t already know, the earth’s magnetic north pole is actually the geographical north that we all acknowledge. That is why the needle points toward the north Basically the law of this magnetic attraction is widely used by some smart people to utilize in several everyday-used items. And one is your vehicle’s compass.

Based on WheelsJoint.com,

“The compass has housing to protect the inside. Inside there is a wind rose, here the cardinal points are recorded and marked with N, E, S, and W (North, East, South, and West). In addition, there is often a division like a protractor with degrees.”

And that’s the exact mechanism that the easily rotatable needle of your vehicle compass follows to serve its purpose. It is fascinating indeed to people who never really put attention to how this thing works.

Now some compass also uses thin disc and not include the conventional needle element in it. there are two magnetic poles functioning in the disc as well.

Moreover, you should be able to see a red mark for easily recognizing the needle’s north pole. By the way, another interesting fact about poles is that both earth’s magnetic south pole and geographic north pole are not precisely similar. But pretty much close. In fact, every year, somewhat change of magnetic pole is gradually happening.

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Compass AMP Rating & Location

Fuse LocationAMP RatingPassenger Fuse Panel Description
1810 ARun Or Start Feed- Compass

How to View Compass on Ford F150

We hope anyone who is dealing with the issues can be able to really and deeply knowledgeable about the whole matter. You can simply scroll down if you feel like viewing the compass on the Ford F-150 is something you already know. But some might get confused on viewing the compass and end up getting turn-by-turn navigation instead.

So, our beginner buddies, this segment is for you. Simply follow some basic things for viewing the electronic equipped compass of your F-150. Here are the steps in easy words:

  • Go to the instrument cluster screen and use the arrow buttons. You want to open the Fuel or Trip tab here.
  • Then keep scrolling down and you’ll see the compass or navigation highlighted.
  • On the steering wheel, there should be the OK button. Press on it.
  • Now you have the instrument panel opened digital compass. Don’t select any route of navigation at this point. If you do so, there will be turn-by-turn navigation. And we don’t want that. We simply need to see the compass.

Compass is Not Working Due to Accuracy Problem – You Need to Calibrate It

If you own one of those Ford models that basically come with a compass display on the interior rearview mirror, then this segment would be helpful for you. If you don’t already know, sheet metal magnetism is something that keeps on changing with passing time.

And so, the accuracy of your compass might start to lack. And if that’s the problem you are facing, go for a calibration. Because in such conditions, most probably the True North Adjustment has basically failed to fix the inaccurate compass. If you go for a compass replacement and get a new one, then too, it would need to b calibrated.

The F150 compass calibration process should be done in an open-free area. You want to have no steel structures in that place. Also, it should not have really high voltage power lines.

Keeping those notes in mind, try the following process for calibration of your compass:

  • You must close all the doors properly. And also, the overhead console situated map lamp should be turned off.
  • You will a certain pointy tool at this point. Go for a toothpick or even a paperclip will work. You can also get something similar. Use the tool to basically insert into the A-hole of compass recessed button. You want to very carefully push the object there.
  • Because of pushing, there should be a CAL indicator that would get turned on. You can release the recessed button at this point.
  • Now you have to drive your vehicle until the indicator CAL turns off. The speed should be less than 3 mph (also 5 kilometers per hour) and drive in a circle by the way. Once you see the indicator is off, you have completed the calibration successfully.
  • Then you need to complete the compass true north adjustment process.

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To Fix Loosened or Detached Resistors – Something That Also Causes f150 Compass to Fail

All the F-150 trucks that were released after 2000 basically contain an electronic compass. And this should be located in the rear-view mirror. The thing will stay attached to the cabin’s cleaning most probably.

Now the LED display that your compass should have, basically is controlled by resistors that are situated in the circuit board. These are fixed by soldering to the circuit board. However, with passing time, things can become loose. And so, you may one day discover an intermittent or completely blank display.

The simplest fix? Res-soldering those loosened up resistors on the circuit board. However, sometimes you might have to go for a ford f150 overhead console compass temp display replacement to solve the problem.

One more thing. You should also consider removing the fuses from the holder. Have a look at the wire of the fuse. Does it seem that there’s a very visible gap in the wire? Or perhaps a metallic or dark shade smear is noncable on the inside of the glass? Then this means, the fuses are blown. And you must replace those. Keep in mind, you must get the same amp and size fuse for replacement. Any other way won’t work.

By the way, the 2010 f150 compass not working could be because of problematic fuse or dimmer circuits. Interior lighting can also be responsible. You should however start with a complete 2010 ford f150 compass calibration before going for any other solution.

Get The Compass Console Out

The first thing to do is removing the compass console from the cabin roof. You can do that in different ways considering which model f-150 we are talking about. However, usually, it is done by simply getting the snap coupling-out from the ceiling. And you can use your hands for the detachment. Or simply get a flat head screwdriver to do so.

Simply insert the screwdriver head inside the console lining groove. And then apply some force so that it comes out of the retaining structure. In case there are screws on the console lining, then unscrewing those will be necessary before getting the console out.

As soon as the console is out, observe it and look for the circuit board. It should be in the very middle of the console. And an electrical connector should be holding it in place.

Pulling Out the Circuit Board to Check Resistors

At this point, you want to also get the compass console out from the circuit board. Of course, applying caution is a must here. Because while you are trying to fix the loose resistors, you may end up actually causing them to become loose. We don’t want that to happen.

Look for the ones that are detached. It could be just one or more than that. You want to remove the electrical connector next. Get the circuit board placed on a flat surface to work on it comfortably.

Can you see loose or detached resistors on it? If yes, then go ahead and re-solder them. Make sure you do so to their corresponding connectors. The next segment is exactly how you can do so if you don’t already know.

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Re-Soldering Resistors

You want to place every problem-facing resistor to where they’ll need to basically reconnect on the circuit board. Then get your soldering iron and heat it. Once it is hot enough, you can get the solder on your other hand prepared for the process.

Target the base of each resistor. This is where you need to apply heat first. And then position the solder end to the base for reattaching the resistor to the connector. Do the same for all the other resistors. Let things sit for five minutes.

And then, you can reattach the circuit board through the electrical connector into the compass console. Get the console back to the cabin roof by snapping it in as well as re-screwing the retaining screws. Start your F-150 and your compass should be working. However, if it doesn’t then the resistors are not the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why does the ford f150 compass shut off while driving?

It could be due to several reasons. The best thing you can do is go for a recalibration of your compass. Once the reset is complete, your f150 compass should start to work again and not shut off while driving.

However, if that does not help, the reason could be more severe and you should think about replacing the compass or perhaps consult a professional to personally come and check what’s specifically causing the trouble.

How do you reset the compass light on a 2010 Ford f150?

You need to turn the vehicle on first. And then the 7 as well as 9 preset buttons, you need to press and hold both of them down at the same time. This will make the CAL indicator turn on. Now drive in a slow circle and basically go with the calibration process, which we already talked about.

What does a compass module do?

The job of a compass module is to provide prevailing magnetic flux’s horizontal component direction basically. That’s what it mainly does.

Where is the F150 compass located?

The location of the F150 compass is usually on the rear-view mirror above the side console. You will find it on the cabin ceiling.

Wrapping Up

Still the Ford F150 compass not working? Hopefully it is! However, if any of these solutions were not able to help you, it’s definitely something more severe that you might not be able to fix on your own.

The wisest decision from this point would be consulting with a professional who can have a look at your vehicle and find out what exactly is causing the compass to behave in such a way.

Also, be prepared for a replacement. Sometimes the compass stops working simply because it cannot anymore, it’s too worn out. And in such a situation, risking your whole vehicle’s wellbeing won’t be a very good decision. Better just get that thing replaced and bring back how everything was before.

See You Soon on Some Other F-150 Chat. Till Then, Take Care!

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